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  1. Fair enough on your side cygnia. But, before my anger got the better of me (and how I should have typed), we are getting way too free with the word Nazi in general, not everyone on the right is a Nazi. When I hear Nazi and concentration camp, I think of millions of people being locked away to be starved to death, gassed, experimented on, we've all seen the WWII footage. That is a very visceral image. There is no place for it, to frivolously undermine political opponents. Extremists is merely extremists. Edit: Just saw Simon's last post, ok then, I will stay clear of this thread for good, then. to keep the peace
  2. I know what a Nazi is. I also find comparing what happened at actual concentration camps in Nazi controlled territory to Trump policy (which I agree is quite misguided in its own right) quite offensive. I do apologize for my anger getting me and not just reporting instead.
  3. I've long realized with Planet of the Apes, the apes didn't get smarter, the humans got dumber, I realize this because whenever I leave my house, I am forced into human interaction.
  4. After the righteous indignation, we heard from Democrats about Obama being called a Nazi, and how it was so awful to compare anyone to Nazis (and they had a point back then). I don't want to hear a damn peep of Nazism cries from them now. If I was a more vindictive person, I would recommend shamelessly calling the next Dem President Nazi at every turn for his tenure. The Dems have no right to complain.
  5. *makes notes to avoid Old Man, if I ever make ComicCon*
  6. If you are a fat middle age man with a beard, please never cosplay as Sailor Moon at ComicCon. PLease!
  7. 6 can always be answered easily with: When have you not known a government to do something stupid with infrastructure. AS far as serving droids what, see Futurama.
  8. Dire Corby sounds like a perfect name for the villain in a Western.
  9. Yeah, and we thought Anakin was an overly angsty teenager.
  10. But, at least he is on the right track for the rest of them.
  11. Well, basically, the galaxy would have been saved, if Skywalker would have forgotten to get off the 2nd Death Star.
  12. Denzelian because...... Denzelian vs Denzel Washington
  13. Yeah, well my first reaction, would be to give him another brain injury.
  14. stalker because the creeper from comics annoys me.
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