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  1. Matt Berry's Kill the Wolf is an album I'd been meaning to pick up for years but finally did so this weekend, after Bandcamp sent a preorder email about a new record of his due in September.
  2. There's a rather fun Automan documentary on YouTube.
  3. There's Mil Máscaras, of course, but weirdly everyone knows who he is even when he changes masks. He's the master of disguising himself as Mil Máscaras!
  4. So it does! The one bestiary I don't have a physical copy of and I forgot to check the PDF! Many thanks.
  5. Thanks Duke, that certainly follows my own instincts (and it's easier to write up 😁).
  6. I'm currently working on a Lucha Libre HERO character called "El Hombre Peludo" (which hopefully means "The Hairy Man"). In many ways he's a typical crimefighting luchador, but underneath the mask he's actually an orangutan; and nobody ever notices, because of the mask. EL Hombre Peludo is of human intelligence and can talk. Without the mask he looks like an ordinary orangutan, but when he's wearing it everyone treats him as they would any other luchador. I'm working on a Standard Luchador build (so, 5th edition rules, 200 + 50 character points) and taking the Bestiary entries for
  7. Well, I suppose what I was thinking was a replacement for the stat block, say, that would give you the equivalent of buying a 6E version of the book, without needing to do any conversion yourself. In that respect I suppose I'd be expecting the update to be optimised for 6E. Right now there are lots of titles which I guarantee some potential buyers are skipping over because they use the older rules. It's not clear how easy it is to play a 5E book like Urban Fantasy Hero if you want to use 6E rules; and that in turn raises the question of whether to buy 5E or 6E if the supplement or
  8. This may have been discussed before but, since nothing came up when I searched, here's something I've been pondering: At this point I think it's fair to say that we are not going to see 6E versions of, say, Lucha Libre Hero or Dark Champions. The economics clearly aren't in favour. In many cases, though, the parts of the 5E books requiring an update are not the bulk of the volume, so they still work as excellent sourcebooks if you don't mind doing a bit of work on the numbers. With that in mind, what about producing update PDFs for older books specifically to bring the
  9. The table of contents mentions Templates, so does that suggest that this is actually a 6th rather than 5th edition book, despite the cover?
  10. Well, now I'm confused too 😁 I have the Traveller HERO CD-ROM from FFE which includes Traveller HERO Book 1: Adventurers in Charted Space and Traveller HERO Book 2: Adventure in Charted Space. There's no Traveller HERO Sourcebook in that collection. The Traveller HERO Sourcebook listed in the Hero Games store doesn't appear to be either of the two core volumes, or at least not as they were originally presented, and there's too little information provided to work out if it's a revised or combined edition. How very odd!
  11. A degree of luck (their crime spree lasted a couple of years), myth-making and brutality. They loved powerful cars and guns, and took a lot of photographs, giving them a glamorous air in desperate times: the reality was more squalid, unsuccessful, petty and murderous. There's little to suggest that they were particularly skilled or clever. For one thing, they weren't up against difficult targets or efficient, coordinated law enforcement to start with. They killed more than a dozen people to gain trifling sums. Clyde was especially fond of the Browning Automatic Rifle he stole, a s
  12. Point totals jumped due to the changes in sixth edition, so this is an "it depends" question. Which edition are you using?
  13. That's really helpful. Thank you, Brian.
  14. I'm not able to print from Western HERO at the moment (Covid-19 lockdown has meant being very frugal with stationery supplies!) but it would astonish me if any random page didn't utterly shame that fourth edition POD copy; the PDF is tremendously well done. It's amazing how the drabness of the POD cover immediately lowers expectations for the game. Of all the different Champions editions that's the most eye-catching, vibrant and alive, yet it's been made dull and static. And that's even before the eyestrain-inducing interior. Much of the problem here seems to be the s
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