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  1. RIP Terry, you were the gentle one, I believe. And your battle with dementia was rough to see. You've earned your peace, my friend.
  2. Kind of think Winston will be back with the Buccs. They don't seem to learn.
  3. My condolences, Cygnia. RIP Neil.
  4. Well Hardin's shooting has improved, Lonzo Ball put 3 quality games together in a row.... Too many injuries this year - and I'm not just saying that as a Trailblazers fan. Giannis is looking more amazing every year, guy is averaging 30pts a game in about 30 mintues. He's the only top scorer this season who's average goes up on Per 36 minutes. I'd almost put Carmelo as a feel good story, especially given the win on the road in (also injury plagued) Toronto.
  5. Well I still have San Francisco and Baltimore to root against.
  6. How upset would the rest of the universe be if Eli took the Pats to a championship?
  7. Yeah, I think they REALLY wanted to make Baker feel wanted by going with his favorite guy...
  8. Another band touched by the late great Phill Lynott. Grand Slam....
  9. Next week I'm focusing more on music styles I'm not as fluent in...I'll probably share some more
  10. I threw down for a Spotify Sub so I could find some new old music or old new music
  11. Found an interesting band. It's the surviving remnants of Ronnie James Dio's original Solo Line up, they started doing Dio Tribute/Covers in 2012 with a new singer. Then, like the touring Thin Lizzy band before them (or around the same time) they decided to head to the studio and record new material, changing their name to "The Last in Line." They're good. Not just because they're reminiscent of Dio. They tried to keep his spirit in their song writing.
  12. Nah, I drafted me two guys on IR and one who never played. Good win though, Old man. I could never find a running back to give me a chance.
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