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    Jason S.Walters
    Vikon's older brother Tlokon has ascended to the Sh'Garothayn Throne of the Varanyi by killing his father the Heir Presumptive, his uncle the previous Emperor -- and then framing Vikon for the entire plot. His next stop -- Earth, to harvest its vast psionic potential and spearhead his conquest of the entire galaxy. Can TASK FORCE and Biomaster lead a rebellion on the Varanyi homeworld to stop his plan before the entire Milky Way galaxy is plunged into total war?

    Jason S.Walters
    From Hall of Champions HERE. 
    The Creator's Goals:
    Make the character sheet less arcane. All the abbreviations can be mind-boggling to a HERO novice. Make it eye-pleasing with more open space and hopefully better organization. Tune it for maximum compatibility with HERO Designer. *Let me know if I can improve this result to better meet these goals.
    How to use the HERO Designer export;
    Add the new Adobe Form export format to HERO Designer. Export the completed character to a folder with a copy of this PDF. You should name the PDF the same as your character name (including spaces, etc.). Double click the .XFDF file exported from HD. (If it can’t find the PDF, select ‘locate’ and select this PDF.) (You may have to ‘allow’ this file on the import AND when Adobe opens.) At this juncture the PDF chosen will be filled in with the output from HERO Designer.
    How to use the PDF;
    You should skip printing page one to save ink and trees. Of course, this sheet works great interactively on tablets or laptop screens. The character portrait will not export via the XFDF file. You must select the Portrait field on the PDF and upload an image. It will resize the image to fit in the field. The Senses field is not populated. You must type in your notes here. I suggest simple summaries as the full senses are listed under Powers. The powers lists are broken into two sections. The first section is for powers 1 – 10. The second section is for powers 11+. You may want to tweak out the powers list in HERO Designer for best/desired results. If all your powers fit in section one, you don’t need to print section two. The form’s Reset Form button clears all fields except the image. This button does not print. The Background, Tactics and Campaign Use sections print (if included) in the Character Info field of the PDF. (…the “front” page of the character sheet) The last sheet is a “Combat Sheet” for easy reference. The Vitals Tracker is a handy place to keep track of injury/expenditures (via pencil…). The Armor Worn section must be filled out manually. The Current, Effect and Statuses (check boxes) must also be filled out manually. CSLs print first, then Maneuvers, sharing a field. Interesting Things of Note;
    Currently this only works for the Deluxe Character Sheet by TreChriron. However, any enterprising HEROPhile could modify it to suit their own form-fill PDF. I encourage you to do so! (permission granted!) Some outputs print odd characters. I tried to include a “rewrite” section to handle this but something odd might slip through. When you double click the XFDF file it might throw an error. Please report this to me with a copy of the output file so I can account for the new odd character in the programming (re: arcane ritual). Any other oddities, crashes, errors or strange supernatural calamities occurring while using this export format can be reported to me for resolution. All purchasers will receive updated versions at no charge.

    Jason S.Walters
    More 1980's... with superheroes!  Follow the continuing adventures of the Dallas/Fort Worth superhero team TASK FORCE from 1988 until 1992, their triumphs, and their tragedies.  Contains updated character sheets for all team members suitable for use in Champions Fifth Edition (revised), more background information, and even GM Vault Info that in some cases even the characters don't know yet!

    Jason S.Walters
    New from Hall of Champions. The 1980's... with superheroes! The TASK FORCE: Season One Sourcebook details the beginning of the Dallas/Fort Worth area superhero team TASK FORCE and its heroes. This sourcebook contains the list of applicable stories from the main story archive, character sheets (for Champions 5th Edition Revised) for beginning versions of each character and villains unique to this setting, and fleshes out details concerning the broader Champions Universe which have not been previously covered.

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