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  1. Time for another pulp character, this one originally appearing in the April 1940 issue of Double Detective. GREEN LAMA Created by Richard Foster Val Char Cost 23 STR 16 17 DEX 21 17 CON 14 13 BODY 6 18 INT 8 18 EGO 16 15 PRE 5 10 COM 0 10 PD 7 6 ED 3 4 SPD 13 10 REC 4 34 END 0 34 STUN 0 Cost Powers END 20 "Electropressure" 3d6 Major Transform: Human (-1/2) to Handicapped 6 Human (variable, +1/4), heals per hour -1, IIF radioactive salt -1/4 29 "Kata" 6d6 EB, NND vs. no need to breathe or solid neck protection +1, 4 1/2 END +1/4, No Range -1/2, OAF scarf -1 *plus* 1" Stretching, weapon only -1/2, OAF scarf -1 30 "Ju-jitsu" Block (Martial Block) Stunning Chop (Nerve Strike) Disarm (Martial Disarm) Escape (Martial Escape) Joint Lock (Martial Grab) Sacrifice Throw (Sacrifice Throw) Flying Mare (Martial Throw) Strike (Martial Strike) 1 "Slow breathing" Life Support: Extended Breathing I 2 "Himalayan mountain training" Life Support: Safe Environment: Intense Cold 1 "The effects of radioactive salt protect me from harmful rays." Life Support: Safe Environment: High Radiation, IIF Radioactive salt -1/4 9 "Unbelievably developed senses" +3 to all PER Rolls 10 "Unbelievably developed senses" Discriminatory for Smell/Taste Sense Group 3 Flashlight as on 5th Edition page 122 15 "Magga" 3d6 Luck Skills 3 Scientist 3 Scholar 3 Linguist 3 Sci: Anatomy 15- 4 KS: Tibetan Buddhism 14- 5 Disguise 14- 5 Concealment 14- 5 Stealth 13- 3 Cryptography 13- 3 Sci: Radiology 13- 3 Sci: Chemistry 13- 3 Paramedic 13- 3 Mimicry 13- 3 Deduction 13- 2 KS: Oriental religions 12- 3 Climbing 12- 3 Contortionist 12- 2 KS: Buddhist sutras 12- 3 Combat Pilot 12- 2 Sci: Western Medicine 12- 2 Sci: "Oriental" Medicine 12- 3 Breakfall 12- 2 KS: Ju-jitsu 12- 2 PS: Corporate Management 11- 13 Languages: Accented French, Hindi, Pali, Sanskrit, Tibetan (English native) 2 TF: Small Motorized Ground Vehicles, Small Planes Perks 3 Well-Connected 1 Contact: Richard Foster, writer, 12- (civilian identity only) 2 Contact: Reting Rimpoche, King Regent of Tibet, 8- (Very useful...in Tibet.) 4 Contact: NYPD Lieutenant John Caraway 11-, (very useful skills, access to major institution, good relationship, civilian identity only) 3 Reputation, "Effective crime fighter", +3 to everyone in New York City 11- 5 Money: Well-off V 3 Deep Cover: Dr. James Pali, Buddhist priest (multiple driver's licenses) 2 Fringe Benefits: Right to Marry, Right to Shelter 5 Base: Penthouse Lab (25 pts) 5 Follower: Tsarong (manservant, 25 pt base) 10 Follower: Gary Brown (henchman, 50 pt base) 75+ Disadvantages 5 Distinctive Features: Radioactive (detectable by touch or Geiger counter) 5 Watched by Underworld 14- (Less Pow) 20 Code vs. Killing 15 Secret ID (Jethro Dumont, reclusive millionaire) 249 Bonus of the Mysterious East OCV 6 DCV 6 ECV 6 Phases 3,6,9,12 Background: Jethro Dumont was a brilliant young man, son of a corporate giant. Thanks to his indulgent father, Jethro was able to pursue a number of interesting hobbies before getting his PhD in Oriental religions at Harvard. While Jethro was adequate at managing the companies he inherited, the corporate world bored him, and the young man took an extended tour of Asia. While there, he took an intense interest in Tibetan Buddhism, eventually qualifying as a lama. Wanting to spread the message of peace, Jethro wound through India, and from there set sail for America. But as he landed in New York, events took a tragic turn. Moments after disembarking, Jethro witnessed a gangland shooting, a drive-by that also killed innocent children. Despite Mr. Dumont's extremely detailed description of the killers, the police were "unable" to find them. Some time later, Jethro was visiting police headquarters, and was shocked to see one of the killers friendly with the police commissioner. Shortly thereafter, realizing that corruption in the police department prevented the cops from being fully effective against criminals, Jethro took on the identity of the Green Lama, sworn enemy of the underworld. Personality: Mr. Dumont is a peaceable man by nature, who wishes to spread the Buddhist message of peace and good will. Unfortunately, the world is a violent and corrupt place, which requires strong correction. When possible, the Green Lama encourages others to follow the path of righteousness, though he understands that humans are prone to moral frailty. He