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  1. The Duchess uses the Supreme Serpent as her puppet-proxy.
  2. PSI (Sin) Dicate - sounds cool. Alien Invaders - Past. NASA - Space Exploration, Colonization, and Industrialization. UNTIL Beyond. - System Defense Force. Warlord and the Shadow Army. Star*Guard and the Star*Marshals (filked from Sabre Riders).
  3. I made drops like that as s kid, but onto sand piles and muddy grassy yards. Don't ask me why
  4. GURPS Vorkosigan http://www.sjgames.com/gurps/books/vorkosigan/
  5. [Compilation] "to Star HERO Conversions & Adaptations" http://www.herogames.com/forums/topic/22965-compilation-to-star-hero-conversions-adaptations/ Note: Out of Date, but a good reference point. Use a the Google Search Link below. "Space" then enter search See Bold face above. https://www.google.ca/search?num=20&q=site:www.herogames.com&cad=h QM
  6. Appleseed D6 http://appleseedd6.tripod.com/Olympus.html
  7. Shadowrun by Catalyst Games. Not just the Rules, but the feel of Shadowrun Magic, Matrix, and Rigging.
  8. Star Wars D6 Star Trek (GURPS Prime Directive) Traveller (GURPS Traveller) Firefly / Serenity (GURPS Conversion) GURPS Space (GURPS Aliens, GURPS Space Adventures, GURPS Space Atlas 1 - 4, GURPS Space Bestiary.) Cheers QM
  9. Voyager had a huge opportunity to involve a large crew/cast in multiple stories, but failed. Where BSG excelled. IMOHO QM
  10. Rifts Bunny Gunslinger http://garrisonburne.deviantart.com/art/Outcast-Station-Rabbit-Gunslinger-340759882
  11. Great out takes, but they need an occasional context. Season 3, Episode 19 - "Girls back together" Young Justice style Date Time Stamp kinda thing. QM
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