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  1. Re: Wedding Bells Are Ringing! For some reason that image popped into my mind with the following change: he's wearing a pink thong over his costume.
  2. Re: Wedding Bells Are Ringing! I think it'd be funny if GRAB hit the wedding to steal the gifts, Foxbat hit the wedding to steal the bride, and if Dark Seraph showed up to steal one of the gifts (perhaps that small crystal orb is really a powerful magical artifact?).
  3. Re: What is it about Champions? HERO is my favorite system of them all. I don't care for D20 (with the exception fo DnD, which I will never run again but will play). Personally I think D20 should never have gone past DnD.... especially where D20 modern is concearned. Just my 2% of a dollar.
  4. Re: What I have planned for my players tommarrow lol... sounds like something Foxbat would try
  5. Re: What I have planned for my players tommarrow Well it turns out that I'll have to delay my plans for a week - most of my players can't make it this week. Drat!
  6. Re: What I have planned for my players tommarrow Good point. I can set it so grabbing the plane is plan B... Plan A can be grabbing the plans from the office building.
  7. Gonna somewhat use a timeline to provide background for the adventure. My game takes place in Kansas City (a Comic book version of KC). Not too far away is and AFB where the B-2 Bombers are located. 4 years ago: the USAF hires Defense Contractors Global Technologies to develope a new Stealth Bomber, the X-22 Shadow. The X-22 is far more advanced than any other Stealth technology - opposed to simply deflecting/absorbing Radar, it bends Radar around it. What's more, it is equiped with new sensor technology that works similar to radar but looks for the ripples of electromagnetic energy put o
  8. SuperBlue

    Astreoid Maps

    Re: Astreoid Maps Notes on the base: The 6 hexagonal buildings are domes. The interior of the domes are like normal buildings. I didn't bother drawing the Airlocks. The structures connecting the domes are enclosed Catwalks (there are airlocks at each dome entrance to prevent decompression if a Catwalk is destroid. The 4 Triangular structures are sheild generators. The Core has a landing pad on top. The Only other entrances to the core are cat-walks B-C and E-F. Where these Catwalks and the Catwalks leading to the core are is a security Shutter. Dome A is the Warehouse and V
  9. SuperBlue

    Astreoid Maps

    Re: Astreoid Maps Sorry I haven't responded sooner - been bogged down with homework. anyway, I went digging through my book of stuff (official name of every plot idea, character, and base I've ever had) and discovered that 90% of the material has suffered water damage. While granted, there wasn't very much to begin with, I've lost about 20 pages of work - mostly character writeups *sigh* The good news is that I still have 2 pages of the base on paper (the others were damaged beyond recognition). I managed to redraw the overview on Hex Paper. I can either try to redraw the other
  10. SuperBlue

    Astreoid Maps

    Re: Astreoid Maps k... are you looking for the "Base is built so the horizontal is aligned with the Meteor's Surface" or the "The base is a building inside a meteor" bascially will the base only have 1 'down' or will it's down be the center of the meteor? are you wanting colored maps or not? I have some B&W maps that can easily be set onto the surface of a meteor (even slightly below surface). Give me a couple of days and I can find them and scan them into my computer and post them here.
  11. SuperBlue

    Astreoid Maps

    Re: Astreoid Maps Take a large sheet of paper and put a 10 by 20 grid on it. Each square of the grid is X Miles or Kilometers. Then using a d10, a d20, and two d4 you can randomly generate an astroid's surface. The d10 and d20 give you your coordinates; the two d4 will give you the radius and depth of the craters (feel free to add another d4 for oblong craters. Once you are done doing this, you can layout where you want key installations and caves. Need a map for cave layout? Create of boxes (not connected!) that are about 10 by 10. Then using a d4 create a path doing the following:
  12. Re: Video Games My group is doing a one-shot game where everyone is playing Videogame Characters. I'm thinking about playing Samus Aran or Cloud Strife... I know Cloud inside and out (even have his Omnislash Limitbreak represented, but it cost more for the Limit Bar and Absorbtion power than it did for the Omnislash - go figure!). Anyway.. anyone ever do Samus?
  13. Re: Reccomended Champions Library Down-right uberly massive suckage.
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