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Blackwyrm Update: Larger Than Life In Layout

Jason S.Walters

Coming this summer from BlackWyrm Games, Michael Surbrook's Larger Than Life is a guide to the world of American tall-tales. It presents more than 20 different well-known (and not so well-known) archetypes from American folklore, ranging from Blackbeard the Pirate to Nikola Tesla the Inventor. Along the way you’ll also encounter soldiers, sailors, and scouts, as well as backwoodsmen, lumberjacks, mountain men, outlaws, lawmen, emperors, and Indian chiefs.


Each archetype presented in Larger Than Life is fully written up for 6th Edition HERO System. In addition, along with the primary archetype, there are biographies and descriptions of numerous secondary examples of the archetype, as well as a template designed to allow you to build your own version of the archetype. In all, there are 22 archetypes with character sheets, 2 sidekicks with character sheets, nearly 150 secondary character descriptions, templates, a timeline, and an extensive list of inspirational media. All of which is suitable for your Champions, Dark Champions, Fantasy, Pulp, and Star Hero campaigns.

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