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    Here's the second of the current Bundle of Holding HERO collections: The Champions 6e bundle!
    For the base cost of $24.95 you get the CAMPAIGN COLLECTION:
    Champions Complete Champions 6E campaign book Champions 6E Powers Champions 6E Universe Champions Beyond Hero Book of Templates  
    If you pay the at or over the threshold price (currently $40.84) you'll also receive the VILLAIN COLLECTION:
    Champions Villains 1-3 The Book of the Empress  
    Link below!

    Bundle of Holding is currently doing two Hero Games bundles! The first of which is the HERO System 6e bundle. You can get the Players Collection, consisting of: 
    3 Hero 6E corebooks 2 HERO 6E Advanced Player's Guides Hero 6E Equipment Guide Hero 6E Skills  
    All for the base bundle price of $24.95, or if you upgrade past the threshold price (currently $42.27) you'll also receive The Gamemasters Collection. This consists of: 
    Star Hero 6E Fantasy Hero 6E Hero 6E Grimoire Hero System Martial Arts Hero 6E Bestiary The Ultimate Base  
    Link below!

    Grimoire Arcanium is the collection of all spells from Tiger Paw Press, it's available on the Hero Website as both PDF and PDF with accompanying Hero Designer files. It's now also available as Print on Demand from DriveThruRPG as a black and white softcover, link below! 

    Our sister site, Indie Press Revolution, did a video about Champions Now on their YouTube Channel! Jason Walters, talks about Champions Now, a reimagining of the original Champions: the Super Roleplaying Game's rules. Link below!

    The second installment of Champions: International is available! 

    A small nation wedged in between Iran, Afghanistan, and Turkmenistan, Taqiristan has spent most of its existence either being ignored by the rest of the world, or as part of one empire or another over the centuries. But in the modern day, with the region highly unstable and international crime on the rise, Taqiristan has come under increasing scrutiny from various countries and organizations who wonder if this sleepy, backwater land holds more potential — and profit — than anyone has previously thought.

    Champions International is a new series of settings for Champions 6th Edition, exploring the world of Champions! WIth Taqiristan being the second installment in this series, this PDF is 15 pages of new Champions content written by Steve Long himself. Available now on the Hero website and on DriveThruRPG! 


    Bend Update

    By A.C, in Store Item News,

    Another campaign setup has been added to Bend—"Operation: Lightened Sky" – concerning an elite strike team trying to commandeer one of the eponymous Bends, link below!   "Step outside your Houston home, kick out aliens, done."   https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/344898/Bend

    The Grimoire Arcanium is the collection of all spells from Tiger Paw Press. All the spells from The Lost Grimoire, The Elemental Grimoire, Grimoire Arcana I & II and Time Magic can be found within these pages.   The spells are list alphabetically and bookmarked for easy access. The Grimoire Arcanium list only the spells and the types of magic from these books are included in one large easy reference product. Available as PDF, or as a ZIP with included Hero Designer files. Links below!    

    A notorious Cold War supervillain from the 1980s, who came to seem a little ridiculous after Communism fell, the Red Cobra hasn't been seen since 1992. 
    She used to lead bank robberies and armored car hijackings all across America, in an effort to soften the country up for the Soviets.  Or that's what she said about herself, anyway.  She was here to weaken America, to shake its faith in its own superiority and destroy its morale.  To rob its banks and loot its treasures, in preparation for the glorious red dawn of Communism.
    After the Iron Curtain fell, she looked silly and dated and soon retired from the supervillain game.  They never caught her. 
    Now she is writing a tell-all book about her days as a supervillain.  This is a foolhardy move.  Old foes and former allies will be coming out of the woodwork to kill her before the book sees print.
    Enter the Player Characters.  Can they stop the ensuing chaos before the streets of their city run red? Link below!

    Located on the bight of the western African coast and possessing extensive natural resources, Lugendu was once considered a nation of great possibilities. Unfortunately, decades of violent and chaotic conditions, culminating in the tyrannical rule of President-for-Life Joseph Otanga since 1995, have left this once promising nation a miserable place beset by poverty, crime, despair... and, some say, dark sorcery.
    Champions International is a new series of settings for Champions 6th Edition, exploring the world of Champions! Starting off with Lugendu, this PDF is 15 pages of new Champions content written by Steve Long himself. Available now on both the Hero Games website and DriveThruRPG!

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