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  1. Just as a post thread note, it is very difficult to identify an individual using a satellite, conditions have to be perfect, and that lasts only moments. There's a good reason why the NSA doesn't just let the FBI know where the bad guys are: they can't find them either.
  2. Would Power Defense play into resisting intoxication? There are examples of Power Defense used to resist chemicals/drugs and radiation. I took it as Power Defense helps resist any Drain- or Transform-like effects involved from substances.
  3. Fortunately, I don't think LS: Immortality makes you un-killable. You can always check out, or die from accident or violence. I once read that a person who didn't get sick or age would have an average lifespan of about 400 years...it's not always old age or sickness that gets you. However a resurrection power combined with un-aging could make some as close to 'really' immortal as makes little difference.
  4. Speaking of gods...Surbrook! Gracias!
  5. Thanks! Too much of a late adopter, I suppose. Or house rules guy. Still putting things in Word. Some of my players use Hero Designer, but I'm always having to correct it because it doesn't understand that I want to use 4th Ed. Regeneration with 5th Ed. modifiers and Damage Negation and VPP rules from 6th Ed.
  6. A Danger Sense for when your followers are in trouble? That might have just the right feel, especially at their current low power level (compared to superheroes, compared to regular people, they're mysterious and powerful beings). How much more detail do you really need than that, unless you're in the business of handing out ponies?
  7. It would by no means keep me from buying if it isn't in there, but 5E Conversions would be most welcome.
  8. You know, if you divided Mythic Hero into two books, like the Asian Beastiary books, I'd buy both of them. Especially if it meant the first one coming out sooner. Just sayin', 'cause it sounds like it's going to be pretty big, and the sooner it comes out the better. If the first half is good, the second half should sell well. And I can't remember a book by you that I didn't think was good.
  9. I don't usually get 6th Edition books, but I will make an exception for this one: I must have it. I apologize for a lack of suggestions, but I'm so overwhelmed by how much your description is exactly what I've been wanting that my brain is frozen on that account. If you weren't already planning it, I would have asked for different power levels. I don't think pagans view/viewed gods of this or that as vastly more powerful in combat than a superhero would be. All it took for Ares to be wounded and driven off the battlefield was for the hero to have a magic item that allowed him to be able to see Ares. I think the comic books actually have a fairly reasonable take on the deities of polytheism. Oh, I know: the gods in some pantheons need special food or drink to maintain their youth, some pantheons have a god of youth who would likely take care of that chore, some have both. I know Marduk and Ra are depicted as becoming elderly in time, as they were replaced by newer gods or other gods gaining the prominence that once went to them. So it seems that gods in many lands were conceived as beings that could get old, but not die of it. I would like to see some kind of treatment of that idea (maybe it's worshipers that keep a god young, so when they decline so does he or she; or worshipers entitle a god to more of the food of the gods), and something about ambrosia, nectar, amrita, soma, the peaches of immortality, and the apples of Idun; and their effects on gods and mortals. In some stories, a bite of ambrosia not only made you young, it could make a mortal into a god. Which brings me to wondering about apotheosis, and a hope you can explore that. And what is the difference between ichor and regular blood, and do only the Greek gods have it? It seems ambrosia can turn a mortal's blood to ichor, which keeps them from bleeding, at least to some degree.
  10. Pardon the smiley face above, the site likes to change a 'b' followed by a ')' into that, apparently. This version of Set (5.25 Edition) may seem low-powered (and low defense) for a superhero game, but with the VPP, he was terrifying. If the heroes had actually started to get the better of him, he had only to vanish, heal himself, and return out of nowhere at full power. If they had wounded him, he would probably have focused on getting away and retaliated indirectly, maybe by summoning an avatar of himself to do the fighting or devastating the region with powerful storms or plagues of scorpions or venomous serpents. Compared to the Tezcatlipoca writeup, he is very reliant on the VPP for everything: observing the mortal world, hearing prayers, attack and defense and mobility. But I'm of the opinion that pagan gods were often envisioned as not infinitely beyond mortals. More like 'powerful and in charge'.
