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  1. This, to me, seems the biggest selling point to Hero. The downside to this is that everything needs to be built.
  2. Have you though? I mean, if it's working for your game and you folks are having fun, are you truly doing it wrong? It actually works rather poorly for heroic level games because you're generally dealing with lower amounts of defenses but higher levels of attacks. So the chances of being Stunned are higher than they are in a Superheroic game where the defenses are much, much higher. You're also dealing with much more limited amounts of phases in a heroic level game than a superheroic one. So, in general, that ruling is much more of a show stopper in heroic games. Oh . . . I like that. Mind if I steal it?
  3. The only problem with this, unless GM handwaved, is that using Limited Speed RAW is extremely complicated to use. So much so that, the rare times we've actually used it in our games (and it was heavily limited) we've just let the character act on the new Spd. Ya know, that's one of the things I like about the MCU portrayal of Cap. They use subtlety to show just how powerful he really is. And most of the time, it's background stuff that might go unnoticed. Like jumping off the bike and throwing it at the jeep in Age of Ultron. Tearing the cord of wood in half with his bare hands (Age of Ultron again if I recall correctly). And my personal fave, in Infinity War's (See video clip further upthread) final battle. Black Panther starts out running towards the enemy with Cap a good distance behind and then Cap catches up. I believe that if they had just a bit more distance before meeting the enemy, Cap would've pulled ahead.
  4. Vanguard


    I sorta do it like Lucius but I edit the limitation to include what location(s) the armor covers . . . Like this: Spider Silk Hood: Damage Resistance (3 PD/3 ED); (Protects Locations 3-5) (-1 1/2) I can't recall where I get the limitation values but I'm pretty sure it 's the same place as the "covers only certain parts" that Lucius mentioned.
  5. I ran out of likes before I saw this comment. But i whole heartedly agree. I saw the teaser trailer and shrugged and went about my day. No buzz, no thrill, no *want* to see anymore. I liken it unto the Last Jedi trailers. The more of them I saw, the more I didn't want to go see the movie. So I highly doubt I'll go see Rise of Skywalker. If I do see it, it won't be in the theater. Didn't he disappear like Obi-Wan did? Granted, the only lasting impression the Last Jedi left was one of "eww" so I could be misremembering.
  6. That's okay. No snark detected. And I suppose not. Whether you're hunkering down behind your faithful shield or slapping arrows aside while charging . . . it all boils down to "I don't get an owie". /salute
  7. I'm not a history buff but were they really blocking the arrows or more just hiding behind their shields as the sky rained arrows?
  8. That's because they're still created with DEX/3 DVC rule. The way CVs were figured changed in 6th but none of the prepublished characters did. Most of them were just copy/pasted from earlier editions and those that were rewritten or given a power boosted just maintained the old CV values. Hm, have you happened to look at The Harbinger of Justice from Dark Champions?
  9. These are kind of what we went with. I wasn't upset, per sae, just like "Really? THIS is when I roll the 3?!"
  10. Yup. Was playing a character that built his own power armor and we were helping one of the PCs DNPCs. Character went in to fix her TV (or something like that, it's been a long time since we played that campaign) and ended up rolling a 3. Critical success on TV repair..... As for what good a critical success on Animal Handler would be . . I got nothing.
  11. This is just awesome. +1 "likes" With you RDU but I ran out of "likes" at like midnight . . . not really sure why there's even a limit on that kind of stuff. . .
  12. Because you're just mean. REALLY mean. . .
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