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  1. What kind of little touches to do you put into your Fantasy campaigns? I often draw pictures of the magic items that the player characters under my GMing receive, as well as illustrations of the magic glyphs used by npc casters, particularly if it's a piece of the environment, like a room whose floor is one huge necromancy circle. I also sometimes make unusual calendars and number systems. For example, the calendar I'm using now is a 10-month year, each month having 3 weeks of 10 days each. The number system I'm using is base-6, consisting of a simple line pattern which is rotated clockwise to count. Does anybody else do stuff like this?
  2. Re: Walking/Running on Water: Flight, Gliding, Swimming, Running Usable As...? I think I like Usable as Swimming the best, since that's what the rule is for, but I think that the Surface Only limitation should be applied to the +1/4 points of Usable As, since it otherwise ends up being a limitation on running, which is silly.
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