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  1. I know Marcus Impudite had created a Shadow Lord villain few years ago. Might can search for that thread for ideas
  2. Yeah, Montreal always gets mentioned in relocation talks, apparently forgetting how the last 7 or 8 years of Expos attendance was like. (making Miami and Tampa look good) The strike complicated things, and fans would likely come for a year or 2. But, once the team has a rebuilding ebb would they be back to the Expos of that time and their troubles?
  3. On a more serious, and somewhat sad note, out of context seems to be the way.
  4. Yeah my family for the most part.
  5. I haven't seen too many 80s episodes, ones I have, I found to be inferior to the original (a high bar, to be fair, but because I just couldnt) Anyway, it was just how I would have done it, all cyclical and all
  6. I dont know, I could see it as Bell, being there partly to keep Bellaire's touches down, to be fresher for the playoffs.
  7. I could see one path to make a kind of almost bittersweet ending. It was that star's "Armageddon", perhaps in the past, Jesus had been born on their planet, and preached and died. But, one day, our sun would be destroyed in Revelations, and it would be the"star of Bethlehem" for another civilization.
  8. I watched Stargate the movie. Never really got into the series, I have watched about 15 to 20 episodes, though.
  9. My dad has been going crazy for years about, if they shift on you learn to bunt for a hit occasionally. Mickey Mantle interestingly was one of the better bunt for a hitters ever. As an aside, I was a decent hunter in high school, due to Brett Butler fandom.
  10. I do know my dad's pet peeve is runner on 3rd, less than 2 outs, going on contact. Too many outs at home, and a needless sacrifice of 2 bases. Of course, I should mention my dad really doesn't Braves nor Dodgers much, and probably slept through the game. He does kind of admire the Ray's despite being a di isional rival.
  11. Forces everyone to watch Ghostbusters 2016
  12. I ended voting for Romney, because he wasn't Obama, in hindsight. The mistake of voting against instead of for, is why I didn't cast a vote in 2016, and probably here (assuming Trump either/or Biden doesn't prove to marginally more palatable than a vacant lawn chair to me).
  13. Haven't watched much Dr. Who. Time travel makes me brain hurt.
  14. From what I can gather the Asian definition of demon seems to be much broader than our classic Western version.
  15. I was crushed to death at geometry. I saw Cthulhu, I knew he had a connection to math. Though, I think he is less maddening than calculus
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