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  1. I imagine this was due to his actions as part of the "Sad Puppies" fiasco targeting the Hugo Awards in 2014.
  2. It's also worth nothing that there can be doors within a mission, often big loading dock ones or elevators, as well as ramps to different levels. It can be easy to overlook them until you get the hang of what to watch for.
  3. Yes, I played it from fairly early on, took a break for a few years due to a rather disruptive change in my personal situation, then tried it again last year. It still disappointed me. Everything looked so good, the style and design of almost every part of the game was wonderful, but fights were dull compared to CoH (the interface/mechanism never engaged me) and I got lost in all of the upgrades and things you had to manufacture. Crafting items is something I loathe in any game (it's there in CoH, although it seems more ignorable) but it feels entirely out of place in a supers game. I think I'd rather return to base and hand over the spoils to a resident boffin who would have some new gadget ready for you the next time you dropped by. Ultimately, the real killer was that I found Champions Online unsatisfying solo; and while I enjoyed the team play it grew increasingly difficult to find a team. I'll probably have another crack at it once I've run around CoH punching muggers for a while. Here's a blurry snap of Mr Biceps early in his CO days:
  4. Downloaded, logged on, recreated my old character Mr Biceps (seen here with, uh, Farmer Ted in the background)... It was like going back home 🙂 I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed the game. Thanks to all who posted , letting me know that it was still possible to play.
  5. I rarely watch any telly these days, but I made an exception for Picard and, overall, I'm glad I did. It has the potential to actually feel hopeful, which has been absent in Trek for far too long. And it least it doesn't ignore the passing of time.
  6. A note on adding sounds: does anyone actually need sounds in an app like this? It only came to mind as I keep the sound switched off by default when I'm using a computer, whether it's a 'phone/tablet or PC, and it seems as though sounds files would add to the program size quite a bit.
  7. Apologies if there's a more appropriate place to put this, but I thought it might be of interest that over at ENworld they're asking for people to nominate their favourite RPG related mobile apps, which you can do through this handy link.
  8. Savage Worlds got a good boost early on with its free "one sheet" adventure format. Lots of short scenarios, playable with very little additional work, and they looked professional. I expect they were very useful for driving traffic to PEG's website too.
  9. It was a Champions New Millennium boardgame of superhero combat, packaged as a little ziploc game. Not bad for what it was trying to do.
  10. Speaking as a close personal friend of the OP I can say with some confidence that he was just sharing something he found interesting 😊
  11. The only reason I've been stalking eBay for some Hero books is because the ones I want are either out of print or, as with Champions 6th edition, effectively out of print (the only physical option being a black and white print on demand paperback). Getting any of the books in the UK these days is difficult, one more problem when it comes to expanding the player base.
  12. OK, so the original Champions is not precisely the same game that we have in Hero System 6 Edition or Champions Complete, but I still found this to be an interesting counterpoint to the prevailing Internet wisdom that Hero is an impenetrable game only playable by people with degrees in mathematics. In the September 1981 issue of The Space Gamer, Aaron Allston reviewed Champions: In other, only slightly related, news I finally bought a copy of Champions 6th edition this week for the bargain sum of £22 (about $27). Patience and eBay stalking for the win!
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