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  1. Re: What I have planned for my players tommarrow lol... sounds like something Foxbat would try
  2. Re: What I have planned for my players tommarrow Well it turns out that I'll have to delay my plans for a week - most of my players can't make it this week. Drat!
  3. Re: What I have planned for my players tommarrow Good point. I can set it so grabbing the plane is plan B... Plan A can be grabbing the plans from the office building.
  4. Gonna somewhat use a timeline to provide background for the adventure. My game takes place in Kansas City (a Comic book version of KC). Not too far away is and AFB where the B-2 Bombers are located. 4 years ago: the USAF hires Defense Contractors Global Technologies to develope a new Stealth Bomber, the X-22 Shadow. The X-22 is far more advanced than any other Stealth technology - opposed to simply deflecting/absorbing Radar, it bends Radar around it. What's more, it is equiped with new sensor technology that works similar to radar but looks for the ripples of electromagnetic energy put out by electrical currents. Most importantly the X-22 is capable of circumnavigating the globe in a single trip, which eliminates the need for risky in-flight refueling. 1 Year Ago: Warlord's Spies uncovered reports of the X-22's capabilities. Knowing that the Sensors package alone was a threat to him provoked his interest. He ordered his spies to find out when and where the X-22 would be debuting so he could arrange for it's theft. Modern Day: The local AFB is ready to debut the X-22. Warlord already has a company of Shadow Army troops ready to seize the base. To make sure no one interferes (Namely PRIMUS, UNTIL, and the City's newest heroes), Warlord sends The War Machine along. What Warlord doesn't expect is that a spy within his own ranks contacts one of the PC's being hunted by Warlord and warns said PC of the attack. Thus said, the PC's will be waiting for the attack when War Machine attacks. Warbird will be focusing on stealing the X-22 while the others battle the heroes. If the PC's can't stop Warbird from stealing the X-22, I'll provide them a means of sneaking abord Warlord's flying fortress. If they can stop the theft (or destroy the X-22 by mistake) then I'll have warlord make an appearance. What you think?
  5. Re: The Last Word Now a word from our sponsors. The TV turns to static and you see the face of Foxbat. "Ha ha! I've hijacked every Channel in the world. Turn over control of the planet to me, Foxbat, the greatest criminal Mastermind in the world!" You see Grond tear into the room. "You make Grond miss end of To Kill Mock Bird! SMASH!!!" And now we return you to your normally scheduled nonsense.
  6. Re: The Last Word That's cuz I have the other half. It'll cost you $1 Million to get it back. MWA HA HA HA!!!
  7. Re: Longest Running Thread EVER Know what's bad? I just NOW noticed that Bazza and Zornwil have near identical Avatars.... Boy do I feel observant
  8. Re: Physics students needed
  9. Re: Physics students needed Let us not forget, his webbing has a tensile Strength of Steel (from one of the spiders used to create the super-spider in the first movie). Considering his webbing is about as thick as yarn... whatever the tensile Strength of woven steel measuring that thickness would give us an idea of how much strain his webbing can take. Also, the buildings he webbed to were what broke, not the webbing itself. So you'd also have to figure out how much strain the buildings could take. In HERO Terms, brick walls are DEF 5 BOD 3, and Concrete Walls are DEF 6 BOD 5... And judging by the way GG tore apart Spidey's webbing at the end of the first movie, I'd have to say that his webbing would prolly be about 8 DEF and 5 BOD... not really sure, cuz the Goblin tore it down pretty easily.
  10. Re: from little plot seeds, mighty games do grow: Share you ideas! Some of these need work... but they were what I could come up with Black Harlequin 1 - Maim Show Black Harlequin captures some of the city's more prominant citizens (businessmen/city officials and the like) and holds them captive on live television. He dares the Heroes to rescue them on his television show, Sudden Death. To make things more fun for him, he rigs the hostages up to electric chairs and gradually cranks up the wattage as each second passes. Not only does he get to enjoy the heroes fighting through a gauntlet of his death toys and listening to the screams of agony as the hostages die a slow death, but he gets to share it with the world. 2 - He only laughs when it hurts. (This one is good if Black Harlequin has not faced the PC's before, but requires boosting his financial dexterity). Having heard of a group of heroes he has yet to taunt, BH has established a foothold in Campaign city and bought the largest mansion in town he spends some months renovating and turning it into a giant funhouse ("Fun for me none for you!") full of death traps, attack toys, and costumed thugs. He then lures the PC's (or abducts them) and seperates them - making sure each one is in a seperate part of the mansion as he watches them fight for their lives. This one was heavily borrowed from an X-Men graphic novel of the same name starring Arcade - I envision Black Harlequin as being a combination of Joker, Toyman, and Arcade as far as how he deals with his enemies. 3 - Death by laughter Tired of the doldrums of the professional world, Black Harlequin has been loading the Air Conditioning systems with part one of his Laff-O-Gas. The second part is introduced through coffie filters. Of course, it's more fun for him if people litterally die laughing. Can the PC's figure out what's killing the city's businessmen before the city's economy buckles?
  11. Re: Naked Advantage Question See I don't see a problem with tacking the Personal Immunity on as a Naked Advantage... so long as he puts a a disad on it (in this case, the disad isn't worth anything becuase there is only one person he cannot hurt). I could tack on another disad... "Only when bounced back" which means if Rogue or the Great Adaptoid were to copy his powers, he'd be screwed.
  12. Re: Naked Advantage Question Heh... He's got the SideEffect for when he loses his shades... also has an Activation roll to get the right shutter setting on the visor... otherwise he risks using the wrong advantage slot lol
  13. Re: Naked Advantage Question The game is an X-Men setting and he's playing Cyclops. The reason the Personal Immunity is required is because Cyclops and his Brother Havoc are unable to hurt eachother (though I remember that when someone uses Cyclop's own power against him, it has no effect.. so if someone like Rogue were to copy his power, they could not use it against him) I did tell him to put a -0 Disadvantage on his Multipower: Powers have no effect of Havoc. Does this apply to this case scenerio? or Maybe the Personal Immunity can only be when someone bounces it back at him.. and not when they copy the power (like Rogue).
  14. Okay, one of my players has a Multipower for Energy Blasts of various sorts (he's a swiss army knife so to speak). He wants Personal Immunity to his powers, and rather than have him do it on each power how can he have a Naked Advantage "Personal Immunity" for his entire Multipower? His MP is a 50 AP/50 pt pool... and he has 8 powers in his MP... but only 7 of them are attack powers (one is Missile Deflection).
  15. Re: Answers & Questions Q: Mightybec, what did you do with my bat-skin hat? A: Out of my way human, I must destroy the Champions!
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