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  1. I've heard that Gase was against signing Bell and that he might be trade bate.
  2. Jest fire their GM after all the important duties.
  3. Draft Conspiracy Hat on! The Draft played out that way so the Lakers could trade their stable of bad young potential players to New Orleans plus the #4 pick for AD. Giving the Lakers...Old bad fit players for LeBron and AD to drag into a second round playoff loss to the Warriors minus KD or a Houston team that stands pat and still loses in the playoffs though perhaps in the Finals to Milwaukee. The playoffs have been very entertaining. I'm not even sure Portland has a win in them, but I think they do. I want to believe that this deep run was more than just hitting the right opponents and getting lucky. Portland bled all over the playoffs losing or nearly losing players to injury left and right. We were banged up from the get go and gutted two series out against a flawed OKC and a dangerous young Denver. I'm actually quite high on each of the final four teams. I have no problem with the warriors, other than they take our lunch money, I have long felt bad for the Raps and want to see them succeed but also the Bucks...wow. Giannis is so amazing and the team built around him is tough as nails. And of course my home town team is the sacrificial lamb. But I'll take it. This has been a great season for us. A win or four over the warriors would be amazing but I'm not sure we could stand much of a chance against Milwaukee...I could see the Toronto curse giving us a chance Can I say that I love watching Houston lose? They combined two of my least favorite players into a super team that collapses in the playoffs, often spectacularly against the Warriors and cry about officiating.
  4. Rest in Peace Tim. You were an icon of my childhood
  5. yeah he's a Prog Rock guy but married a country girl...he does a lot of classic rock covers in concert, but his own stuff is all over the place.
  6. It sucks, but I love him anyway
  7. Hey guys, my little brother just got his first Music Video made for his song, "The way she says my name." I'd be real pleased if any of you gave it a view
  8. I would Kill for that. But Portland's players keep getting hurt. I'm in the luxurious position of having my favorite team in the Final Four so to speak and not hating any of the other remaining teams. I have 0 issues with Golden State (though not a KD fan). Milwaukee and Toronto are both teams I've always liked (underdogs) And my babies are in the WCF!
  9. Conference Semis are 2-2, 2-2, 2-2, and 3-1. Some great series. The Warriors look about as vulnerable as they could be over the last 5 or so seasons. The Rockets are playing mostly well though given their game plan seems to involve crying I can't say I want them anywhere near the finals. The only team looking dominant is the Bucks, and that's only for the moment. 3-1 isn't a lock. The saddest part to me in Portland's run is what might have been with Nurkic. But if KD flees Golden State to form the least impressive fragile egoed superppower in New York with Kyrie Irving, and Anthonry Davis goes to the Lakers for most of their young talent and the Lakers continue to put the wrong types of players around LeBron (and AD) Portland, Denver, and Houston will start looking like the bigger dogs. Unless some windows have started to close. Denver is younger and has the potential to be great. Portland has proved resilient. These playoffs have been rough on my nerves.
  10. That's been his plan all along!
  11. Rest in Peace, Mr. Mayhew
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