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The Hero System Book of Templates PDF

Jason S.Walters

We're Making It Easy For You


Characters. Who has time to make them? In this book you will find 25 characters ready for you to use in your Champions Campaign right now with no preparation - and no waiting! The Hero System Book of Templates is a perfect resource for new players and game masters who need generic comic book character ideas explained in Hero System 6th Edition terms; or for experienced ones who want to start playing immediately!

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I just wanted to give the nod to Christopher (@ Khymeria) regarding The HERO System Book of Templates. This is an excellent book to get people started quickly with character concepts that are very well-known. At 5$, it is great value and I want more of this. The fact that the HERO Designer files are included makes it even more valuable.  It might not have been your choice but why name this supplement The HERO System Book of Templates? I believe it makes a disservice to your product and does not convey the flavor, nor the utility value it's due. I believe Champions Heroes: Volume 1 (assuming there could be more) would have been better at illustrating the goal of the supplement.

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Thanks for the kind words and the feedback.  I’m glad you find value in the supplement.  As for wanting more, the second supplement is well in the works. The notes for playing the builds will be greatly expanded, with an eye on further assisting beginning players.  The second supplement will also have some more complex builds than the first.  

Thanks for the feedback, we will see what we can do to highlight the CHAMPIONS focus of the supplement.  

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