has few friends, but is extremely loyal to them. Quote: "Om! Ma-ni pad-me hum!" (The jewel is in the lotus) Powers/Tactics: Jethro Dumont is a "Renaissance man", skilled in many areas. He studied disguise and mimicry in France, contortionism with a professional escape artist, the use of the garotte with an Indian thugee, and ju-jitsu from an unknown teacher. He is adept in both "Western" and "Oriental" sciences and of course is fully versed in Buddhist theology. And he has "wiry muscles that could perform feats far more astounding than any of those of professional strong men." The Green Lama's most astounding power is a combination of modern scientific wizardry and ancient Asian healing skills. By ingesting radioactive table salt, the Green Lama makes himself radioactive, able to discharge small doses of electricity from his body at will. Combining this with his expert knowledge of the human nervous system, the Green Lama can temporarily cause a victim to lose various body functions. (Effects seen include limb paralysis, blindness, loss of balance and inability to speak coherently.) He often uses this as an aid to interrogation. [Gamespeak: I treat the radioactive salt as a "Focus" as each charge only lasts an unspecified number of hours, and if you take away the salt, Green Lama can't recharge. But while charged, he can use the power as often as he wants barring fatigue.] When not charged, the Green Lama's primary weapon is a red silk scarf called a "kata" with weighted ends he uses as a garrote. The Green Lama prefers to operate under cover of night, using stealth and careful investigation to avoid unnecessary violence. His preferred method of attack, once violence becomes necessary, is from behind, avoiding guns and knives. If facing an armed opponent, Green Lama always acts to disarm them first. With his disproportionate strength, it's easy for him to pin most opponents and render them unconscious. Appearance: Jethro Dumont is probably in his late thirties, but looks younger. He has a tanned, ascetic face with blue-gray eyes that have a piercing look. Around the house, he wears the yellow robes of a Buddhist lama; but outside blends in by wearing dark business suits. As Dr. James Pali, he has a fuller, ruddy face, a touch of gray hair at the temples (Jethro has been released from the need to shave his head), and arched eyebrows. He wears clerical gard similar to a Anglican priest's, but in shades of green, and with the symbol of "Om" embroidered on the clerical collar. To become the Green Lama, he adds a dark green hooded robe with a yellow lining, a red "kata" scarf, and a ring woven from hair of the six sacred colors. While the hood and darkness obscure his face, the Green Lama knows that he may be recognized as Dr. Pali. Since Dr. Pali is not a real person (despite having driver's licenses for all forty-eight states), he's not too worried about this. When "charged", the Green Lama is radioactive, setting off Geiger counters, and being slightly "staticy" to the touch. Important People: "Magga": A Pali word meaning "the way", or "the path", it is probably not this mystery woman's real name. She also refers to herself as "the Lady from Lhasa", but speaks American English flawlessly. Even the Green Lama knows nothing of her origins; she just popped up and started helping him out one day. Magga is a mistress of disguise able to fool even the Green Lama himself, an expert driver, and has an uncanny ability to know what Green Lama and his allies are up to. But she is capable of being rendered unconscious, and does not engage in physical combat. [Gamespeak: I've defined Magga as Luck; whenever the Green Lama is at a dead-end cluewise, or in a fix he can't get out of alone, Magga will somehow interfere to move things along.] Richard Foster: An old college chum of Abner's, he uses the Green Lama's case files to write the stories. He suspects that Abner and the Green Lama are one and the same, despite denials. Reting Rimpoche: A real historical figure, King Regent of Tibet. A year or two after the story was set, he had to resign due to an inability to fulfill the celibacy requirement. After that...well, look it up for yourself. Lieutenant John Caraway: One of the most honest and skilled police officers in New York City. He met Abner Dumont when the millionaire was attempting to track down the dockside killers. While Caraway chafes under the corruption of his superiors, he