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    Hyper-Man got a reaction from Squidzbusterson for a file, form fillable 6e character sheet   
    form fillable 6e character sheet (pdf)
    Not sure who created this but I noticed it was not in the current download section.
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    Hyper-Man reacted to sentry0 for a file, Rule of X Calculator   
    This spreadsheet is my attempt to make a workable 'Rule of X' for my own personal campaign use (and personal edification). I'm sharing it for others to use (or not use) as they see fit.  The 'Rule of X' basically states that given a set of input parameters (OCV, Damage Dice, etc.) you should be able to calculate some number to represent a character's combat effectiveness.  Read HS62.282 for a more in depth explanation.  Personally, I found the official rules vague and hand-wavy so I thought this would be a fun project to take on and see if I could make something interesting.
    This is one of many tools and techniques GMs have to bring some hard and fast rules in to balance their campaign.  This is not meant as a substitute for a GM's critical analysis of a character; it's an experiment that's attempting to make the 'Rule of X' workable for my own campaign.  Consider this a tool in your toolkit and like any other tool it can be used and abused...munchkins will be munchkins. 
    Campaign baselines are vitally important to the equation and the impact of them should not be underestimated!
    Everything is configurable; so if you don't agree with how I've weighted abilities, then change it to what you feel is reasonable. The same goes for your own campaign baselines.
    Disclaimer: I didn't invent the 'Rule of X' and I'm not interested in arguing it's merits endlessly on the interwebs, if you don't like it don't use it! 
    Theory of Operation
    All campaigns have some notion of baseline stats like DEX, SPD, CVs, etc The spreadsheet takes those baseline statistics as adjustable parameters and assigns a weight to each The Rule of X is the sum of all weights Characters who deviate from the norm are affected like this: Going above the campaign average costs the character proportionally more depending on how much more they exceed the norm Going below the norm discounts the stat for the character in the same manner as going above it does (ie. proportionally) There's a column labelled "+/- %" that tells you how close a character is the campaign Rule of X I recommend trying to keep characters within +/-5% of the Rule of X, max Notes:
    All input variables (CON, DCV, oAP, etc) assume the highest possible values a character can generate (without pushing)  it's not about what a character is likely to be at on any given segment of combat it is about what they could theoretically achieve if they had to put everything into a given task (like hitting a target or evading attacks) Do not factor in standard or optional combat maneuvers into the variables if anyone can perform the maneuver then it's not relevant to the calculation (everyone can Dodge so we don't include that in the DCV entry, for example) For Martial Arts: pick the greatest OCV bonus from your list of offensive maneuvers do the same for DCV except Martial Dodge counts as +2 only (the other +3 everyone has access to via standard Dodge)
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    Hyper-Man reacted to Netzilla for a file, Champions Quick Reference 6e   
    A player-handout I originally created for 5E and updated for my 6E champions game.  It contains commonly-referenced tables and charts along with explanations of how to do basic things like rolling to hit, rolling damage, complementary rolls and so forth.
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    Hyper-Man reacted to Netzilla for a file, Hero GM Screen 6e - 3pg   
    My home-made GM screen for 6e.  This is designed to be used with a landscape oriented customizable GM screen (the kind that has pockets for inserts).
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    Hyper-Man reacted to sentry0 for a file, XML Export Template   
    This export template will create a simplified XML document of your character. 
    Please note that the HERO System Mobile app used to use the output of this file.  As of 2021-06-20 the app no longer supports reading in characters exported using this format in favor of loading Hero Designer files directly. 
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    Hyper-Man reacted to sentry0 for a file, 6e Simple Export Template   
    A simple export template for the Hero System 6th Edition
    Designed to be a clean and minimalistic (relatively) template that prints reasonably well Follows the DRY principle (Don't Repeat Yourself) whenever possible I tried to make the template easy to read and well labelled Heavily influenced by Legendsmiths excellent RTF export templates
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    Hyper-Man reacted to Lord Liaden for a file, Champions Powers Index   
    The PDF index for the Sixth Edition super-powers compendium book for Champions. Formerly offered for free on the Hero Games website.
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    Hyper-Man reacted to feralucce for a file, Gear Catalog   
    This is a simple gear catalog for those of you who are running a gear heavy campaign (Star hero, steam punk and fantasy hero can be gear intensive). It is based on the 6eHTML_UltimateCharacterSheet (Blue) by Division. 
    Enter the gear type in the name field (Pistols, Survival Gear, Spy tech, comms, etc) Create your gear as individual powers.  export.   
    Print's well - there is no border. 
    There is no photo slot in this export template. Printing to PDF works VERY WELL
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