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    Jason S.Walters
    Betrayal. Hubris. Punishment. Revenge. Subjugation. Salvation. Cataclysm. Perseverance. Hope.
    This is Narosia — a world where cosmic forces vie for control and mortal beings struggle to reclaim past glories, hordes of Fel creatures threaten to escape Deepland prisons, and demonic Voidspawn stalk the world’s wilds and ruins. Those who venture forth seek fame and fortune, courting death, honoring the profession of adventurer, and ultimately bringing hope to those without.
    Narosia adventures focus on competent characters overcoming larger than life obstacles with a backdrop of magic, monsters, and gods. You control your every move without getting lost in a sea of repetition, using a comprehensive action and combat system to enable over-the-top action, with called shots, grappling, and dynamic defenses.
    Players Control The Gods To Influence The Plot
    The gods meddle, and the players have a set of cards that allow them to say how a specific god influences the story — if they can explain the god’s motivation.
    An Entire World Of Adventure Awaits
    Narosia: Sea of Tears is a roleplaying game for two to eight players. Through a blend of imagination and rules the players will create the story of their heroes as they move through this world, having fun in the process.

    Distinct magic systems for divine and arcane powers

    Detailed cultures and races integrated into the story of the world

    Setting-specific martial arts

    Comprehensive skills and abilities to define any character

    Battle-tested system that scales from commoner to demi-god

    Bestiary that expands on the 300+ creatures from HERO System Bestiary

    Over 30 years of HERO System material to draw from (180+ sourcebooks)

    Ready to print GM Screen panels

    Whatever your interest — dungeon delving, intrigue, or exploration — Narosia provides a rich background for the legends you forge.
    Additional Support

    HERO Designer Character Pack available, include racial templates, cultural and adventurer packages, spells, orisons, and equipment.

    Character Sheets available for download

    Complimentary download of Divine Intervention Cards in PDF format for print, cut, and play at home

    Poker-sized cards available (no need to print and cut 165 cards)

    iOS App as a digital GM Screen and Combat Tracker

    Jason S.Walters
    As is always the case, Hero Games will be traveling with Indie Press Revolution to GenCon this year. (We'll be in booth 730.) Excitingly, it looks as though Shane Harsch's massive 478-page Narosia: Sea of Tears will be there too, with copies in our booth! Narosia is a complete, self-contained fantasy roleplaying game based on the Hero System, containing all of the rules necessary to play.
    Look forward to seeing you all there!

    Jason S.Walters
    In a newly settled area of the wilderness stands an old keep, strong and intact. What secrets does it hold and what terrors lie beneath it? Are you bold enough to quest into the unknown? Two Kings Keep is a nostalgic dungeon crawl with intriguing twists and a story for the curious to unfold.
    Two Kings Keep is a Fantasy Hero adventure from Christopher Taylor for 4-8 characters of up to 800 total combined points. This is a complete adventure with all maps, information, and notes the GM and players need.

    Jason S.Walters
    This spell collection from Greg Elkins contains all spells for Fantasy Hero from The Lost Grimoire, The Elemental Grimoire as well as psionics from The Minds Eye in a 127 page bookmarked PDF at 50% of the price to buy all three. Also available with the Hero Designer files at the same 50% savings

    Jason S.Walters
    Hero Combat Manager release notes V1.06 (a new version of Hero Combat Manager is out)
    New Features

    Major Bug Fixes
    Strength damage is more accurately calculated
    Hand to Hand and Strength damage are more accurately calculated

    Open Issues
    Under a very specific circumstance HKA may not be calculated correctly. The one instance that has shown up is if a weapon is 1d6+1 and the STR Min is 6 and the STR of the character is 15. This should result in a HKA of 1 ½ d6KA. Instead it is being calculated as 2d6+1 KA.

    Jason S.Walters
    The Books Of The Undead is Elvensong Street Press’s series of PDFs providing pre-generated character sheets for dozens of undead monsters. Each volume is devoted to a specific type of undead.
    This one, the fourth in the series, looks at ghouls — terrifying corporeal undead who subsist on the flesh of both the living and the dead! Within its pages you’ll find the Bestial Ghoul, Ghoul King, Ghoul Shaman, and much more
    These ghouls are the perfect minions for such villains as:
    Necromancers, sorcerers, Dark Lords, evil high priests, liches, and other powerful Fantasy adversaries
    Evil mystics and insane archaeologists in Pulp Hero campaigns
    Mystic supervillains and organizations in Superhero campaigns. For example, in the Champions Universe, villains such as the Takofanes the Archlich, the Demonologist, Dark Seraph, and Black Paladin might have ghouls serving them, and the Morbanes of DEMON could easily create some ghouls to further their fiendish schemes or guard valuable facilities.

    Additional volumes in the Books Of The Undead series cover zombies, ghosts, liches, skeletons, wights, and other types of undead.

    Jason S.Walters
    Superhero MMOs and similar computer games often feature two types of characters who occur far less commonly in tabletop RPGs: the Controller and the Debuffer. A Controller is a type of character who specializes in controlling the behavior and options of the enemy so that the enemy becomes completely useless and/or helpless (or nearly so). Their powers may focus on hard control (locking a target in place, putting a target to sleep, removing a target’s ability to take Actions in the game, controlling a target’s mind), soft control (“debuffing” a target so that his actions are less effective, or even pointless), or some combination of the two. A Debuffer focuses primarily on soft control powers, and often also has some ability to “buff” (enhance the abilities of) or defend a group of heroes. They may also possess powers that inflict damage on the enemy, whereas Controllers tend to have much weaker damage-causing powers (if any).
    This document contains rules and sample powers for creating controlleCr characters in the Hero System.

    Jason S.Walters
    This PDF expands the Superhero Gallery from pages 243-87 of Champions to add ten new character types you can quickly and easily create:
    —the Animal-Man, a character whose powers derive from, or are themed around, a particular type of animal;
    —the Caped Detective, who combines his investigative skills with various fighting abilities and gadgets to make himself a matchless enemy of the underworld;
    —the Cultural Mystic, whose magical powers derive from a specific mystical tradition or culture (such as Egyptian, Shamanism, or Voodoo on this sheet, though you can easily adapt it to others if you’d like);
    —the Elemental Powered Armor wearer, whose powered armor’s weapons and defenses focus on a specific “elemental” form of attack (such as Fire, Electricity, or Ice);
    —the Force character, who manipulates sheer force to attack, move objects, and achieve other effects;
    —the Light character, who controls light in various forms (from blinding flares to deadly lasers);
    —the Power Weapon wielder, who possesses a weapon of great cosmic, mystic, or technological might;
    —the Robo-Hero, whose artificial body grants him superhuman powers;
    —the Shadowmaster, who controls darkness and shadow; and
    —the Themed Gadgeteer, whose arsenal of gadgets are all designed or formed along some theme (such as a particular animal, holiday, or category of objects [such as “toys”]).
    A new product from Steve Long.

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