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  1. Enforcer84 Dagna, Godess of Lands and Stone! Geography. The Floating Islands of the First Walkers Sentient Life. First Walkers Gift to Civilization. Music and the Arts Flora. Eyes of the Earthmother Interference. Mythic Monster or Guardian. Terrash the Behemoth Secondary Domain. Mining Secondary Domain . Secondary Domain: . Dagna looks at the foolishness of others. Worms are cute and all...but they're not knowledgable. You'd think divine beings could grasp that. Well if we have no words on paper, she will champion pictures on stone. Enter Runecraft magic. The runes can be crafted on stone and metal, ingredients can include tinfoil wrapped worms of exceptional knowing. Or blood. Or gold. She loves gold. Dagna's final domain, for she is a goddess who loves the bold and the resourceful will be Adventure. Adventurers often seek the treasures from her domains. She will guide them. Secondary Domain: Rune Magic Secondary Domain: Adventure Interference: Dagna's not inerested in interference much. But if my rune craft is too "undoing the done" that will be my interference too.
  2. Geography. The Floating Islands of the First Walkers Sentient Life. First Walkers Gift to Civilization. Music and the Arts Flora. Eyes of the Earth Mother Interference. Mythic Monster or Guardian. Secondary Domain. Mining Secondary Domain . Secondary Domain: . Given all the excitement of the day, Dagna looks over this crazy world of conspiring entities and set's her mythic guardian. A gift to her followers and terror to her foes. An example of what she's capable of. Swimming through the stone like a shark (but not a Bullett) Her Guardian is Terresh, the Behemoth: art Credit: behemoth_by_der_reiko-d73ajev.jpg
  3. Dagna's fond of flora. But she's also someone who has material tastes. For her Flora we'll be gathering "Eyes of the Earthmother." A beautiful, luminescent, blue and white flower that's petals are silky smooth and hard as stone. The Heart grows best underground and gets it's nutrients from the raw ore of rare metals. They are considered a sign of good fortune to Miners. Flora: Eyes of the Earthmother. Petals can be ground and used in various types of smithing.
  4. Well coming off an embarrassing attempt a a power grab, Dagna settles back down and decides to populate her islands of the sky with the First-Walkers. Lovingly crafted in her own image the grandiosely named First-Walkers are lovely beings with flesh and bones as hard as stone. Their eyes glow with the glory if their spirits and they work tirelessly finding treasures in the land (mining) and partaking in contests of a physical nature (Running, Climbing, Wrestling, Team Competitive Love-Making, the usual) Her people are strong and hearty, if not swift. They are well borne for working underground being able to see in darkness as well as being capable of breathing quite normally in high or low altitudes. Sentient Species: The First-Walkers.
  5. Excellent point man. I forgot that. I claim fuzzy brain. Forgot we had an innovator and inventor.
  6. The bulk of the power shifted towards the West again so that imbalance is still there (less so next year when KD runs roughshod over the east - assuming he's physically capable) Philadelphia is huge. Just huge. The Bucks don't look much stronger than they did last year but we'll see. is this the year Orlando gets it's head out and starts playing to the talent people claim they have? How will Indiana look with Olowadipo back? Going to be an exciting year and that's assuming none of the rookies are meteors. (Zion will probably be exciting to watch, maybe Ja Morent)
  7. Sorry I missed yesterday. I was shopping for gnome clothes. Dagna's will and favor seeks beauty from her beloved earth and stone. As such she is a patron of Craftsman and Artisans (Non actors, screenwriters, playwrites, and booking agents only) she made her seas of earth and stone sparkle and glitter with life and beauty. But such beauty is appreciated most when you have to work for it. Toil in the mines, carve the stones, bring forth the beauty of her bountiful lands. Subdomain: Craftsmen and Artistans. Mining.
  8. Yeah, She's much more into Craftworks than Showmanship.
  9. Listening to some basketball gurus podcasts, can we talk about teams that have been acquired by *good* owners and hired *good* gms to run their team and turned around decades of futility? Case in point, your LA Clippers on the west coast and Brooklyn Nets in the east. They were punchlines for years because the Clippers were owned by a cheap, ignorant, racist who wanted a team to show of to his rich friends. And the Nets who were a franchise in flux got purchased by a Russian Billionaire who tried to buy a championship and then supposedly mortgaged the future of the franchise on past their prime stars. The Nets had traded away draft picks for years. But in the last three years they've hit pay dirt with limited draft picks and managed space. They built a culture and turned young players with chips on their shoulders into a playoff team (in the east, yes) just like what the Clippers did in the west. They broke up their best team in decades and made a playoff run with a team that gelled around no superstars. They managed to haul in 4 of the biggest Free Agents between them and the prestige teams in their same cities dropped the ball (though it's really hard to say the Lakers dropped the ball too much, the Knicks are garbage.)
  10. I still think Houston is in the mix...unless I missed a big trade or free agent escapee. But Houston will be in the mix. I want to say Portland will be as well, since Dame, CJ, and 3 other guys can get to the playoffs at will. Denver is still scary good and if the loss to Portland made them hungrier instead of breaking them, they're in there. The Jazz do look good. They got a scoring point guard who plays good defense in Conley. They fixed their front court logjam with the leaving of Derrick Favors. The Clippers (by the way, I believe Jerry West is in the Clipper's front office) stepped on the Laker's collective ball sacks and I love it. And I'm honestly, not sure how afraid of the Lakers I would be. Though they signed Boogie who is good and further from the acl injury. He worked well with AD in New Orleans. I'm assuming they got along or LA wouldn't take a flier on Cousins of AD was not on board. (But given the Laker drama of the last five years I wouldn't necessarily put it past them to bring in locker room poison)
  11. Well hey, Gang. Descending from the heavens, graceful and strong, Dagna, Goddess of the Lands and Stone claims her domain. Geography. Floating Islands of The First Walkers Sentient Life. Gift to Civilization. Music and the Arts Fauna/Flora. Interference. Mythic Monster or Guardian. Secondary Domain. Secondary Domain: Secondary Domain: I do believe that's three. See you Monday!
  12. Guys. If the Warriors win this year I think there will be suicides all over the nation. Who's your favorite? This could be the first time in a long while that neither team from the Championship series repeats. Both teams lost major contributors. The good teams got gooder? The bad teams stayed bad. Players have taken the helm and owners everywhere are perhaps pissing themselves. Are we excited?
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