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    I've been playing Champions since the fall of '82 and I am the Champions Guru!
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  1. Re: Looking for Classic Champions character templates Bump Questions those zip files on the thread link you gave me won't open. Eh old links maybe?
  2. Re: Looking for Classic Champions character templates MisterBaldy was kind enough to email me what I asked for, Thanks. That link that the QuestionMan added is also great. Now I am looking for the the character outlines that came with the original characters in the first champions book. They were done by the great Mark Williams as I remember, I always loved his work and heard he died a few years ago, may he rest in peace. If anyone has them let me know, Thanks again.
  3. I'm looking for those great old character sheets or at least the blank templates on them that came out in the original '82 box set. Mine was lost in a friends house fire before I ever got to scan them into my computer. Can anyone help me out? Thanks a bunch, Champions Guru
  4. Storn are you going to put this thread or one like it back on the M&M boards. I miss it over there. Just wondering, Champions Guru
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