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  1. Never play to tie. Jags have a pretty decent young QB in Crazyname McWhat'sthatfor II, they will be entertaining to watch in ways the Panthers are not.
  2. Rough week for the kitties and horsies. Raiders looked good enough for 3 quarters but they spotted the Chiefs 28 in the 2nd. Steelers are 0-2 so that's cool
  3. https://heavy.com/entertainment/2019/09/ric-ocasek-dead-cause-of-death/ Time is an evil and vindictive bastard. RIP Ric. You made a big impression on my youth.
  4. Looks like we'll be bucking tradition and stinking for two consecutive years.
  5. RIP Eddie. You were one of my favorites.
  6. I have a single QB. My AI is as clever as I am.
  7. Would be nice. Though Indianapolis did boo him. I will say this. Most of the ire I've seen is pointed at Irsay and Gri...swald? The GM.
  8. yeah the rehabbing of his shoulder seemed to be a lifetime thing? Best of luck to him in this future endeavors. I always liked him.
  9. A little bit of this...a pale attractive race...and Atom City!
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