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  1. Ain't that the truth. It can be worked with but, playing heroic scale sure hammers home Hero's "Superhero" roots . . .
  2. @BoloOfEarth Did you design him that way? Edit: Because being designed to be the support character is different than trying your best to build a well rounded character and being regulated to support character because of it.
  3. I want to play the character that is actually useful and doesn't feel, and has been made to feel, like neither the player nor the character would have been missed if they hadn't shown up to the game session. And those stories you're referring to all seem to be a single player story. Where the underdog, as Gnome Body pointed out, can "rise up". Not a group of characters who are all knocking out villian left and right and you get to play Happy Hogan being all proud of himself after he, barely, took out 1 mook and Black Widow just polished off 6 of them. It's both actually. I don't, really, have a problem meeting campaign expectations. I just feel, like was mentioned, in doing so it limits the growth of the character. Once you've hit the cap, your done. You can't increase anything till the GM raises, or altogether lifts, those caps. And it should be noted here, those caps that are hit, are always, 100% the combat aspect of the campaign limits. The other "issue" I spoke about is that I, usually, find myself with more skills/background skills than I have points to pay for so i have to shave things off and remove things altogether and then find myself playing catch up while the others at the table are actually progressing their characters. Like I said, may just be a me flaw and not something that's actually a problem. So you're perfectly fine playing the Clean up specialist and letting all the other players at the table be the real heroes? And those "better GM scenarios"? I've seen them attempted and they never play out that way. The enemy that was meant to be fought by the Widow instead faces off against Thor and is immediately knocked in the next galaxy. While the enemy that was meant to go up against Thor is pitted against the Widow and while she *may* not get hit, she sure doesn't accomplish much against him until Thor arrives to be tagged in and finally take care of the bad guy. So I guess I'm saying that while you may have fun playing a third string hero, I don't.
  4. Vanguard

    NCM of Pets

    I don't believe animals have an NCM. Their stats are capped at whatever the GM feels is reasonable. Do you happen to have the Hero System Bestiary? That would be a good starting point.
  5. The story of my life right here . . . For some reason, all the characters I've created/played have required me to play catch up with things "they should have had" but I just couldn't afford at character creation. No sure if it's I build too detailed of a character, set my sights too high or just plain don't know how to build a character. Anyway, you give good advice Duke.
  6. There is a downside to this though. In the games I've played in, most of the players will build to the max cap limit, forgoing whatever they have to in order to reach in. So while pulling your character in a bit does leave you room to grow, you might wind up feeling a bit underpowered as your "max level" friends tear through the enemy.
  7. And you've never, ever changed anything that was RAW? We've used Combat Luck to represent everything from "Nah-nah you missed me!!" to "the bullet hit a particularly thick portion of your armor". For someone who seems to have no problem with house rules and/or making changes to his game for the better, you seem particular stuck on the wording of this . . But as you say, you're done talking about this and now so am I.
  8. Combat luck doesn't mean that. Combat luck is just that, Luck. It *could* mean the attack missed, it could mean the attack bounced off your armor, it could also mean a myriad of other things, at least that's the way we've always played it. Also, part of the text quoted from 6th Ed (I know you don't play that edition but I honestly think it's just a cut and paste from Dark Champions) "Because Combat Luck depends on a character’s ability to dodge, block, or otherwise avoid damage, it doesn’t work if the character is asleep, unconscious, or deliberately throws himself in the way of an attack (for example, to save a comrade from injury). Nor does it protect him from damage in most situations where he deliberately does something he knows will hurt him (such as performing a Move By/Through, both of which cause him to take some of the damage he does to the target). In some cases Combat Luck won’t apply if the character is Surprised (see 6E1 50); the GM may require a PER Roll or other roll to determine if the character perceived the attack in time to use his Combat Luck." So Combat Luck isn't some kind of super "i can't be hurt power". It's a power that was mainly designed to give Heroic characters some kind of resistant defense when/if they were ever caught without their body armor. But it also states that there are circumstances where it won't apply. If that's how a GM deals with things like that then it's time to find a new GM. And if you have a player that things and/or does this, then that's metagaming and the player needs a talking to. We've had a few players like this and yes, we've talked to them about it. However, it's been a long time since we've player a Super Heroic campaign so it's become less of an issue due to the the limited powers/abilities of the players. Which leads me to this. Since we've mainly played Heroic games for the last little while, Covered comes up a bit in them. Whether it's us Covering the bad guy or the Bad Guy covering one of us or a hostage. We've always played that there must be some kind of distraction to break the cover. If no one can think of anything, then the Coverer has us dead to rights and pretty much gets their way. But we get them back on the rematch. Wait . . . the comics code is gone? Or did it get replaced by the Governments Code?
  9. Hero Designer will do all that. The one thing that might take a bit of doing is finding an export template that suits you. If you know HTML coding, you can make your own. If you don't, you can find a lot of them in the download section plus there are members of the community that, if you asked nicely, could probably make you one.
  10. Voltron uses/creates a temporal field that suspends time for all those inside it, except him, for the duration of the transformation/combination sequence. Thereby allowing all the spiffy effects to be showcased without the villain getting bored and just obliterating him befores he's completely formed.
  11. Right. That's what the GM is for. It's his job to go "yeah, that's not going to fly" and either outright nix it or, if he's nice, try and work with you till it's something that's acceptable to both him and the player.
  12. @PhilFleischmann I'd have to pull up the character but, yeah, I do believe they're different from each other. One or two might overlap a tiny bit but that's about it. I do see what your talking about with the minor variation thing. And we've run into that during thought experiments based on having multiple style which would require you to purchase the same maneuver, just named something different. We decided you didn't need to do that. If you purchased all the non-combat related stuff (IE: KSes, etc) then you just needed to buy the maneuver once and call it good. I will say that, at first blush, buying martial arts as just a collection of Skill levels, str and damage could work and might, in the long run, even be cheaper. But I look at it like I look at the rule talking about not building a power to take the place of an already existing power. (I know I'm messing that up but it's what I can recall at the moment). To me, that's what's being done. Anyway, sorry to derail the thread . . .
  13. Um, on of my characters has 10 MA maneuvers. And I don't feel like I'm getting diminishing returns from them . . . . I've also bought levels with them and, I think, I even started buying some DCs to go with . . . 'Course I'm now probably going to be told I'm doing it wrong and wasting points but . . ::shrugs:: it works for me and while I've found you can do it the way DB pointed out. it just doesn't feel right. To me it feels to . . . efficient, if that can be a thing.
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