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  1. Oddly enough none of the above appeal to me usually you’ve got me hooked line and sinker but not this time
  2. Ironically our GM stopped throwing this problem at us when we became Knights, Barons, a Count, and a Marquess (Marcher Lord). The Marquess always wears Elven Chain Armor concealed under tailored cloths. In our NEW campaign it is something to lookout for. Mind you my NEW character is a Minotaur. Armor is optional, but he wears bronze armored muscle Cuirass, Vambraces, Greaves, and a Phrygian-Chalcidian helmet over kilt of highland clan tartan.
  3. I would love to play the 40’s, but prefer the 80’s
  4. Doc Democracy’s Gloranthian Gods Episode 1: The PC’s are released from the Rival Baron’s Dungeons and allowed to return home or what is left of it. They arrive and have time to grieve before meeting Mr. Wednesday and offered a place within his organization in exchange for their services.
  5. Falling from the sky, trailing a long rope, and with a white knuckled grip on treasure. Victim of a cursed ring trap that one of the PC’s encountered before. The PC’s stumble upon your body surrounded by yorur enemies minions. Suddenly the body inhales, the eyes flare open, and you look around in a panic? That drunk in the corner has the information you need? You’ll have to sober them up first though!
  6. Only one Characteristic aloud to be reduced below starting level. Note even a fake psi might be able to control her.
  7. The Duchess uses the Supreme Serpent as her puppet-proxy.
  8. PSI (Sin) Dicate - sounds cool. Alien Invaders - Past. NASA - Space Exploration, Colonization, and Industrialization. UNTIL Beyond. - System Defense Force. Warlord and the Shadow Army. Star*Guard and the Star*Marshals (filked from Sabre Riders).
  9. Law Enforcement Organization Paranormal Active Response Division Or LEOPARD PS: Edited thanks to LL.
  10. WITCH Femizons Misandry https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Misandry Female Domination
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