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  1. It would by no means keep me from buying if it isn't in there, but 5E Conversions would be most welcome.
  2. You know, if you divided Mythic Hero into two books, like the Asian Beastiary books, I'd buy both of them. Especially if it meant the first one coming out sooner. Just sayin', 'cause it sounds like it's going to be pretty big, and the sooner it comes out the better. If the first half is good, the second half should sell well. And I can't remember a book by you that I didn't think was good.
  3. I don't usually get 6th Edition books, but I will make an exception for this one: I must have it. I apologize for a lack of suggestions, but I'm so overwhelmed by how much your description is exactly what I've been wanting that my brain is frozen on that account. If you weren't already planning it, I would have asked for different power levels. I don't think pagans view/viewed gods of this or that as vastly more powerful in combat than a superhero would be. All it took for Ares to be wounded and driven off the battlefield was for the hero to have a magic item that allowed him to be able to see Ares. I think the comic books actually have a fairly reasonable take on the deities of polytheism. Oh, I know: the gods in some pantheons need special food or drink to maintain their youth, some pantheons have a god of youth who would likely take care of that chore, some have both. I know Marduk and Ra are depicted as becoming elderly in time, as they were replaced by newer gods or other gods gaining the prominence that once went to them. So it seems that gods in many lands were conceived as beings that could get old, but not die of it. I would like to see some kind of treatment of that idea (maybe it's worshipers that keep a god young, so when they decline so does he or she; or worshipers entitle a god to more of the food of the gods), and something about ambrosia, nectar, amrita, soma, the peaches of immortality, and the apples of Idun; and their effects on gods and mortals. In some stories, a bite of ambrosia not only made you young, it could make a mortal into a god. Which brings me to wondering about apotheosis, and a hope you can explore that. And what is the difference between ichor and regular blood, and do only the Greek gods have it? It seems ambrosia can turn a mortal's blood to ichor, which keeps them from bleeding, at least to some degree.
  4. Perfect for an American pantheon of gods for my mythic urban fantasy game. I'll be buying this one.
  5. Re: Rifts HERO? Welcome, aidanleer. I agree, those stats would reflect Rifts Horror Factor and PPE/ISP pretty well. A matter of taste, really.
  6. Re: What Fantasy/Sci-Fi book have you just finished? Please rate it... Finally remembered:Titans of the Universe http://www.amazon.com/Titans-Universe-James-Harvey/dp/0532153715
  7. Re: Rifts HERO? The darn thing about symbiotes is their downsides. On the plus side, the extra disads help pay for the damnable things.
  8. Re: Rifts HERO? I avoided that one on purpose, because it's complicated. If I were to write it up, I suppose it would be as a parasitical creature with a variety of Aids and Usable by Others effects it can use to help its host survive and an HKA for the tentacle bite. It's the latter that prompts me to make it a creature, it has an animal-grade intelligence and can attack on its own. The host would take it as a Follower, and gain DF: Chest Amalgamate and Phys Lim: Must feed Chest Amalgamate, and Phys Lim: Dies if Symbiote Dies. The critter will probably have something like 15 Hardened DEF Usable on Host, +3 DEX UoH, +3 CON UoH, +4 REC UoH, +1 SPD UoH, +2" Running Usable only on Host (can't use it, itself), 1-point LS vs Aging UoH, 1 point LS vs Sleep UoH, LS Immune to Disease UoH, LS Immune to Poison UoH, Aid END only for Host, and maybe Danger Sense although that could just be an effect of the beast alerting its host to normally-perceived danger. At any rate, if it has Danger Sense it doesn't need to be Usable on Host, it can just growl and writhe in warning. The CA will also have DEX equal to the natural DEX of its host +3 (it doesn't get the benefit of any DEX boost the host may get from another source), SPD 4, an appropriate HKA, and a big Phys Lim for being completely dependent on its host and unable to move on its own plus DF: Hideous Monster and maybe another small Phys Lim for being a haemophage. I hope this gives someone a head start on statting the thing out.
  9. Re: Rifts HERO? I'm not the guru of this, but it depends on the symbiote. They tend to be complex, construction-wise. Some should be done as followers, others as equipment, others are just special effects for powers; like the Absurr Life Node (one of the simpler ones) from the Atlantis World Book: 2 points of LS vs Aging (triples the life span of the host), Danger Sense (Empathically alerts the host of danger), 25 DEF Hardened Armor (It is a megadamage creature and so is its host), 20 points of Mental Defense only vs. Emotion and Mind Control (impervious to Mind Control and Empathic Transmission), + 2 to Con Rolls (+20% to save vs. coma/death), +2 to Ego Rolls vs. Mental Powers (+2 save vs. Psionics), 10 points of PRE Defense (+5 save vs. Horror Factor), Aid to END (sudden burst of energy when tired), and +20 BOD (the life node can transfer it's own life force into the host when necessary). The host will have DF: Lump on neck and Phys Lim: Dies if life node dies.
  10. Re: What Fantasy/Sci-Fi book have you just finished? Please rate it... Nope, not Sentenced to Prism or Piers Anthony. A little worse than those, if one of the few things I remember about it is spelling and grammar issues. I appreciate the effort. I hadn't even thought of it in years and years until my brother brought it up. I know the book he means but I read so damn many and the main thing it had going for it was a cool concept. Cool concept books are a dime a dozen (maybe I should check to see if there's a Dime a Dozen SF rack at the used book store). Maybe it had Gold or Golden in the title? I remember the protagonist would have been impressed with a much smaller STR boost than he got, like a 10% improvement would have been pretty good. Maybe more will surface, I suppose it's in my brain somewhere.
  11. Re: What Fantasy/Sci-Fi book have you just finished? Please rate it... I just finished Sidhe Devil, byAaron Allston. Could someone help me out remembering a novel I read in the seventies? It was a paperback, poorly edited, but it had an interesting concept of the protagonist having much of his tissue replaced with silicon-based analogues. I vaguely remember some kind of additional power-up later in the book. My brother wants to find it and I cannot remember any more details. Does this ring a bell with anyone?
  12. Re: Golden Hunter v6.1 Maybe something for detecting the Elder Worm?
  13. Re: from little plot seeds, mighty games do grow: Share your ideas! Perhaps Stalker needs to continue to feed on the blood of super beings to maintain his new powers.
  14. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... For what it's worth: for various reasons, sharks don't get cancer.
  15. Re: Rifts HERO? Welcome back! I'm looking forward to your take on the Ley Line Walker. I wound up treating a lot of their powers as perks for the ability to utilize a ley line, like access to a SF communication and teleportation system.
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