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  1. I don't think I've ever built a Champions character without the Hunted Disadvantage/Complication/Situation. Until today.
  2. The Star Trek: Voyager episode "Live Fast and Prosper". I missed most of the last two seasons of Voyager in its initial run due to changes in my living situation, so I'd never seen this one before. Not too bad, especially considering how...bipolar the quality of Voyager's episodes could be.
  3. Q: Where's the kaboom? There was supposed to be an Earth-shattering kaboom! A: No boom today. Boom tomorrow. There's always a boom tomorrow.
  4. Protagonist #1: Colossus Protagonist #2: Quicksilver Protagonist #3: Elastigirl
  5. Okay, I'm going to jump in. Color: Silver Location: Reno
  6. Like I can tell the difference. I'm an American.
  7. "Are you trying to make me look stupid in front of the other guests?" "You don't need any help from me, sir." "That's right!"
  8. Compare to Astro City's homage, Winged Victory:
  9. I don't know how accurate it is, but I read an article today suggesting that the ACC might set up three divisions of five teams each (including Notre Dame for 15 total) and play home-and-home games within those divisions, resulting in an 8-game schedule. An interesting strategy, I think, but again I don't know how reliable the article is.
  10. "Just checking." "Everything all right?" "Yep. Two corpses, everything's fine."
  11. FYI, there's a progressive rock band out there named Spock's Beard. They're pretty great.
  12. “We’re way worse off as a country than we were in March when we shut this thing down. And look at where other developed countries are in their response to this. We haven’t done any of the things that other countries have done to bring sports back. Sports are like the reward of a functioning society. And we’re trying to just bring it back, even though we’ve taken none of the steps to flatten the curve.” - Sean Doolittle, Washington Nationals pitcher
  13. When the National Hockey League season was postponed back in March, all of the Zamboni drivers disappeared. But not to worry. Now that the season's back on, I'm sure they'll all resurface eventually.
  14. All of my MS cohort were supposed to do lab internships this summer. (I did mine last summer, for reasons too complicated to go into here.) Now, instead of an in-person lab research experience like I had, they're all having a stay-at-home coding and data analysis experience as the capstone project for their Master's degree program. I feel sorry for them.
  15. The B1G and the PAC-12 have now cancelled all non-conference games for fall sports, including football. BYU just lost 5 of their 12 scheduled games for the year.
  16. You all remember this guy, I'm sure. GROND Situations: 140 points 10 Identity: Public 15 Vulnerability: Ego-based Blast (One power) 25 Vulnerability: Fire-based Attacks (Special Effect) 15 Physical: Limited intellectual capacity (All the time, Significantly limiting) 20 Enrage: When tricked (Likely, 14-) 25 Hunted: Local superhero group (Small group, Supers, Ruinous) 20 Psychological: Angry all the time (Happens a lot, Irrational) Characteristics: 192 points 18d6 Strength 75* 5d6 Presence 10* 37 Defense 27 16 Body 50* · 15 Recovery · 15 Stunned · 30 Knockout · 45 Endurance 2 Speed 10 13 Dexterity 20 11 Intelligence -- 11 Ego -- * Includes bonuses from Growth Powers: 48 16 Eight Feet Tall: Growth, 1 level (2x Mass, +1d6 Strength, +1 Body, +1d6 Presence, +2” Running, -1d6 Knockback), No Endurance Cost (+1), Always On (-¼) 20 Four-armed: Extra Limbs: 2 extra arms, +2 to HTH attack rolls 5 Amphibious: Life Support, can breathe underwater 7 Super-swimming: Flight, 5”, Constrained: Only in or on the surface of water (-½) Total points: 240 Ratio: 103
  17. Okay, The rosters page has been updated again. Let me know how it looks.
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