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  1. Re: Western Hero Resources If there aren't then you can find copies at places such as Noble Knight.
  2. Re: Pulp Hero Resources Something for the Holmes fans, here's a beautiful map of Mr Sherlock Holmes' apartment with or without annotations.
  3. Re: Dark Champions - Please no Harbinger of Justice... Good heavens! Did someone just teleport this thread back from a pocket dimension?
  4. Re: The Secret History of America. If you want to include some degree of non-imported weirdness then you could do worse than to read Myths and Legends of Our Own Land by Charles M. Skinner. I have a rather lovely two volume edition from a hundred years ago, but more conveniently you can follow that link to a free e-text on Project Gutenberg.
  5. Re: Pulp Hero Resources Here's an amusing (and quite informative) mini-game about the Roaring Twenties from Canada's McCord Museum. There's a similar game with a Victorian theme on the same site. More than a little Terry Gilliamesque
  6. Re: Stegosaur at Angkor Wat? Of course one of the problems with things like this is the "Blue Monkey" effect: Tell someone to clear their mind and not think of a blue monkey and of course that's all they can think of, so once someone suggests it's a stegosaurus then that's what keeps leaping out at you. Well perhaps not, since it was an herbivore, but you see what I mean... But this is pulp! It's a stegosaurus and it's probably being chased by something hungry
  7. Thanks to David Crowell for sharing this link on the Terra Incognita mailing list. Does this really show An Ancient Stegosaur Depiction At Angkor Wat? Your pulp adventurers might be very surprised at what they bump into in the jungles of Cambodia!
  8. Re: Pulp Hero Resources Not a problem, I appreciate the last lot you gave By the way, if you like the look of the Lego sets then you'll certainly fancy a go at playing this. Definitely one for my "games to buy" list, but then the Fedora, custom leather jacket and authentic British gasmask bag in my wardrobe do tend to hint at a slight interest in the pulp / Indy scene...
  9. Re: Pulp Hero Resources My Inbox is generally a sorry collection of commercial notices and occasional letters, but once in a while something worth a look arrives... Today it was a newsletter from Lego pointing me towards their new Indiana Jones Lego sets. I hope these get released in the UK (not all of the cool Lego stuff does, alas). Anyway, consider it another source of pulp miniatures
  10. Re: Pulp Hero Resources Not sure if anyone's been paying attention to Pelgrane's See Page XX, a nifty collection of articles for their games which has more recently begun to include pieces about the pulp era (tying in with the upcoming Trail of Cthulhu game they're publishing): http://pelgranepress.com/SeePageXX/december2007.html
  11. Re: Pulp rocket model "That's Hedley!"
  12. Re: Post-apocalyptic wargaming terrain Quite a project. I'd have been inclined to make more buildings with large flat tops, just so I still had somewhere to eat dinner and put the computer...
  13. Re: Is it really so wrong? "Scare Bears," eh? At least it sounds like you're getting to your players That reminds me of an often forgotten bit of early nineties toy weirdness, the WereBears. They were cute, cuddly teddy bears... until you turned their paws and head inside-out and transformed them into clawed and fanged horrors! Here's a little refresher.
  14. Re: [Review] Pulp Hero Well, if it's free pulp you fancy then DrivethruRPG are giving away Adamant's Thrilling Tales Omnibus Edition as a download today. Can't say how good it is or how much of it can be usefully adapted to Pulp HERO, but the price is right
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