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    Jason S.Walters
    New From Steve Long and Elvensong Street Press! Watch out for things that go bump in the night! THE STUFF OF NIGHTMARES presents nine horror monsters for use in any HERO System campaign:
    --the mysterious Chupacabra, or "Goatsucker"
    --the Degenerated (a.k.a. Cannibal Cultist Hillbillies)
    --Demon Bats
    --Dreamreavers, who can torment and kill you from within your own dreams
    --Implacables, who just keep coming and coming as they try to kill you. It includes three types: the Homicidal Clown; the Masked Ones; and the Skinmask.
    --Living Dolls, whose small size and cute appearance disguises their evil intent
    --the Voltus Dentata, which has a lamprey-like mouth where its face should be

    Jason S.Walters
    Recent press release from Evil Beagle Games and High Rock Press! Featuring original and new material by Aaron Allston (Star Wars Legacy of the Force and X-Wing series; the Doc Sidhe series; Dungeons & Dragons Mystara; numerous Champions and other RPG products), the Aaron Allston's Stike Force project is a revival of one of the greatest roleplaying products in the hobby’s history. Strike Force was originally published in 1988 as part of the Champions line of superhero roleplaying products. While it’s primary purpose was to present Aaron’s rather well-known and popular home campaign (which was renowned for the waiting list of folks – including many gaming luminaries – wanting to join) for use by otherChampions game masters, the real glory of this book was its function as an amazing guide on how to run a campaign – not just for superheroes, but just about any RPG.
    Co-Written, Researched, and Developed by Michael Surbrook (Fantasy Hero Complete, Kazei 5, Larger Than Life, Ninja Hero), with Ross Watson (Accursed, lead developer of Warhammer 40k Roleplay, writing and development, Savage Rifts) as the Project Lead, this new version incorporates over 22 years of campaign play, notes, and ideas. Aaron intended to publish a new version all along, and his family is thrilled to see his wishes come true with this project.
    In addition to the campaign material and Aaron’s GM advice, new material is included from Surbrook, Watson, and other notable writers like Steve Kenson (Mutants & Masterminds, ICONS) and Sean Patrick Fannon (Shaintar, Savage Rifts, The Fantasy Roleplaying Gamers Bible). This project is intended to expand and enhance the original book’s goals of presenting a fantastic setting and extraordinary advice on how to successfully maintain a living, breathing RPG campaign over the span of years.
    AARON ALLSTON’S STRIKE FORCE will be a high quality, full-color hardback, featuring artwork by Denis Loubet – one of the original Strike Forceplayers (as well as one of Aaron’s best friends) and the artist for the first version of the book. Also included will be testimonials from a wide variety of RPG and other luminaries, all of whom were moved and motivated by Aaron’s kindness, creativity, and enormous influence on both gaming and other genre media.
    The Kickstarter campaign to fund this important book is planned for February, 2016, with the first stretch goal planned as a book of fiction featuring threenever-before-published short stories by Aaron himself!

    Jason S.Walters
    A new product from Greg Elkins. S.I.D.s is short for Super-powered Individual Database. This is a database that various government agencies are starting to use to keep track of all the various villains and heroes. Over the last few years the number of super-powered individuals has skyrocketed.
    It has become a full time job to try and keep track of them as well as update information about the, that is the purpose of this database. The database is designed to give law enforcement as much information as possible on supervillains or superheroes they may need to call for help.
    This is first in a series of small products that will introduce new villains and heroes for you campaign.
    The first installment will cover Russian Triplets and the experiment that created them. Identical twin brothers and their slightly younger sister collectively referred to as The Russian Siblings
    Includes Hero Designer files & printable cardboard miniatures.

    Jason S.Walters
    A new product from High Rock Press!
    The streets of London are teeming with orphaned and abandoned children. Why does one small girl going missing make a bit of difference? Something lurks in the shadows of Westminster, something inhuman. Perhaps the traveling freak-show that has just come to town has some of the answers…
    The Dog-Boy of Westminster is a short adventure for The Widening Gyre. Guide a team of 4-6 Seasoned adventurers as they search for a lost child and uncover a terrifying secret. This PDF contains a full adventure for a Hero System steampunk game, including a new master villain and a dozen freaks and geeks to challenge your players.

    Jason S.Walters
    Every fantasy hero campaign needs magical treasures for the adventures to find. This series houses varies information on just such treasures.
    Adventurers want to have a magical item to help them in their adventures. Here you will find over 36 items to add to your Fantasy Hero campaign. From boots that allowed them to fly or run up walls, bracers that protected a mage from harm or made them quicker in combat or gauntlets that made a fighter stronger or allowed them to swim as fast as a fish. Here you will find information on these items and many more.
    The ZIP file includes the PDF and Hero Designer files. From the fevered imagination of Greg Elkins.

    Jason S.Walters
    Steve Long strikes again!
    Martial Enemies, Volume 2: The Cult of the Red Banner is the second in a series of PDFs to detail the villains, monsters, and other dangerous beings who inhabit the Martial World of the Champions Universe. It describes the mysterious Cult of the Red Banner and its crusade to bring more evil and suffering into the world.
    It includes seven villains to fight on behalf of the Cult:
    Bai Daochang, the Cult’s leader, master of both martial arts and magic
    Deathforce, who channels the evil energies of the “Dragon King” through his punches
    Iron and Gold, a brother and sister team who wield powerful magic swords
    Na-Leng the Mad, a bizarre, terrifying sorcerer
    The mystically-powerful ninja of the Sekihara clan
    Sodeptan, a nigh-unstoppable brute known for crushing his opponents’ skulls

    Jason S.Walters
    Oh Steve Long, Steve Long. Living alone in his fortress of Steveitude. He just can't resist writing yet more Hero System products!
    Paladin Magic presents 20 spells for holy warriors and crusaders of every faith! You can put a Battle Blessing on your allies or protect them with a Divine Shield, blast your enemies with Holy Lightning or Smite Evil, and heal injuries and illness by Laying On Hands!y Laying On Hands!

    Jason S.Walters
    From Kestrel Arts! Miniatures can bring a great level of dynamic visual element to your Hero adventures, and this product provides you with more than 250 different creatures taken from the Jolrhos Bestiary. Each of the unusual and unique creatures listed in the Bestiary is presented in this set to be printed out and folded for a simple tent familiar.

    Jason S.Walters
    From Steve Long! Martial Enemies, Volume 1 is the first in a series of PDFs to detail the villains, monsters, and other dangerous beings who inhabit the Martial World of the Champions Universe. In this PDF you’ll find five villains, all eager to confront your PCs:
    Kazeronin, modern-day samurai who wields the mystical Sword of the Four Winds
    Otokoyama, the super-strong man-mountain who cannot be moved against his will
    Talon, a lethal warrior who grows bone claws and spurs from her hands, feet, and joints
    Xiu Kwan, the last of the lin kuei, the legendary “forest demons” of ancient China
    Zhua Teng, who uses martial arts powers learned in dark Agharti to enrich himself at the expense of others

    Jason S.Walters
    New from Greg Elkins! Welcome to the first collection of Wondrous Treasures. Here you find varies magical items to add to you Fantasy Hero campaigns.
    This collection houses stats for Wondrous Treasures - Cloaks, Robes, Wondrous Treasures - Wands, Wondrous Treasures - Potions and Wondrous Treasures - Rings. You will also find handy random charts for all these items as well.
    The ZIP file includes the PDF and Hero Designer files.

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