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    Jason S.Walters
    Coming this summer from BlackWyrm Games, Michael Surbrook's Larger Than Life is a guide to the world of American tall-tales. It presents more than 20 different well-known (and not so well-known) archetypes from American folklore, ranging from Blackbeard the Pirate to Nikola Tesla the Inventor. Along the way you’ll also encounter soldiers, sailors, and scouts, as well as backwoodsmen, lumberjacks, mountain men, outlaws, lawmen, emperors, and Indian chiefs.
    Each archetype presented in Larger Than Life is fully written up for 6th Edition HERO System. In addition, along with the primary archetype, there are biographies and descriptions of numerous secondary examples of the archetype, as well as a template designed to allow you to build your own version of the archetype. In all, there are 22 archetypes with character sheets, 2 sidekicks with character sheets, nearly 150 secondary character descriptions, templates, a timeline, and an extensive list of inspirational media. All of which is suitable for your Champions, Dark Champions, Fantasy, Pulp, and Star Hero campaigns.

    Jason S.Walters
    A new product from D3 Adventures! Within Kamarathin there is an art to taking materials from the natural world and working them into a form that will benefit those who would use them.
    In all things there are those who are trained and skilled in what they do, many a woodsman or chirurgeon can take an herb and mix it in the proper doses to take advantage of its inherent properties, but these people only see the herb as a tool. But there are others that speak to a root's spirit, to the very idea of an herb. They are known as Attuned Herbalists or Apothecaries, and only they know the true ways of bringing the full power of the natural world to help or hinder, poison or cure.
    From the arts of chiurgery and medical science to the secrets of he Attuned, D3 Adventures' Herbalism explores the power of the natural world and those who wield it within the Kingdom of Tursh.
    An expansion of the award-winning Kamarathin setting, Herbalism provides players and GMs alike with new tools, terrors, and character options, all powered by the Hero System.
    Will these plants, roots, and fungi kill or cure .... only the Attuned know; will you join their ranks?


    Site Re-Launch!

    By Simon, in HERO System News,

    You've probably noticed that the site has undergone something of a change...
    We're pleased to introduce you to the new (and improved) HERO Games site. We've updated the software package that this site utilizes, focusing on integration and improved functionality for you (yes, you!). The site, store, and all other sections are now driven through the same database -- requiring only one registration. We've kept the old forum registrations active in order to maintain all forum content.
    There are more new features than we can comfortably list here, but of particular note is the addition of more payment options as well as the easy purchase and use of gift certificates for the store.
    The one downside is that we are not able to merge the old online store accounts into the new system. This means that your purchase history, downloads, etc. have been reset. But fear not! We're going to keep the old site up and running for a while, allowing you to access your old account and re-download any items that you need.
    We will try to keep the old site up and running for as long as we can, but you are highly encouraged to download any prior purchases from it in the immediate future. To access the old site (and your previous downloads/purchase history), go to http://www.herogames.com/userCP.htm.

    As HERO Designer has reached a stable point in its development over the past year, updates have slowed significantly. While the product is still under active development and is fully supported, the feature set and enhancements are not changing at a rate that supports the service contract model which has been used to date. As a result, HERO Designer is now shifting to a straight sales model -- simply purchase the application through the store and as updates are released, you will be able to re-download the application to apply the update.
    At such time as major changes/enhancements are made to the software, a new version will be placed up for sale in the store. Those who have purchased HERO Designer already will receive discounts on the purchase of a new version.
    Users who have active service contracts for HERO Designer should open a support ticket (Client Area -> Support) in the HERO Designer department. Provide your username on the old site (the one used to purchase the service contract) and you will be manually added into the new system with a purchase of HERO Designer.

    Created by veteran programmer David Tannen, HERO COMBAT MANAGER is designed to assist a Game Master (GM) who is using the HERO System 5th Edition or HERO System 6th Edition rule sets to run a tabletop role playing game. With this program you will be able to manage most combat situations that occur when running combat using the HERO System gaming session.
    For more information, please check the Hero Combat Manager section of the discussion board.

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