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  1. I liked Tri-Stat when it debuted as Big Eyes, Small Mouth but it grew increasingly clumsy as they tried to apply it to wider genres. In particular, it was a d6 roll under system, but they came up with the peculiar idea of having higher power characters use larger dice (d10 for typical supers, d12 for the likes of The Authority ). Obviously that makes it harder, not easier, to roll under a given number. There was a fudge I don't recall which made it work, but it always felt like a fudge, as if they'd forced the idea to fit. And then they went and called the book of female character
  2. According to Champions Complete page 144, no. "… Mental Combat works on a Line Of Sight basis; if an attacker can see the target, he can attack him without suffering the Range Modifier. Typically, none of the Combat Modifiers apply either."
  3. Well, mum's is called Winnie. No idea about the rest.
  4. My mum has a new lodger. Half chihuahua, half French bulldog… I feared she'd look like one half of Ren & Stimpy but happily she seems to have taken the better qualities of each breed. Also shown here with her posse, who are not prepared to take any of your nonsense.
  5. My preference is for more of a Charles de Lint style, I think. Buffy and its ilk seem to suck all the magic out of the idea of adding magic to the world.
  6. I've not seen a remastered version but the original is certainly enchanting and entertaining. Kaye's talent seems to spill out from the screen, more than a mere movie could contain. Such a pity that, by very many accounts, he was a deeply unpleasant person to work with. A favourite comment from Vincent Price: "Yes, it amuses me how many people thought I was like the monster in the Edgar Allan Poe movies and thought Danny Kaye was a nice man."
  7. I am speaking up purely to express my outrage at The Banana Splits show being called "tacky"! 😉
  8. Well, I've been passing some of the suggestions along to my player and honestly they're all helping us to get a better grasp of the rules and options.
  9. Thank you for that. I passed it along to the player and he's happy that it gives him some options as well as confirming his thought that the pre-designed power from the cards is a good, quick place to start but not quite what he wants. After the first adventure wraps up he's going to do some work on it.
  10. My group started The Island of Dr Destroyer recently, 6E rules using Champions Complete as our primary source. I'm running it, but my usual GMing approach is rules-light (Tunnels & Trolls , for example) and much hand-waving, whereas I'm hoping to make better use of the Hero mechanics. One of my players who is, to say the least, considerably more technically minded than I asked a question about sustained Flight for his character and I'm hoping that more experienced brains can offer an answer or point me in the right direction. The character was designed using the Champions Char
  11. Nothing relevant to the current episode, but thanks for adding to this thread which finally, after months of blindly overlooking it, popped up and caught my attention. Listened to the first episode and thoroughly enjoyed it.
  12. That's an appealing bit of casting. I still can't bring myself to hold out much hope for a DC movie after the lengthy string of soulless disasters, but maybe, maybe…
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