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  1. Japanese pop culture? What's that?
  2. The Maltese Falcon, because Peter Lorre. Maltese Falcon vs. Malt liquor
  3. Well, given that one of the quack cure peddlers is the leader of a certain highly populated nation....
  4. Okay, I'll go. Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
  5. When I read your list, I literally started laughing out loud. Lady P looked at me funny, and I had to explain the entire draft to her.
  6. Nobody's jumping in to take New York City, I see....
  7. Solitaire? From 4th Ed. Champions, or someone else? Also, which Blue Beetle, Ted or Jaime? Also, which Spider-Woman, Jessica or the redhead?
  8. tkdguy technically doesn't even play the kettle drums.
  9. This may be the saddest picture I've seen so far during this crisis.
  10. Not everyone will agree with his choices, of course, but I personally love this list because A) it includes Mark Knopfler, Alex Lifeson, Terry Kath, and Steve Lukather, and 2) it does not feature a certain Led Zeppelin song in the #1 slot.
  11. We're doing okay with my "cushy government job". My summer job was canceled last week, which was inconvenient but not terribly surprising. I'm actually going to have a summer off for the first time in as long as I can remember. In terms of supplies, we're doing pretty well. We've got staples and canned goods in reasonable amounts. The biggest challenge for us is that between the four of us, we go through at least a gallon of milk a day.
  12. Video didn't kill the radio star. It was L. Marcus.
  13. I try not to go that route if I can help it, because I hate it when my students do it. Half the time I can't read what they submit. Under current conditions, though, sometimes that's all that's available.
  14. I only dislike GoT’s seasons 1-8. Except for the bit were they killed Joffrey. That bit was okay.
  15. I use Google Forms for anonymous data collection of that sort. (My district has an arrangement whereby all teachers and students have a "school" Google account.)
  16. There used to be a restaurant here called Sweet Tomatoes. One of their signature dishes was a salad called Joan's Broccoli Madness. We make it from time to time. This time, we mixed it with these tortellini.
  17. I got four different emails today (from one class of 37 students) saying they didn't understand how to do the assignments that were due yesterday. One of them even suggested that she had spoken to several of her classmates, and they didn't understand how to do the assignments either. I expect the administration good look at it poorly if I were to respond to these comments en masse by saying, "Where the Hell have you all been for the last 2 weeks?"
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