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  1. While he isn't interested in going to to toe (he's a stealthy serial killer) he has the means to defend himself if hard pressed to do so.
  2. Ah. Thank you very much. That gives me a good idea.
  3. Is Find Weakness the best way to simulate the Backstab ability from D&D?
  4. Combat Luck is available as is Find Weakness. Martial Arts packages like Dirty Infighting are there. I'll try to look up those 4e supplements on eBay. Thanks
  5. I'm building an old school Jack the Ripper style non powered murderer (he is in fact Jack the Ripper) and I'm wondering how to make him a challenge for my "out of time" Victorian Era group. I've decided to make him a genius (perhaps even Moriarty himself) but I don't know how he will hold up in battle. I'm actually making a Sinister Six of my own Pulp era type villains. This group is 4e 250 point characters. Thanks for any input.
  6. Crap movie but the clothing was spot on... League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.
  7. That's a mighty long name.
  8. Well to be honest they went from D&D 2e to hero. Two of my players have learning disorders. I do my best to keep them interested and I do fudge numbers for them a bit. They complain a little about the amount of math required. Its just a thing.
  9. I've finished building my big baddie who envisions himself as a god. I'm trying to come up with a cool name which doesn't reflect his powers but his epic level of doom bringing (think Apocalypse, En Sabah Nur). I'm coming up with naught but air...
  10. Some of my players have remedial math skills. Some people struggle with math just like others struggle with reading. I don't exclude them from playing.
  11. Hero requires decent math skills which none of our group is great at including myself. I do my best to simplify things by rounding up and down and even guessing at times but players still get frustrated. Their imagination and desire to play are admirable and they are all creative but I'm afraid they are getting a bit disenchanted because of the numbers. Any ideas on how to keep them coming back?
  12. The permanent invisibility is due to cell damage, a side effect of the procedure. I want him to be normal aside from the desolid and invisibility. That's why I'm asking for tricks. We are building a team of relatively normal characters who are pulp-ish on a supers point base. We found someone else who wants to GM and he had this idea and we ran with it. We have so far: Invisible Man Circus Strongman Seductress Action Gun Guy Gypsy Seer One more player hasn't decided yet.
  13. He has undergone a scientific experiment which mutated his cells, he's permanently invisible. He remains very solid until he chooses to go desolid. I don't really want him to be a stretch guy and I'm not wanting to pile on other powers. Just looking for tricks. I spent 20 points on his martial arts and I'm thinking of giving him a blade and maybe a crossbow. I'm also thinking of giving him a backstab ability perhaps with the Find Weakness talent. I want kind of simple, old school character. Thoughts?
  14. I'm building a character whose main abilities are invisibility and desolid and I'm having trouble spending all my points. We are using the 4e 375 point characters. Aside from jacking up all his stats I don't know how to use all the points. I just want him to be a normal guy aside from those two abilities. Any advice on invisibility tricks or desolid tricks I can spend about 100 points on? Thanks.
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