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  1. For the packers, karma for the draft botch?
  2. Yeah, i am looking into things.
  3. I was the never mentioned 14th member.😏
  4. I just know the first person on the moon was a woman. Alice Cramden.
  5. Well, the other Chargers, Dan Fouts, too. Interesting debate Rivers vs Fouts.
  6. Well only 1 or 2 unanimous right? So, somebody, somewhere will be petty. Interesting when he was the oldest still playing, he was teamates with the youngest, Robin Yount. Oh and i should mention when Aaron debuted, yount had yet to be born.
  7. One slight worry for me with the vaccine is possibly being requiredto have it. Not exactly one of the paranoids on the vaccine, but being forced to put something in me as an adult does make me nervous. Most likely will do it when it is time, but i feel better making that decision on my own.
  8. Well, my dad, given what the 2 foods do to his insides, found out one time, never eat canteloupe and beans within an hour of each other.
  9. No, you get to be diseased peasant #3
  10. Taking a laxative, and being a power armor user could prove interesting.
  11. In the Tower of London? Never.
  12. Actually found myself pulling for Tampa. Last year or so, i just got tired of Brees and the Saints, just sudden like.
  13. No Heston, badger no watch.
  14. Well, i found out about 80 percent of my patriot dislike was Belichek. A certain Vikings fan, might be pulling for them then
  15. To be honest, i did keep waiting for it for about 3 years afterwards.
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