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  1. Ran out of reactions so . . . 👍
  2. Hmm. I can certainly see where that would cause. . . concern . . . i can see where that would be a problem. I've never tried to uninstall so haven't run into that yet. But I did happen to run across something similar with a Java based program a while back. Turns out that the program was deleted but user/install information still hung around like GBi mentioned. You needed to go into the .jre user app thingy and delete that as well as uninstalling the program. Wonder if Discord has a similar set up.
  3. Behaved like malware? What do you mean? I've got it on 2 systems (don't use it much though, only for voice chat when my son and I play games) and it doesn't seem to be causing problems. I do have it so that it doesn't start on boot up so if I want to use it i have to actively start it. I dislike having software start on boot up. If I want it running I'll start it myself, thank you. (There are exceptions of course . . .antivirus software, etc).
  4. I think it is. I think most of us (well you guys really since you're WAY more knowledgeable about, and been with Hero a lot longer than I have ) had the time in the misty pasts to use Hero to its full toolkit and create-from-scratch glory but now as life has moved on, the spare time just isn't there anymore. The "prebuilt" stuff that wasn't really needed/necessary back "in the day" is now something that would be really, really useful. And Hero doesn't have it. Other systems do but Hero never, truly, developed that kind of game system support. They're trying to remedy that with the Hall of Heroes (i think that's what they called it) but I don't know if it's too little too late or what.
  5. You're onto something here. When I first started playing Hero (it was Champions), the GM at the time explained what it was and he said "for me, the best part about the game, which makes it better than D&D, is that you can create the character YOU want. Right out of the gate". So this is something that could be focused on. The pros of the game system and what makes it unique/different from the "mainstream" games out there.
  6. I don't mind the suit either. Not 100% onboard with the logo . . . especially if it does turn into a batarang..... No sure how Pattinson is going to do as Batman though.
  7. Our garbage . . . their non-existent and/or totally lax environmental laws that allow it. Which is why said company shipped it's highly expensive, but proven process, there. Anyway, I've only backed one project on kickstarter and it wasn't delayed at all. I thought that KS had rules on that? Or is the only rule that if the project isn't funded, the backers get their money back. But if it is funded, the project can take as long as needed to get done . . . as long as it does get done. I seem to recall Palladium games getting nuked and luosing a license due to delays and not fulfilling orders . . . ?
  8. World of Darkness died when they decided to reboot it and rebrand it for the 3rd(?) edition. The gave some kind of apocalyptic meta story arc that pretty much killed off/combined a lot of the "monsters" and totally changed the way things interacted and the world worked. As you can tell, nobody liked it so it died. This a case of the setting being good and well liked enough to launch an phenomenon and then that setting got changed and those that played the game didn't like said change and the rest is, literally, history. Note: My information is maybe a decade old so I could have somethings wrong . . . but I know *I* stopped playing it when they changed everything. And so did a few of my friends.
  9. @PhilFleischmann Thanks. I tried to look for them and, as I said, must have missed there mention.
  10. Wasn't it Willow that changed the rules, through magic, but at Buffy's behest?
  11. Did anyone mention the Autofire Skills that do what everyone is talking about or did I miss that? Not sure if they're "Standard" Hero now or if they were moved to the APGs with the advent of 6th . . . Anyway, from what I recall they do everything people are talking about. Make it easier to hit, more damage, allow more rounds to hit etc . . Of course, you have to pay for the abilities, which i think you should. Of course, as the GM, they could be considered "Free" and just optional autofire maneuvers. But I, personally, wouldn't go that route. Edit: Core Autofire Skills - 6th Ed V1 pg 65 Advanced Player's Guide v1 - pg 35 6th Ed version of Ultimate Skill - pg 85 (probably just a reprint of what was in 6th ed v1 but not sure)
  12. The only reason this is a concern is because of the way characters are created at the moment. It's like when the figured stats were decoupled. People, theoretically, had to rethink how they built characters and/or deal with the fact that some concepts where going to be a tad more spendy than they were before hand or there'd be odd disconnects. Same result in this situation. If STR was decoupled, the player would have to either come up with a reason as to why they could lift 200 tons but only hit with a force of 2D6 or they'd have to pay for the damage.
  13. Then it sounds like the player should've have spent some points on his damage, as well as his lifting, capabilities.
  14. Not necessarily. A player may purchase a fringe bene with no thoughts of it being relevant to the game. They're doing to just to round out and complete their character. I've done that and my wife has too. I know that those points I'm putting in X aren't going to be used but it's something the character should have so it goes on the character sheet.
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