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  1. You underestimate the temptation of itches.
  2. I always wondered how I became a millionaire on a teacher's salary (heck, when, I didn't land a career at all) and the IRS didn't show up. Edit: plus I believe one square, you landed on, you would inherit a skunk farm and paid 20k to get rid of them, I tried to argue, what if I didn't want to get rid of them, and keep the money.
  3. Hate to have a mask stuck to my face, how would I scratch an itch?
  4. I kind of see that too. A population cull might be the only way, I am too uncomfortable with that, so best we all go together.
  5. Unfortunately, the media is too craven to resist the urge to show up.
  6. I don't have an idea, so either go on, or the csyphrett pick a team.
  7. Obviously, I know. I am just saying a lot of people tried to ignore this until about mid-Feb at best. So, a lot of blame to shovel around, if we go that route.
  8. Well, I had to go get something real quick from the grocery store Sunday morning. Apparently, with most of the churches not holding service now, everyone decided to go grocery shopping on Sunday morning. Kind of defeats the purpose, but ok.
  9. I will say, the ball seemed to be pretty much dropped by pretty much everyone on this. Scapegoats are childish here, though.
  10. because it is so unnecessary. Death by disease happens, and until the last century happened a whole lot.
  11. Raccoon, you sure? So, I was hanging out in the woods, this one time, and I saw a tent. Decided a raid would be fun. Loved the candy, until I found this one bar, damn that thing tasted nasty. Wait? Damn you Cancer, damn you to hell.
  12. That's how my dad got out of changing diapers, he told my mother he'd just spray me with a water hose. (I think he did change like 3, though, mostly when my mother was out, out of desperation)
  13. So, they were just shy, and needed privacy.
  14. You were the kid from Christmas Story weren't you?
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