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  1. I totally wish I could take credit.
  2. Timing is bad for him and Carolina might not get anything for him. They may cut him? Then he could be a later addition to a roster once things cool down? Feels bad man. My team is cutting vets left and right and looks to be going all in on rebuild and I'm not sold on ownership or GM to pull it off.
  3. Well Foles has been consistently bad outside of Philadelphia.
  4. Lyrics by Dana Jay Bein on Twitter. https://twitter.com/danajaybein/status/1240307541491494912 Is this a sore throat? Is this just allergies? Caught in a lockdown No escape from reality. Don’t touch your eyes Just hand sanitize quicklyyyyy I’m just a poor boy, no job security Because of easy spread, even though washed your hands, laying low I look out the window, the curve doesn’t look flatter to me, to me mama, just killed a man i didn’t stay inside in bed I walked by him, now he’s dead mama, life was so much fun but now I’ve caught this unforgiving plague mama, oooooh didn’t mean to make them die if I’m not back to work this time tomorrow carry on, carry on as if people didn’t matter too late, my time has come sends shivers down my spine body’s aching all the time goodbye everybody, I’ve got the flu gotta leave you all behind and face the truth mama, oooooh I don’t wanna die I sometimes wish I never went out at all I see a little silhouette of a man what a douche, what a douche did he even wash his hands though security is tightening very very frightening me Gotta lay low (gotta lay low) Gotta lay low (gotta lay low) Gotta lay low masturbate Masturbate O O O O I’m just a poor boy, facing mortality HE’S JUST A POOR BOY FACING MORTALITY spare him his life from this monstrosity Touch your face, wash your hands, will you wash your hands? BISMILLAH NO WE WILL NOT WASH OUR HANDS! (WASH YOUR HANDS!) BISMILLAH NO WE WILL NOT WASH OUR HANDS! (WASH YOUR HANDS) BISMILLAH WE WILL NOT WASH YOUR HANDS! (WASH YOUR HANDS!) WASH YOUR HANDS! (never, never, never wash your hands oh oh oh oh oh oh oh) No no no no no Oh mama mia, mia (mama mia wash your hands!) COVID-19 has a sickness put aside for me, for me So you think you can stop me and just shake my hand? So you think we can hang out and not break our plans? Oh baby, can’t do this with me, baby, Just gotta stay home, just gotta stay home with my fever oooooh Curving can get flatter Anyone can see Curving can get flatter Curving can get flatter, you’ll see Just look out your windows…. FLATTEN THE CURVE
  5. Well they lost to the Knicks last night, that makes me feel better.
  6. This just in, Country Western Fans are dumber than football fans.
  7. My brother sent me this. Thought it would be appreciated here.
  8. And Rudolph is liable for Impersonating a QB.
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