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  1. Green Bay is continuing the long tradition of Wisconsin teams rolling over in conference championships. (I still remember how the name of Badgers was sullied, by those faux-badgers)
  2. I think that would be the Toilet Bowl
  3. When in doubt go original. Would you rather face off against: A hungry lion vs a teenage girl after you've taken her phone away.
  4. Once you graduate, you will begin to hate snow
  5. I see someone may have been binging on Animaniacs.
  6. Well, hockey probably is more of a regional sport (northern half of US and Canada). But in that area it is pretty close to the Big 3. Probably more so than in my day, but there was just absolutely no exposure to hockey in a rural Southern town, beyond the boxscore in the local paper. But, it should at least be a #4. Course, interestingly, you covered 2 guys I really cant stand, though finding a sports talk guy I can for more than 10 minutes is a hard job. Baseball could very well be #3, now. But, just because Kellerman has no interest in talking about a sport isn't a judge on its popularity. I think analytics has been hurting sports interest to a large degree. It does streamline teams into efficiency, but, it has cost team individuality, every team in every sport is building their teams near identically. One size fits all makes for boring watching. I enjoyed watching speed team like the Cardinals back in the 80s, fend off teams built more conventionally. Could it work now? I don't know. No team is even remotely going to try. Since every team is going to build 95% identical, the trash teams will just get cheaper versions of molds, players that the rich teams cast off. (football seems to have some variety, but it is more of a 2 size and dependent mostly on your QB's abilities. Slow old relic vs flashy new dual threat, Baseball is 3 true outcome obsessed, while basketball is drawn to all 3s all the time
  7. Well, I was thinking that would be a reason to keep them, yes. But, my mind was hypothetically thinking of a more even distribution re-draw. Sorry about that. EDit: to be honest. it was more of a thought exercise, and over an hour I have thought of a few flaws. most notably, an even distribution would need constant redrawing, which could eventually even cause capitals to cross borders.
  8. Mostly, in the interest of knowing exactly where everyone's thinking is: Anyone for the elimination of states altogether?
  9. Yeah, shouldn't really retroactively strip titles in pro sports. And, that is even with me hating Boston. You'd have to start analyzing the titles of the last 100 years, a big can of worms.
  10. When dealing with women, keep in mind, this is the Kobayashi Maru
  11. Even if the baby popping out at that very moment, don't say that.
  12. Not a fan of gerrymandering. But, I would like to avoid disenfranchising the voters. And I don't really see it noticeably magnifying. it, to be honest. It most certainly will not mitigate it, but the party in power already has the motivation to gerrymander as much as possible. You cant get more than 100% motivation. You're either motivated to gerrymander or you are not. And all politicians are motivated to, if given the chance. I just don't see "I wasn't motivated to get as many district reps to my party as possible, to get as much power in DC before, but suddenly Badger's EC rule is what tempted me." Edit: Politicians want to suppress the opposition. It is their nature. But, it is harder to suppress if the votes come in 2 methods, than 1 winner take all. So, I see a net positive. Also leaves more "areas" in play in all likelihood, too. Theoretically forcing politicians to travel more among a state for votes in campaigning, as well as traveling to states not in play as a whole to possibly steal a district in play.
  13. A Chiefs/Packers SB would be fun for historical purposes.
  14. My predictions for this weekend: 49ers (not because they are the better team, per se, but because I hate the 49ers). And Titans (because I want the Chiefs to win it all.
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