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  1. Why was his hand there in the first place...? Fan ejected from Lakers-Suns game after slapping Rajon Rondo's hand away from his face
  2. At the end of fourth quarter last year, as I was finalizing grades and trying to deal with my mom's death, I had one kid in my honors chemistry class who wanted to have all kinds of conversations about why he needed an A instead of the A- he had earned--maintaining his 4.0, the many hours he had spent working on practice problems, the numerous YouTube videos he had watched trying to understand concepts, that sort of thing. Over the course of about a week I told him that neither the number of hours he had spent doing homework, nor the number of videos he had watched, nor his GPA from other classes, determined his grade in my class. What determined his grade in my class was how he had performed on the assessments. The scores he earned gave him an A-, so an A- is what he got. So, having just posted final grades for first quarter this year, the same kid who is now in my honors physics class, sent me a canvas message wanting to discuss his grade and how to bump it up the extra one and a half percent he needs to get it to an A. My response, and I quote: "I feel like we've had this conversation before."
  3. At this point, why even use blanks? Why not just add the smoke, sound, etc. in post production?
  4. The problem with that whole dream is that it suggests the possibility of making a cat do something it doesn't want to. To me, this is proof positive that it was a dream and not reality.
  5. So people of color get longer sentences, even when they're conservatives? Interesting.
  6. "Random". Riiiiiiiight. Jaguars kicker Matthew Wright selected for random drug test after game-winning FG against Dolphins
  7. My tech guy at school has a big banner across his office that reads "UPDATES HAPPEN". Sounds like Windows 11 is a perfect example.
  8. You didn't tell me you'd written a new book. Well done!
  9. Honestly, my first thought was, "Gator got 'im."
  10. < rant > Hope springs eternal and all that, but I'm just done. After the Broncos lose this game, as it seems they are destined to do, it's time for a fire sale. It's time to burn this franchise to the ground and start over. Vic Fangio has got to go. As a head coach and as a defensive coordinator, he's failed to get any production out of his team. Tackling has been non-existent. They can't generate takeaways, and they can't stop the other team from moving the ball. Even when they don't allow a score, they allow the other team to chew up precious time on the clock. You can't win games that way. Pat Shurmur has got to go. His offense has been uninspired and ineffective. It's not that he doesn't have good players, it's that he appears to have no clue whatsoever how to use them. The Broncos can't move the ball, and on the rare occasions when they do, they can't generate points. Their third down conversion percentage is abysmal. Actually, I take that back. They'd need to convert something like six consecutive third downs to reach the level of abysmal. And as for the players ... time to clean house. Sell any player that any other team is willing to take and let's rack up some draft picks. Sell Justin Simmons. We can probably get a second or third for him. Sell Drew Lock. With all the injuries out there, there's got to be some team desperate enough to take on his contract. Promote Brett Rypen to second string. Sell Melvin Gordon. Considering his production and his propensity for dropping the ball at the most inopportune times, he's not worth what we're paying him. I'd say sell Von Miller, but after that injury in the first half, I don't know but he's going to be worth much. Sell Devante Spencer. Kick returners need to run, not dance. Basically, sell anyone with more than three or four years of experience for whatever we can get. Build a new lineup through free agency and the draft, and commit to a process of rebuilding. It worked for Cleveland. It could work for the Broncos. Two exceptions to the above, though: kicker Brandon McManus and punter Sam Martin. They're basically the MVPs of this team right now, which is sad. Other than them? Let's flip this house. Outside of the Detroit Lions, I don't see a lot of likely wins remaining on Denver's schedule. Why lose with expensive (but mediocre) talent when we can spend the season evaluating the young players and figure out who's worth keeping for the future? We all know the old saying about the definition of insanity. Something has got to change with the Broncos, and the sooner and more drastic, the better. Of course, none of this will matter until Denver gets to stable ownership group. Maybe next year. < /rant >
  11. FBI: Human remains found in Florida are those of Gabby Petito's missing boyfriend Not much of a resolution. I don't suppose we'll ever know what really happened.
  12. Kind of like how the Internal Revenue Service has been using demonic accountants for decades?
  13. It took the Cleveland browns exactly five plays to score a touchdown against the vaunted Broncos defense. The Broncos followed up with three yards of offense in a three-and-out. Gonna be a long, long night in Donkeyville.
  14. I finally got around to watching Ant-Man and Ant-Man and The Wasp on Disney+. Scott Lang may be the best superhero dad ever.
  15. From what I can tell, these moves appear to involve all sports. The only mention I've seen of sport-specific membership involve the American (Navy is football only, Wichita State is all sports except football). When the Big 12 added BYU, I was honestly surprised that it was for all sports and not just football. BYU's strict no play on Sunday policy is well known--one of their women's teams forfeited a national championship contest a few years ago because it was held on a Sunday. The old Western Athletic Conference (AKA BYU and the seven dwarfs) was fine with it, as was the Mountain West Conference when they broke away from the WAC. When BYU went independent in football and moved all their other sports to the West Coast Conference, the WCC also adopted a no play on Sunday policy. I wasn't sure the Big 12 would be willing to do the same, but apparently they are. So yes, while some of the affected schools are better known for their basketball programs, football appears to be the stick that is stirring this particular drink.
  16. Okay, as far as Conference USA raiding the Sun Belt Conference to replace the teams they're losing to the American ... well, the exact opposite may be happening. Sun Belt, Conference USA considering adding teams amid AAC expansion The Sun Belt is apparently targeting Southern Miss, Marshall, and Old Dominion, as well as long time FCS power James Madison. It looks like Southern Miss is already out the door. However, CUSA is also looking to add James Madison, as well as Liberty. If they can get these two schools to sign on, it appears that Marshall and Old Dominion will stay put. That would leave CUSA with nine teams, which is workable. Who would have imagined that the next round of FBS conference musical chairs was going to hinge on a team from FCS? Oh, what a tangled web we weave.
  17. Oh, the angst! Big 12's Bob Bowlsby calls Oklahoma, Texas exit for the SEC a ‘personal betrayal’
  18. I said go if you want to go Stay if you want to stay I didn't care if you hung around me I didn't care if you went away And I know you were never right I'll admit I was never wrong I could never make up my mind I made it up as I went along And though I treated you like a child I'm gonna miss you for the rest of my life All I need is a miracle, all I need is you All I need is a miracle, all I need is you All I need is a miracle, all I need is you I never had any time And I never had any call But I went out of my way just to hurt you The one I shouldn't hurt at all I thought I was being cool Yeah, I thought I was being strong But it's always the same old story You never know what you've got 'til it's gone If I ever catch up with you I'm gonna love you for the rest of your life All I need is a miracle, all I need is you All I need is a miracle, all I need is you All I need is a miracle, all I need is you And if I ever catch up with you I'm gonna love you for the rest of your life All I need is a miracle, all I need is you All I need is a miracle, all I need is you All I need is a miracle, all I need is you
  19. There must be some misunderstanding There must be some kind of mistake I waited in the rain for hours You were late Now it's not like me to say the right thing But you could've called to let me know I checked your number twice, don't understand it So I went home Well I'd been waiting for this weekend I thought that maybe we could see a show Never dreamed I'd have this feeling But seeing you is believing That's why I don't know why You didn't show up that night There must be some misunderstanding There must be some kind of mistake I was waiting in the rain for hours You were late Since then I've been running around trying to find you I went to the places you always go I rang your home but got no answer Jumped in my car, I went round there I still don't believe it He was just leaving There must be some misunderstanding There must be some kind of mistake
  20. School's not even out and I've already got my grades posted. Literally the first time I've ever been able to say that.
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