doesn't fully trust the Green Lama, either. Tsarong: Abner Dumont's manservant, a short Tibetan. In addition to the usual services, Tsarong keeps a filing system of useful newspaper clippings, and dispenses wise Buddhist proverbs. Gary Brown: Little is known of Gary's past, except that he graduated college (course of study not specified), then fell among evil company, eventually becoming a numbers runner for notorious gangster Harlem Joe. He objected to some odious task that Harlem Joe assigned, and was about to be "rubbed out" when the Green Lama saved him. In gratitude, Gary became the Lama's henchman. Gary is a well-built young Caucasian male (this was back when white gangsters could still operate in Harlem) with a great shock of black hair. His handsome face is marred by a broken nose, earned in a fight. Gary does not have Code vs. Killing, and carrys a pistol, but will not shoot to kill if the Green Lama is present. Campaign Use: The Green Lama is a high-end pulp hero, easily able to mop the floor with ordinary thugs. He'd be a good "go-to" man for mysteries involving Tibet, Buddhism, or radioactivity. He would not, however, be able to hang with full-fledged superheroes, as he lacks ranged attacks, movement powers and most especially resistant defenses. If you want to have Green Lama in a Golden Age supers campaign, heighten his electrical abilities to cover these deficiencies, perhaps giving him a Dependence on radioactive salt, and an appropriate Vulnerability. With his uncanny abilities, Green Lama could easily still be alive even in the Twenty-First Century, although somewhat aged. Or you could revise his background entirely, and make the Lama a valiant defender of the cause of Tibetan independence. Comments, questions? SKJAM! http://www.livejournal.com/users/skjam
  2. It occurs to me that if *we* can't necessarily agree on what fascism or Nazism is, then probably Ultra and his new cronies might not be able to either. A skilled manipulator PC might be able to play the new government of Aryania against itself due to these philosophical differences. Heck, I seem to recall the real-life Nazis had these kinds of internicene struggles.... Crush all Ism, SKJAM!
  3. Lavender Rose Not in response to any challenge, but why bother doing a new thread for only one character? No Hero Designer yet, sorry. LAVENDER ROSE Created by Scott K. Jamison, 2003 Val Char Cost 9 STR -1 16 DEX 18 20 CON 20 20 BODY 20 18 INT 8 20 EGO 20 10 PRE 0 12 COM 1 2 PD 0 4 ED 0 3 SPD 4 6 REC 0 40 END 0 35 STUN 0 Cost Powers END 44 20d6 Telepathy, Armor-Piercing, 0 END, must go to "cannot be detected by target" -1/4, 0 Receive only -1/2, only to see other people's flashbacks -1/2, No Conscious Control -2 30 MP--"Magic Crossbow" (30 pt reserve) 3u "Standard bolt" 2d6 RKA 3 3u "Sharp bolt" 1d6+1 RKA, Armor-piercing 3 3u "Rubber bolt" 1d6 +1 RKA, Indirect (always starts from self) +1/4 3 3u "Stun bolt" 6d6 EB 3 3u "Net bolt" 3d6 Entangle, 3 DEF 3 20 Armor 10 PD/10 ED, OIF uniform 7 Instant Change 0 Skills 15 +3 CSL w/crossbow 5 Deduction 14- 3 Scholar 3 Breakfall 12- 3 Climbing 12- 5 Conversation 12- 2 KS: Classic Literature 12- 2 KS: Theology 12- 2 KS: Religious History 12- 2 KS: Major Religious Texts 12- 2 KS: Geography 12- 2 KS: Local Crime Figures 12- 2 KS: Superhumans 12- 2 KS: Couneling Techniques 12- 3 High Society 11- 2 AK: Campaign City 11- 3 Oratory 11- 3 Persuasion 11- 3 Streetwise 11- 2 PS: Counselor 11- 3 Languages: Fluent Latin, Fluent Ancient Greek (English native) 5 Cramming Perks 3 Anonymity 8 Favors, as needed Talents 5 Eidetic Memory 4 Speed Reading 200+ Disadvantages 20 Mystery Watched: 14-, MoPow, NCI 5 Near-sighted 15 Sense of Justice 20 Must write down everything learned each day 15 Amnesiac 5 Reputation "gay" 8- 10 Mystery ID 10 2d6 Unluck Cha Cost 90 + Pow Cost 210 = Total 300 OCV 5+ DCV 5+ ECV 7 Phases 4,8,12 Background: "John Bunyan" woke up a few months ago in a barely-furnished apartment, with a splitting headache and no memory of how he'd gotten there. The only clue to his identity was a driver's license in John Bunyan's name. Confused, John dressed and went outside to an unfamiliar street. He wandered around for an hour or two, baffled as to who he was and why he was there. Suddenly, he felt a strong memory, of being raped and his arm broken. Except, in the memory, he was a woman. He looked around, confused, then realized that the waitress in the cafe he was near