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HKA & added Str?

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11 hours ago, Sean Waters said:


Not that we can do much about it but I suppose that the logic of STR adding to HKAs is that if you have 30 STR you can buy +30 STR (only to increase HtH damage -1/2) and it seems unfair that if you can build a club your STR can add damage to you can't build a sword that does the same.  It is the tension between perceived realism and game mechanical consistency, or at least trying to get one to conform to the other.


Very much with you on the undervalued limitation point.  It can have the effect of making more nuanced characters either not worth it or require you to try and break down limitations in such a way that you have a really complex build to get a decent cost break.

Now isn’t this the type thinking that has gotten to swell into the two tomes of Hero system that some people grouse about?

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