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  1. Change is inevitable, except from a vending machine.
  2. Death Trouble Knows the secret behind the fact that every Galactic Civilization has a dish that tastes like Swedish meatballs.
  3. So, there's an arrest warrant out for Antonio Brown. To the surprise of absolutely no one.
  4. Oldest known asteroid strike may have ended Snowball Earth
  5. Wish I'd thought about that with my ex!
  6. The mouse-over text says the same thing. (And yes, it does, but you can't see it from Earth.)
  7. Back on page 9 I drafted Our Hero: Tom Holland as Galle, farm boy of Miranda. Today I also draft my Villain: Morena Baccarin as Larissa, illegitimate daughter of the sorceress Eris and Prince Consort Iapetus. Still working on a Fantasy Race and Optional Character. Stay tuned!
  8. Bazza discovered a way to make Spam from spoo.
  9. Frozen II. Hard to consider it a sequel, as its tone is completely different than the original. Good film, though.
  10. "C'mon c'mon, grab what you need. We're running out of time." "Cannot run out of time. There is infinite time. You are finite. Zathras is finite. This is...wrong tool."
  11. My six-year-old loves Haumea. But Pluto is still his favorite dwarf planet.
  12. Didn't Douglas Adams hypothesize that this had already happened?
  13. Multiple Plutos?! Are you mad, man?
  14. I kind of want to throw this at my Astronomy students at the end of the term and see what they do....
  15. Not without the water they get from Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, and Nevada, they wouldn't. Without resources from these small flyover states, California has no economy at all. That's part of the problem I see with a lot of the current political rhetoric. The big states and the small states need each other. You can talk about how New York and California are makers and the smaller states are takers, but New York can't by any stretch of the imagination feed itself. There is an interdependence that all states, large and small, red and blue, need to acknowledge.
  16. A $500M second campus of the renowned Primary Children's Medical Center will be built, thanks in part to a $50M donation from Gail Miller, widow of Jazz owner Larry H. Miller.
  17. Derek Jeter and Larry Walker are in the Hall of Fame.
  18. Maybe you should change your avatar to General Zod and just be done with it.
  19. "Into the Unknown", the Golden Globe and Oscar nominated song from Frozen 2, is arguably the 4th best song in the movie.
  20. Gotta love Joe Montana: "You heard from me first. I GUARANTEE my team will win the SUPER BOWL!!"
  21. Peter Cetera songs in my head. I saw Frozen 2 yesterday.
  22. I guess I'd better finish up in the next day or three. When do you anticipate the poll going up, Lord Commissioner?
  23. Q: So Attorney General Kraken isn't going to prosecute you for trying to BASE jump off the Space Needle? A: I'd rather have a pre-frontal lobotomy than a free bottle in front of me.
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