had her arm in a cast. Somehow, John had seen her memory, and not his own. Intrigued, John bought a meal in the cafe so he could talk to the waitress. With a little effort he learned that she had indeed been assaulted, but the police had not been able to find the man responsible. John saw clues in the memory, and was able to track the rapist down. Before he confronted the man, however, a costume fomed around John, complete with a weapon. In this disguise, John captured the rapist and turned him over to the police. That night, John felt compelled to write down everything that happened in a diary. (It was blank before.) Since then, the Lavender Rose has sought justice for those unable to attain it for themselves. John knows that there is a larger purpose to his life, but has as yet been unable to discover any clues to that destiny. Personality: John is a soft-spoken, self-effacing person who is equally uncomfortable in the halls of power and in the crime-ridden streets. If it were not for a genuine desire to help others, he wouldn't leave the apartment at all. Once he has been alerted to an injustice, John will pursue a remedy for as long as it takes. While he is willing to kill if it is absolutely necessary, John prefers to seek other remedies for problems. He's becoming increasingly worried about his compulsive diary writing, especially as there are secrets in there that should never be learned. Quote: "Would you like to talk about it?" Powers and Tactics: The Lavender Rose's powers appear to be magical in nature. The most unusual of these is his ability to see other people's "flashbacks", strong memories that relate to their current problems. John has no control over when or how this power activates. When John wishes to become the Lavender Rose, he concentrates, and the Rose's costume replaces his current clothing. He also gains a crossbow, which appears to be a physical weapon, but instantly reappears at his side if stolen. The bolts fired from the crossbow are powered by John's own lifeforce, and dissolve if anyone else grasps them. John's skills make him think that he was educated in a seminary at some point, and may have been ordained. Unfortunately, he doesn't know in which religion. John prefers to wander about in civilian clothing until a case presents itself, and continue investigating in mufti until a combat situation seems likely. Then he assumes his "super" identity. In combat, Lavender Rose is strictly a sniper, fleeing to range if confronted. Recently, people John's helped in the past have begun referring cases to him, and he makes a modest income from grateful "clients." Appearance: John Bunyan is a slender man in his late twenties or early thirties, with very short dark brown hair and brown eyes. His skin is pale and his features are delicate. John customarily wears wire-rimmed glasses and dark suits with a clerical collar. The Lavender Rose wears a white bandleader's jacket with a lavender rose (always fresh) on the right breast pocket, and gold epaulets; tight lavender-colored trousers; shiny black low boots, and a lavender domino mask with corrective lenses. The color scheme, some unfortunate coincidences and Rose's soft-spokeness have started a persistent rumor that the hero is gay. This is sometimes helpful, but more often a hindrance, especially as John is not attracted to men. Campaign Use: Lavender Rose's main hook is the mystery of who he is, where he came from, and who did this to him. If this can be tied into a player character's background, so much the better. He's deliberately much less combat-worthy than most PCs, so eventually he'll need to come for them for help. He might even be able to help bring justice to the player character's archenemy. John's counseling skills might also come in handy from time to time. For more realistic campaigns, change the "flashback" reading power to uncanny observational skills, make the crossbow a Focus with charges, and make the costume (no Instant Change) less garish. If Lavender Rose is too underpowered, boost his Speed and give him more combat levels with a larger Multipower. Comments? Questions? SKJAM! "Air and Sky Grow Cold"
  4. Re: On Executive Sanction This is what happens when you have to get Congressional approval for your members. No people who look too freakish, have bizarre personalities, or major skeletons in their closets. Thoughts on possible updates in another post. SKJAM! "For justice!"
