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  1. Re: Online RPG character generator from Champions online? I doubt they'll ever release any form of character builder that includes the costume designer as a separate app, even one for sale. From their point of view, it's all about subscribers to the MMO. They view the costume designer as a value-add for the MMO, and they're not going to risk losing a single subscriber by making it to where you can get that elsewhere. (That was the attitude re: the City of Heroes costume designer when I worked at NCsoft, and I can't imagine Cryptic will think any differently. It's subscribers or die in the
  2. Re: No Horses For You Are you kidding? That's a great link for this thread! Lots of nice suggestions there.
  3. Re: Norse Campaign: Social/Political Structures needed. No socio-political structures per se, but my advice would be to make sure you've read up on things like weregild, the Thing (no, not Ben Grimm, but the yearly council by which even kings could be lawfully deposed), the right of hospitality, the importance of generosity for leaders and gift-giving in general, the role and importance of verse in general and skalds in particular, customs and laws about the granting (and taking) of land (for that matter, just reading up on their ideas about crime and justice are really fascinating).
  4. Re: No Horses For You I don't think you guys are all that far apart. Saying "it's magic" is fine in some instances, in other instances players will ask quite-natural questions about what kind of magic and why it works that way in one instance and not another. Nobody's saying you have to write up a 200-page tome to explain how things work in your fantasy world, and one can easily explain or handwave these sorts of questions as long as you've given them a little thought. Sometimes what you make up to explain things will create more questions but other times they'll suggest excellent new ide
  5. Re: Cotu! Wow, Sean -- very cool! I've been wanting to do something like this for years, and recently considered throwing together an Avatar the Last Airbender game based along just this sort of pick-and-play, based-on-HERO model -- but I was just plain scared that I would be biting off more than I could chew. I can't wait to check out what you've done in more detail. I may actually try to run this on an off-night with the 4e D&D group I'm playing in (they're a bunch of points-buy chickens at this point -- these lazy kids, I tell ya!). If I manage to swing that, I'll report bac
  6. Re: Elemental benders (Avatar) Absolutely. But in HERO, what we're concerned about is the effect being modeled -- and we can model it however we want. By that I mean, if you want your character to be able to pull up a chunk of rock or hard ground and use it as a projectile to hit someone for physical damage, you can simply buy it as an Energy Blast versus PD (basically making it a "Physical Blast" -- this may seem a bit strange, but trust me, we do it all the time ) with a Limitation that you must be near a suitable source of rock or hard ground to use. In other words, the act of
  7. Re: We Loves Us Some Elves, Dwarves, and Orcs
  8. Re: Elemental benders (Avatar)
  9. Re: Elemental benders (Avatar) Well, like I just posted in my reply that I wrote while you were replying , I think Bloodstone is right and you'd be better off avoiding the Requires Skill Roll thing. I was trying to think of a way to make it work so that you do have to keep your martial art trained up, which I like too, but I don't have my Big Black Book handy and I can't think of a way to do it offhand.
  10. Re: Elemental benders (Avatar) Good point. I didn't forget, I just was trying to keep the character build simple. Also, I'm not sure how advanced an earth bender you have to be to do the transmutation trick. Yeah, and I thought about phrasing that as "or within X number of hexes of an appropriate amount of rock/earth" or something along those lines, but I figured I'd just keep things simple and go with a more "standard" earth bender warrior approach as I didn't know how advanced a bender 'Rat wants to build. In my mind, based on what I can recall from the show (I have w
  11. Re: Elemental benders (Avatar) I'm going to give you my advice on how I would build an earth bender based on exactly what we see in the television series. If you want to deviate from that to build your superhero, you are of course free to do so -- I just want to be clear about what it is I'm trying to model with my suggestions. Also, bear in mind that a standard earth bender isn't going to be able to do all of the super-cool stuff you see Toph and King Bumi doing in the cartoon -- they are the two most powerful and skilled earth benders in the world at the time of the cartoon. You'll need
  12. Re: No Horses For You Please tell me that at some point you ran up against some bad guys and had the wizard un-polymorph them. (Hmm...how many d6 of extra Presence Attack would you give for that?)
  13. Re: No Horses For You Good point, Curufea. That actually reminds me: I've always liked Moorcock's idea about the Melnibonean dragons sleeping for decades or centuries (whatever it was) after being awakened and used in battle, and I think that's an idea that could be applied to other exotic mounts/war-beasts in different ways.
  14. Re: No Horses For You When I was in college we weren't allowed to cite any encyclopedia as a source, not because the information was assumed to be false but because we were required to research our own source material and corroborate important claims with at least three independent sources. I don't really feel that's the level of intellectual rigor required of message board discussions. There has been a lot of sensational stuff written about political vandalism and personal/biographical character assassination on Wikipedia, but I'm not too concerned about net hooligans posti
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