  11. With the spirit of sharing I've observed from others, here is a write-up of Set that I used in my Urban Fantasy Champions game (the heroes had to travel the corners of the earth with Set right behind to establish the banishing spell to get rid of him). It draws heavily on the ICE Egypt book. Set the Destroyer Value Char Base Cost Characteristics: 230 Abilities: 663 Total: 893 45 STR 10 35 Base: 700 Disadvantages: 100 XP: 93 23 DEX 10 39 Points Disadvantage Ranking: Meta 30 CON 10 40 15 DF: Godly Aura, Terrifying Mien 17 BOD 10 14 15 Hunted 11- by Horus the Avenger 23 INT 10 13 15 Hunted 8- by Forces of Light 23 EGO 10 26 5 Phys Lim: Can’t Regrow Parts lost to Divine Attack 40 PRE 10 30 10 Psych Lim: Hates Horus and Osiris and Isis 12 COM 10 1 15 Psych Lim: Megalomaniac 15 PD 9 6 15 Psych Lim: Murderous 15 ED 6 9 15 Psych Lim: Seeks to Overthrow Ma’at 5 SPD 3.3 17 15 REC 15 0 60 END 60 0 55 STN 55 0 Description: 6’9”, 355 lbs, red hair, red eyes, pale skin. Cost Ability 5 AK: Ancient Egypt 14-; PS: God of Chaos and Storms 14-, TF: Chariots 4 AK: Africa 14-, AK: Desert 14- 8 Knowledge Skills: Ancient Egypt 14-, Arcane & Occult Lore 14-, Folklore & Mythology 14-, Ritual Magic 14- 6 Languages: Arabic (Complete), Coptic (Fluent), and English (Complete) 9 Linguist, Scholar, Traveler 3 Interrogation 17- 15 Magic Skill 20- 30 Overall Skill Levels: +3 3 Persuasion 17- 10 Survival (desert) 18- 1 Tactics 8- 4 WF: Common Melee and Missile Weapons 20 Deific Body: 20 points of Power Defense 20 Deific Mind: 20 points of Mental Defense; 25 points with EGO 23 15 Elemental Control: Desert God 15 a) Divine Composition: Damage Negation x3 vs. Physical and Energy 15 Divine Durability: 10rPD/10rED Armor (25 PD/25 ED) 15 c) Divine Immunities: LS-Immunity to Aging, Disease, and Poison; Safe vs. Cold, Heat, Pressure Extremes, and Radiation; can Breathe Water, needs less food/water 15 d) Divine Stature: Growth x4 at END 0 (+1/2): STR 65, BOD 21, STN 59, -4” KB, -2 DCV, +2 PER 15 Mystic Senses: Nightvision, Sense Magic by Sight, See and Hear Spirits 35 Regeneration: 1 BOD per Turn with Regrow Limbs and Resurrection 400 VPP: 200-point Pool, 100-point Control Cost, Cosmic (+2); Magic Only (-1/4), Skill Roll required if BOD taken at -1 per point of BOD taken (-1/4)
  12. Thanks so much,(especially for the link, Luciius, I used up most of my 'likes' for the day there). "How to hear prayers?' is exactly where we're at, now (after a few months diversion into the MSH RPG, for nostalgia and kicks), and I'm crossing it with an old setting of mine I think of as 'Urban Fantasy Champions'. The prayers thing really helps distinguish them from superheroes (plus they're still about 150 XP short of being equal to one). I can see there are issues with being able to process the input of all those prayers, It seems the second version has the dynamic of being able to 'get a sense' of what kinds of prayers people are making, and possibly noticing one that stands out as different. If they hear lots of people praying for help at once, they know their followers are in trouble. I was also considering them paying points for their followers and giving the followers the ability to 'get their prayers through'.
  13. I used El Spectro and El Santo as defenders of Mexico City in my 'Urban Fantasy Champions' game to help put down a vampire outbreak. My players appreciated so much, one of them made a Lucha character for my next Champions campaign based on alien conspiracies being real.
  14. Great resources, stuff I can use in my game. Gracias!
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