  5. No and yes Well, after messaging Mr. Long on the subject, it seems that while there are no plans for an heroes book as such, *some* of the characters from Allies *may* be used in future Hero products (and no, I don't know which ones), so no updates. Sorry, folks. Regretfully, SKJAM! (Meanwhile, please check your FLGS for back copies of Allies! This has been an egoplug.)
  6. Allies Well, I'm certainly glad to see that some of you (many of you?) enjoyed Allies, even if it didn't sell very well. It's interesting to see different people's reactions to the various concepts. Unfortunately, since I signed away the rights to the characters when I accepted the contract, I am given to understand that I can't put updated versions of them up here on the bulletin board. And since there are no plans to reuse any of the characters, that leaves them in limbo.... But hey, if Allies didn't sell well, that means there should still be cheap stockpiles of them in various game stores' back rooms. For what it's worth, SKJAM!
  7. Allies This was pretty much my thought, too, when I proposed Allies, yea, these many years ago. But there are some caveats: the player characters should be the center of the campaign, if not necessarily the campaign world. If there are heroes more powerful or capable than the PCs, there should be a reason why they aren't doing the job that the PCs are handling. And NPC heroes that are more interesting to the GM than the PCs are right out. I was specifically asked by the Hero editors of the time to include plenty of reasons why the characters in Allies would come into conflict with PC heroes. Most of the material from that supplement should be easily updatable to 5th Edition. Some thoughts: which NPC heroes are suitable depends on the function of the player characters' group. If the PCs are a gritty street-level team, then someone else is handling the cosmic-level threats to life as we know it. On the other hand, if the PCs are the world's finest heroes, then NPC heroes are better done as local protectors or specialized crimefighters. ("You may be hot stuff against land criminals, but if the crooks are underwater, then I, Fishmaster, am the one to call.") One option I've seen good reviews for is the "guest hero", someone with a very straightforward set of powers (to make for a simpler character sheet) who during most game sessions is busy with his own affairs, but when a new player drops by, is available to help out. (This saves time for not having to teach the creation rules to a newbie the first game session.) For what it's worth, SKJAM!
  8. SPOILERS FOR TRIGUN! Mild spoilers for the anime series Trigun follow. The main character, Vash the Stampede, has a Total Code vs. Killing, and he's just so damn good at combat that he's been able to coast on this for years despite the violent world he lives in. Thus, the early episodes are primarily comedic, and rather fluffy. But there's a change of tone as enemies who can actually challenge him show up, and drive him ever closer to needing to make the "kill or allow killing" decision. Indeed, it becomes apparent that the main villain's master plan specifically includes punishing Vash for having a "no killing" ethos, for trying to save both the butterfly and the spider. The ending is somewhat ambiguous, and may not please all viewers. (But the anime was ending so they needed some kind of closure. The manga is ongoing.) For what it's worth, SKJAM! "Love and Peace!"--Vash's favorite saying.
  9. Long Ago in a Dungeon Far Away At the very beginning of my gaming career, 1st Ed D&D... Our party had been commissioned to retrieve a gem called the Eye of Odin by the Church of Odin. It was, unsurprisingly, at the bottom of a monster-infested, heavily-trapped dungeon. It had been several peril-filled sessions and time was getting about 2 AM. Finally, someone cast a spell to locate the gem, which proved to be sitting on an unremarkable pedestal in a bare room. Before anyone else could get a word out, one tired player announced, "My dwarf marched over to the gem, picks it up and shouts, 'O!D!I!N! Come and get your f-----g gem'!" GM rolled for Divine Intervention, got it, and the dwarf vanished off to Valhalla, along with the Eye. Which left the rest of us to deal with the lich the trapped pedestal had summoned.... SKJAM! "A good man, sir. Not someone I'd give sharp objects, but a good man."
  10. hmm... Talion, not being gifted at peeling off armor, leans over Destoryer and asks, "where's the deadman switch?" SKJAM!
