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  1. The chest based scenes I use are not incompatible with one world, they can function side by side. Both the hero tools I have built and one world are complex. I suspect when we get near to the end I will end up having to access your table setup and work out how to merge.
  2. Aiming for first beta release at end of October. Features are: - Hex distance calculator (distance & height) (100% complete) Dice Roller with target numbers and modifiers (100% complete) 100+ 3D Superhero figures available from other Workshop mods (100% complete) Table Layout for Gameplay (GM & Players) (95% complete - playable as is) JSON Combat record (simple & detailed) import from Hero Designer (JSON Exported written and tested) TTS (75% complete - 2-3 days more work) Storing Monsters/NPC's in card decks for quick loading (75% complete - 2-3 days more work) Interoperability between tools (75% complete - not playable - 3-4 days more work) Drag and Drop loading of Hero Game stats into Models (25% complete - Dependant on JSON Combat Record - 2-3 days work) GM automated Turn Control with Phases / Speed etc (5% complete - Dependant on JSON Combat Record and Drag / Drop loading - No timing yet) My current target is to release beta without GM Turn control and complete before first published version
  3. New Dice roller with support for killing attacks, 1/2d6 and stun modifiers for 6e/5e.
  4. I found a limitation with Oneworld one size and complexity. I was pushing the boundaries on a fantasy map. Also price can be as low as $15 for each install .. given the cost of a game manual these days .. that is not too expensive .. certainly would not put it in with CON column
  5. I am close to having the hero system supported and ready to release for TTS. Have most probably 2-3 things to finish.
  6. Chris The vehicle lights could be turned "on" by amending the skin of the truck in a graphics package (to make them yellow) The scenery chests are from a workshop release. I amended them slightly to meet my needs, but the ones from the workshop will work just fine.
  7. https://youtu.be/zrJpNR9AkMs Next video detailing the development of a Hero System module for Tabletop Simulator. This episode is about scenery.
  8. It is not available in the workshop yet, I still have a number of items to work on ... turn / phase management, flying stands, scenery management, update-able character sheets etc.
  9. Second video of the Tabletop Simulator Hero System module
  10. I have been working on a Workshop mod for the Hero System. Here you can see the dice roller (with body counter) in action in TTS
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