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  1. Is there going to be a character pack for this one? And/or a PDF/CP bundle?
  2. Well, you might want to update the store page at least then. I updated my PC recently and had to re-download HD just a couple hours ago. I couldn't tell what the heck was going on with the Print to PDF option missing entirely.
  3. Re: But I don't want Grond to be a pushover... More emotions that won't work: Sad: "When Grond sad, he smash things." Crippling Existential Ennui: "Buh-whaaat?" Also, a -1/2 limitation for only emotions seems about right, but I don't know if I'd call that a Set Effect. A Set Effect would be more like "Only deliriously happy" and should be worth a bigger limitation. I'd just call it "limited effect".
  4. Re: But I don't want Grond to be a pushover... The key point seems to be where you're going with the Set Effect. What kind of emotion is the character going for to make Grond stop? Happy? Grond like to smash things. Grond probably already has the angry thing covered. If Starlet handled the last situation by making one villain really mad at another one, that's a good use, but won't work for a solo villain. If 12d6 succeeded on a +30 vs Ego roll, that was one lucky roll and I wouldn't count on that happening very often. "Stop doing that" isn't an emotion. Make Starlet work at it to find the correct emotion. And her teammates pounding on Grond while trying to make him "think happy thoughts" probably isn't going to be a positive modifier. As already mentioned, any failed control rolls are probably going to make the big guy target her pretty specifically.
  5. Re: Turning into a pack of wolves Using a multiform that has duplication (or a duplicate that has multiform) is a well known tactic, but it is tricky to price "correctly". I say it that way, because "correct" is whatever you and/or the GM agree that it should cost. Anyway, I wouldn't go with Cannot Recombine. At most I'd go for a smaller limitation like "Only combines when switching multiform". Maybe -1/4, maybe even just 0. As for the Hydra, it's a bit of a kludge. It isn't duplicating the whole Hydra, so it only bases to cost on the "Head" part, not the whole creature, and of course they aren't different.
  6. I'm noodling with a concept for a high-tech/anime style thingie, of remotely operated synthetic bio-mechanical body doubles. They could range from cheapo totally fake looking weak drones, up to high end visually identical replicas, and even ones with super strength and toughness. They are expensive and time consuming to manufacture so they aren't entirely disposable, but more so than actual humans (depending on the campaign. ). Anyway, the basic power would be duplication, with charges (to represent how many spares you can afford) and limited recharge (how long it takes to make a new one). Then there is the mindlink, based on radio sense group, maybe with a bit of difficult to dispel to make it buzzword compliant with all the latest techno-babble. Or maybe not, because it's really high-bandwidth and should be more easily disrupted. Finally, a complication to represent that it has no brain of its own and goes dormant if the command link is severed. Or perhaps a backup autopilot in the more expensive models for a lesser limitation.
  7. Re: Electric Fence, how many dice of damage? "Realistically" an electric fence isn't a very good security barrier. It's too easy to bypass/defeat. To be effective you need to pair it with active guard patrols, constant perimeter surveillance and all that jazz. The idea is that the intruders spend long enough dealing with the fence that they will still be messing around with it when the next patrol comes by. Not to say that you shouldn't do it, but if you want it to look good, you need to go the whole route. Double fence lines, armed patrols, and guard dogs. If you're just going to have an electric fence, you'd probably be better off with a regular fence and motion detectors.
  8. Re: And now, for your daily dose of cute... Ah yes, my unholy melding of Piranhas and Labs has come to fruition!
  9. Re: What Champions books are 6th ed? If you're looking at the Online Store, the default Category is 6th edition. You actually have to change it to see 5th edition or earlier books.
  10. Re: What makes a great Iron Age campaign setting? I don't think it's possible to use "great" and "Iron Age" in the same sentence.
  11. Re: Military baseb character with an eyepatch What are photographic reflexes? I've never heard of that. You start with what you want to be able to do, then figure out which powers let you do that.
  12. Re: Hero System Vehicles What's to adapt? The main books already have the basic vehicle rules for 6E, if there are even any changes to how much the size, stats, etc cost. Other than that TUV and Vehicle Sourcebook just have suggestions for different limitations to reflect motive power and weapon types. They should still all work fine.
  13. Re: Trying to Understand 6E If it was me, I'd rather give them a team vehicle than flight rings. If it's an unarmed vehicle, they'll just use it as a taxi to get from place to place instead of using it in battles, like they will with flight rings. Radios, I'd just let them have. For a modern campaign, how many people don't have a cellphone anyway? You can keep on trying "no coverage" and "cell phone jammers" but that gets annoying on both sides. Just go with the flow and let them communicate.
  14. Re: Hit Locations, too high or just right? As Tasha says, a lot of game players eventually come to a decision that playability/balance are more important than realism. I'm entirely of that opinion myself. Most players only want "realistic" hit locations or crit charts when they think they are going to be using them against NPCs. When the NPCs start using them against the players, the enthusiasm goes way down
  15. Re: Trying to Understand 6E I really wonder what they were thinking with that change. It's probably caused more confusion than anything else. If you have "400pts w/75pts complications", then you really only have 325pts. To spend more than 325 points, you need to take complications. If you take 25pts of complications, then you can get up to 350 total. And so on up to 400.
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