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  1. I'd be happy at this point that we could just acknowledge people's talents are different, and they are capable certain skills better or worse than others. It doesn't make them better or worse, just different. Instead it seems easier to pigeon hole everybody into 1 size fits all
  2. Interesting I was trying to think of a character that used verses as an ability.
  3. Change ankles to knees and that can be my mother
  4. I'm pretty much going to watch because I like baseball. But, I really don't care about the season really. The standings dont matter. I will refuse to watch extra innings due to the stupid baserunner rule. Which I got to see it in action twice last WBC. My impression, 2 exciting games turned anti climactic and somewhat ruined. Better the Japanese rule of tie after 12. (Which given frequency of games lasting that long will happen to each times twice.....maybe, this year, but it is in 1 to 2 percent level. I like the idea of an nl sh. Time has come pitchers can't hit even a little benches are so short the ph specialist is pretty much dead, too. It died with Lenny Harris with maybe a brief revival with Matt Stairs
  5. Been several years since I had seen rankings to be fair. Could have either changed since or I just misremembered.
  6. The stone golem named now by the group as "Jacob the Rock" was created in the 19th century to protect Jews in Russia from the pogroms. He usually used as an assistant of sorts on missions. Often tasked with bodyguard duty to Eliza. 8 foot tall and made of stone. Yet still with peak agility and flexibility when activated. And does have individual thought to make him as good a warrior as possible (though doggishly loyal to his teammates). He does need to be deactivated for a few days every month to maintain peak ability. (Which does leave him vulnerable, if not protected)
  7. Yes I did realize the population of MC, though it was 2nd (and thought Nigeria's was first
  8. I agree there is a difference, just worried in the current climate some of the usual public blatherers wouldn't bother with a distinction.
  9. I did figure if/where. India got hit it would get brutal. Those cities aren't built for social distancing or health really
  10. Hey in 20 years , you will have to wear masks during sex, regardless of whether you use other precautions
  11. Well I was just throwing every possibility out.
  12. Herman and Jethro were both scouted by Leo Durocher
  13. Well at least they don't have foot fetishes. That would too weird. For them maybe a hoof fetish
  14. Granny had access to a Lazarus pit
  15. Hmm got a ex military cousin living near there (married a local girl and stayed after leaving military
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