  11. I got a subscription to the first 12 issues of Raijin Comics (a good buy, if you like manly stories about manly men doing manly things in a manly way.) One of the series featured was "Bomber Girl", most notable for lasting only eleven chapters in Japan. But as long as I paid money for it, I thought you'd like to see a writeup. BOMBER GIRL (Emi Rashomon) Created by Makoto Niwano Val Char Cost 19 STR 9 22 DEX 36 16 CON 12 12 BODY 4 10 INT 0 12 EGO 4 20 PRE 10 22 COM 6 8 PD 4 6 ED 3 4 SPD 8 7 REC 0 32 END 0 28 STUN 0 Cost Powers END 30 MP (60 pt. Reserve) OAF Yashamaru Tonfa 2u +8 HA, Armor Piercing (tonfa mode) 6 3u 2 1/2d6 HKA, Armor Piercing (short sword mode) 6 3u 2d6 RKA, Autofire 5 shots, 60 charges (SMG mode) - 45 Spectacular Fighting, usable barehanded (default), with Karate Weapons and with Blades Strangle (Choke Hold) Snap Punch (Defensive Strike) High Kick (Leg Sweep) Block (Martial Block) Takeaway (Martial Disarm) Getaway (Martial Escape) Binder (Martial Grab) Elbow Smash (Martial Strike) Iron Claw (Nerve Strike) Spinning Strike (Offensive Strike) Crushing Toss (Grappling Throw) 7 1/2d6 HKA, IAF Hidden Knife 1 7 MP (10 pt. reserve) OIF Boot Blades 1u 19 STR Clinging, 1/2 DCV Concentration 1u 1/2d6 HKA 1 9 Armor 9 PD, 9 ED, OIF costume, Act 9- 25 Missile Deflection, up to bullets, +5 to roll 3 5" Swinging, must find swingline -1/2 1 9 +4" Leaping (8" forward, 6" up), Accurate 3 4 +4" Swimming (6" total) 1 4 +2 to smell PER rolls 2 Eidetic Memory, Audio only -1, OIF neckband 5 Instant Change, OIF Earrings Skills 3 Breakfall 13- 3 Seduction 13- 5 Acrobatics 14- 3 Combat Driving 13- 4 KS: Wanted Criminals 13- 4 KS: Fashion 13- 1 TF: Motorcycles 2 WF: Karate Weapons, Blades 2 PS: Nightclub Hostess 11- 10 Two-Weapon Fighting (HTH) 5 Rapid Attack (HTH) 10 Defense Maneuver IV 5 Accurate Sprayfire 5 Rapid Autofire 16 +2 levels w/all combat Perks 10 Vehicle: Aizenmyo motorcycle (50 pt. base) 15 Follower: Minako Soranaka (75 pt. base) 3 Perk: Bounty Hunter License 200+ Disadvantages 15 DNPC: Guy Kurosaki, slightly less powerful, 14- 15 DF: Excessively sexy, not concealable 20 Berserk 8-, 14- when insulted 30 Hunted by Megalith (as Pow, NCI, Easy to find), 14- 20 Greedy 10 Airhead 20 Protective of Innocents 10 Reputation: Greedy airhead, 11- 5 Professional Rivalry w/STAD 5 Mystery Disad 9 Experience Char Cost 96 + Pow Cost 263 = Total Cost 359 OCV 7+ DCV 7+ ECV 4 Actions: 3,6,9,12 Background: By the year 201X, relaxed immigration rules had made Tokyo a multiracial and multicultural city. However, it had also become the crime capital of the world, due in large part to the efforts of the terrorist organization Megalith. In an effort to fight Megalith, the Tokyo police were forced to institute a bounty hunter system to deal with dangerous criminals. The most notorious of these bounty hunters was Emi Rashomon, the Bomber Girl. Her past before becoming a bounty hunter, where she got her inhuman fighting ability, and who designed her unique weaponry are all mysteries. (Though she was evidently a nightclub hostess at some point.) Initially, Emi ambushed wanted criminals when they threatened wealthy victims, then extorted a high "bodyguard" fee from the rescued person, as well as the bounties. Shortly after arriving in Tokyo, she attracted the direct wrath of Megalith, and simply allowed the terrorists to come to her from then on. Eventually (with the help of her friends) Emi was able to smash the Megalith organization, and collect the 760 million yen reward for its leader Zayin. Personality: Emi is a brash, rather vulgar young woman who is well aware of the effect her sexy appearance has on men and has no compunctions about using it to her advantage. Her avowed motive for her actions is "to shop, to travel, to play around a lot." Emi has absolutely no objection to killing her opponents, and usually does. Unfortunately, if she's insulted, Emi will often "go too far" and render opponents unrecognizable (and thus impossible to collect bounties on.) However, Emi goes out of her way to make sure hostages are unharmed by her combats, and has a soft spot for her friends, especially young STAD member Guy Kurosaki. Quote: "I can express love only through violence!" Powers/Tactics: Emi has nearly superhuman strength and agility, and is