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Amazing Tales: RPG for Kids 4+


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I kept getting ads in my social media feed for a role-playing game called Amazing Tales, advertised as a game for kids four years or older and their parents. So yesterday I went over to Drive Through RPG and bought the PDF version for $6.


It looks like a lot of fun. The basic idea is this: Choose a setting--a magical kingdom, a starship, a pirate ship on the high seas, whatever. Have your kid(s) make a character by choosing a name and describing what the character looks like. Then have the kid determine four things the character can do well--sailing a ship, finding hidden things, swordfighting, whatever. There is no skills list in the game; the skills are whatever the kid says the character can do well. Have the kid put these four things in order--best, second best, third best, and fourth best. This order determines the die roll for each.


And that's it. The character is done! From there, its just cooperative storytelling, with the parent guiding the action with frequent doses of "And what do you do next?" 


The actual rules take up one page. The rest of the document is suggestions, story seeds, and lots of cool pictures.


I can't wait to play this with my kids!

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