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  1. Re: Longest Running Thread EVER Oh, the landing strip is the absolute worst. Hair is natural, mildly trimmed hair is natural, shaved, while not natural for an adult, at least it doesn't look artificial. But the landing strip, eccchh, totally non-human. As unnatural as a mohawk. The hair is there for several reasons, it is supposed to be there. And in all reality, 90 percent of women over the age of 16 have either prominent inner labia or enough color variation down there that they can't really pull off that look anyway, and the other 10 percent, well, I'm not exactly sure what is hot or sexy about looking like a 9 year old.
  2. Re: Longest Running Thread EVER The lower half of the "bikini" is drawn on with a graphics program, and poorly at that. Airbrushed bimbo's like that who have their entire bodies shaved do absolutely nothing for me. I am probably one of the few remaining men on earth who thinks women should stay natural down there.
  3. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... Player's are trying to track down a stolen vehicle that is related to a plot concerning the molemen (Subterrans), Jennifer Lopez, and Foxbat. The molemen are very well known for operating UNDERGROUND. The player's are able to get the exact longitude and lattitude of the van from the recovery tracking system. They go there, and it is in the middle of the woods, with nothing around, and nothing looks disturbed. The Batman character has spend some time searching the ground for signs of disturbance and digging. After looking for a long while the team speedster pipes in "I just thought of something, maybe it is underground?" Which was of course obvious to all the other characters and players. Of course from there the characters get a backhoe and start digging and PREDICTABLY fall into the underground cave, backhoe and all (someone won't be getting their backhoe rental deposit back).
  4. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... Don't forget this gem. "How much for the little girl." Or from the gun vendor (as he held the gun to the brick's head, the brick with no resistant defense). "Yes, this one is $1000, I assume you'll be buying it?"
  5. Re: Longest Running Thread EVER Remember the movie "Drop Dead Gorgeous" (which Adam West is in, btw), where the cameraman is talking to this girl who says
  6. Re: Answers & Questions Q: What you do with your pants when your mom walks in on you during a "private moment". A: Only if you dress like Papa Smurf.
  7. Re: Stephen King characters in HERO Carrie might possibly have a superhuman con, but the rest of her scores should be stock normal for a 17 year old girl.
  8. Re: "Anopheles" (Horror World) text online Thanks Allen. I always liked that adventure. I recently bought another copy of champions in 3D just to get it again.
  9. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... Back when I was in the army I was on a training exercise and guard duty was rotated from one 2 man tent to the next. Supposed to guard for an hour and then wake up the next tent to guard. First day we figured out that we could simply wake up the next tent, and get an extra hour sleep.
  10. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... Or, "Don, search the chamberpots for magic items".
  11. Re: Polishing The HERO System The problem is that in the hero rules, everything is based off of everything else, and changing most anything changes other things entirely. Change cost of str, throw entire attack point balances out of whack. Make all skills general, makes int nearly useless, pre much less useful, dex slightly less useful. Cut cost of pre by half to compensate, then all of a sudden it becomes way too easy to spend 30 points on a 70 PRE and use it as an attack form. I think it is fine as is, people with incredible natural abilities pick up skills that utilize those abilities much easier and faster than those with average abilities. Which is why the PRE 10 guy would have to spend a lot more points to be as good at seduction as the 30 PRE guy.
  12. Re: Polishing The HERO System Well, either version is better than D&D, where 1st level mages die if you look at them funny, and high level warriors can fall from orbit and survive.
  13. Re: Polishing The HERO System Double the body damage? I always thought heros body damage was very realistic when you look at the guns, then look at their average damage, and look at the hit location rules. (Shoot someone in the head, they probably die, while it is hard to kill someone by shooting them in the foot).
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