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  1. Hero Designer will do all that. The one thing that might take a bit of doing is finding an export template that suits you. If you know HTML coding, you can make your own. If you don't, you can find a lot of them in the download section plus there are members of the community that, if you asked nicely, could probably make you one.
  2. Voltron uses/creates a temporal field that suspends time for all those inside it, except him, for the duration of the transformation/combination sequence. Thereby allowing all the spiffy effects to be showcased without the villain getting bored and just obliterating him befores he's completely formed.
  3. Right. That's what the GM is for. It's his job to go "yeah, that's not going to fly" and either outright nix it or, if he's nice, try and work with you till it's something that's acceptable to both him and the player.
  4. @PhilFleischmann I'd have to pull up the character but, yeah, I do believe they're different from each other. One or two might overlap a tiny bit but that's about it. I do see what your talking about with the minor variation thing. And we've run into that during thought experiments based on having multiple style which would require you to purchase the same maneuver, just named something different. We decided you didn't need to do that. If you purchased all the non-combat related stuff (IE: KSes, etc) then you just needed to buy the maneuver once and call it good. I will say that, at first blush, buying martial arts as just a collection of Skill levels, str and damage could work and might, in the long run, even be cheaper. But I look at it like I look at the rule talking about not building a power to take the place of an already existing power. (I know I'm messing that up but it's what I can recall at the moment). To me, that's what's being done. Anyway, sorry to derail the thread . . .
  5. Um, on of my characters has 10 MA maneuvers. And I don't feel like I'm getting diminishing returns from them . . . . I've also bought levels with them and, I think, I even started buying some DCs to go with . . . 'Course I'm now probably going to be told I'm doing it wrong and wasting points but . . ::shrugs:: it works for me and while I've found you can do it the way DB pointed out. it just doesn't feel right. To me it feels to . . . efficient, if that can be a thing.
  6. Same here. With the exception of still having my cards. I've thought about selling them but with the crazy dying down, I doubt I'd get much for them so I just hang on too them for nostalgia's sake. Who knows, maybe I'll start playing again. Although I think most of the cards I use(d) are now banned . . . /shrug
  7. Exactly. And I think I've figured out why. When someone thinks about "superheroes", I think they're thinking of the well established ones. Like Superman, Batman, The X-Men, etc. They then try to cram all those "years of experience" into the very finite amount of starting points that they're given and wind up extremely disappointed. Something I also found occuring in our group, was when thinking about stats, they weren't think about "Okay how much stronger than a normal human is my brick". They were thinking "Okay, how much stronger than the normal superhero is my brick". Which lead to incredibly inflated states. At least in my mind.
  8. I do this in the off chance that the enemy drops said weapon and/or I pick on up during the game. While it's possible that the GM will say "Hey, that weapon is that type that you always use so you're good" there's the distinct possibility he won't so I like to have my bases covered.
  9. At character creation, i spend points on background skills and occupational skills. After character creation I wind up spending points on acquiring skills I should have had at character creation but didn't have the points for as well as buying skills that could be used to assist any powers/abilities I have acquired over the course of game play.
  10. Maybe "old" is too strong of a word . . . how about we go with "seasoned".
  11. This, to me, seems the biggest selling point to Hero. The downside to this is that everything needs to be built.
  12. Have you though? I mean, if it's working for your game and you folks are having fun, are you truly doing it wrong? It actually works rather poorly for heroic level games because you're generally dealing with lower amounts of defenses but higher levels of attacks. So the chances of being Stunned are higher than they are in a Superheroic game where the defenses are much, much higher. You're also dealing with much more limited amounts of phases in a heroic level game than a superheroic one. So, in general, that ruling is much more of a show stopper in heroic games. Oh . . . I like that. Mind if I steal it?
  13. The only problem with this, unless GM handwaved, is that using Limited Speed RAW is extremely complicated to use. So much so that, the rare times we've actually used it in our games (and it was heavily limited) we've just let the character act on the new Spd. Ya know, that's one of the things I like about the MCU portrayal of Cap. They use subtlety to show just how powerful he really is. And most of the time, it's background stuff that might go unnoticed. Like jumping off the bike and throwing it at the jeep in Age of Ultron. Tearing the cord of wood in half with his bare hands (Age of Ultron again if I recall correctly). And my personal fave, in Infinity War's (See video clip further upthread) final battle. Black Panther starts out running towards the enemy with Cap a good distance behind and then Cap catches up. I believe that if they had just a bit more distance before meeting the enemy, Cap would've pulled ahead.
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