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Sectional Body Armor: Reality vs. Game Play

RDU Neil

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Question about the use of body armor in operations. I'm deep into Season 2 of Fauda on Netflix. Amazing show, intense, gritty, and uncompromising look at the struggles in Jerusalem Israel vs. Palestine, etc. It's focus on small squad anti-terrorist actions on the Israeli side. While it makes sense that those undercover in operations would not wear body armor... NOBODY wears body armor in the show, even when they are going into a known combat operation, guns out. 


In the U.S., every beat cop anywhere near an operation is decked out head to toe, and in way more dangerous environment, and they don't even bother to put on a vest.  This is supposedly a very realistic portrayal, so I'm just wondering about difference in approach. Anyone on this thread have any insights?

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6 minutes ago, IndianaJoe3 said:

I suspect that a lot of it is environment and, "wearability." Body armor is not something you want to be wearing for several hours in a hot climate. On the other hand, in a cooler climate with a shorter mission, it makes more sense.


Doctrine may also play a role.


I would agree that in many instances, long hot stakeouts, undercover work, moving through a street without drawing attention to hit a house, etc., plenty of reasons why they wouldn't wear armor in many circumstances. But others, where the back-up command and soldiers get sent in only when the action starts, or the group has to deploy immediately to a location for a strike... they have all the guns and electronics, but not a scrap of body armor, anywhere. It just seems an odd thing for a show that is heavy on realism... so is it realistic that Israeli Special Forces don't wear body armor in action?


I wonder if it is for the actors. What is a short op in show time takes hours to film, so no body armor makes for less stress on the actors, but still.


Anyway... it is less a gripe than a question.

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