trained in a particularly flashy style of martial arts. In addition, she carries a number of weapons. The most notorious of these are her Yashamaru tonfa, which can be turned into short swords or submachine guns if that will serve her purposes better. Propelled by Emi's strength, they can punch clean through an inch-thick steel plate. The soles of her boots conceal blades that can be used to brace herself, or for deadly kicks. Her earrings can summon her battle armor by teleportation, and her neckband conceals a digital recorder. If all else fails, Emi has a holdout switchblade. Perhaps Emi's best move is the ability to predict a bullet's trajectory and dodge it (or even catch it in her teeth!) Emi likes to start combat by using her sexiness to impress/intimidate her opponents; many Megalith warriors have the Lechery disadvantage. Once in combat, she often uses Sweep maneuvers to attack multiple agent-level opponents, or to do extra damage to higher-power enemies. By preference, she doesn't pull out weapons or moves her opponents haven't seen yet until absolutely necessary. Often, her surprise ace is the key to victory. Emi's motorcycle, the Aizenmyo, doesn't appear in the series often enough for me to get a good idea of its capabilities. Campaign Use: Obviously, Bomber Girl is going to need some serious revision for most campaigns. While bounty hunters will fit in many places, she's a little comic-booky for Dark Champions, while overly lethal for four-color campaigns. The GM will also have to decide just what her origin actually is, and where her equipment comes from. She will start as a solo "hero", but is willing to ally herself with others if they aren't too snooty about killing. If Emi needs to be more powerful for your campaign, boost her DEX and SPD, as her attacks are already quite dangerous. For less-power campaigns, tone down or eliminate her Killing Attacks. Associated Characters: Guy Kurosaki is a nineteen-year old member of STAD, the most organized band of bounty hunters in the Tokyo area. He's quite strong, and a formidable martial artist, but naive and given to a strong belief in justice. His older brother Joe was killed by Megalith, so he bears a grudge against them. Guy has a huge crush on Emi, which she is amused by. Minako Soranaka, the "schoolgirl assassin", was originally a Megalith member until severely beaten by Emi, whereupon she switched sides. Minako flies with the aid of a jetpack, and uses various weapons disguised as normal schoolgirl items. Minako is a bit of a late bloomer, and a "bottom." Megalith is more of an organized crime ring than an actual terrorist organization, but since its leader, Zayin, has strong political views, it's called "terrorist." Megalith members engage in various criminal activities to raise money, but the organization is best known for assassinating those who oppose it or terrorism in general. The higher-ranking members generally have a gimmick that they've been nicknamed after. For example, Tomekichi Vulcan mounted a Vulcan machine gun over his crotch area, Christopher Kusarigama used an axe on a chain, and Slime Yataro not only used slime as a weapon, but could turn his body into slime. Most of the members of Megalith have "Lecher" or "Idiot" as a Psych Lim. Appearance: Emi is a tall, busty woman with waist-length reddish brown hair and green eyes. Her age is unknown, but likely in her early twenties. Out of uniform, Emi wears fashionable clothes designed to show off her sexy body. When Emi smiles, you can see an unusually sharp canine tooth. Bomber Girl's combat uniform includes a red "kevlar" sleeveless vest, open at the belly, which is crossed by two belts exposing her navel. The breast plates are studded with three white metal spikes. Below that, a golden waistband holds up a white pleated miniskirt, under which Emi wears two pairs of thong panties. Emi's tonfa are holstered in leather bands around her thighs. Her bicep-length gloves and shin protectors are purple-black, and her spike-heeled boots are red. The neckband is gold, and the grenade-shaped earrings are green. Comments, questions? I'll write up some of the others if there seems to be interest. SKJAM! "Please accept that thunderous strike as a greeting."
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