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  1. With regard to the Mini-Hud update .. it is a component from another mod that I put into mine. Click the power button in front of it and then look in the top right hand corner of the window that pops out click on the cog and follow the instructions it shows With regard to 5e, it is not the primary thrust of my work. There is an 5e version of the exporter that is behind the development of the 6e version. https://github.com/Brennall/tts-hero-mod/blob/master/JsonExporter5th.hde Please note the 5e exporter is not actively supported.
  2. That worked perfectly, thank you very much for the timely response.
  3. Hello @Simon would it be possible to get skill base characteristic added as a tag for the exporter please: - <!--BASE_CHARACTERISTIC--> Which would return the characteristic used as the base for the skill (e.g. STR, INT, DEX etc) or if none used then "GENERAL". This will enable me to annotate base skill on the character sheet if the player is affected by Drain etc :- Acrobatics 8- (DEX) Science Physics 11- (GENERAL) Science Chemistry 14- (INT)
  4. Just in case you would thinks have not been moving forward ...
  5. @Simon thank you very much for the timely response. I loaded the new version and was happy to see the new Tags working perfectly. It is appreciated!
  6. Hello @Simon would it be possible to get skill proficiency and familiarity added as tags for the exporter please: - <!--IS_PROFICIENCY--> <!--IS_FAMILIARITY--> So I can add things to the end of the description on export such as: - Acrobatics 8- (familiarity) Deduction 10- (proficiency)
  7. @Territan I suggest linking in this thread for latest information The mod is already released in Beta and active with over 1000 subscribers to date. If you wish to help out with the mod and the work to move it to full release join use on the Discord here: - https://discord.gg/HcUJvJH Please msg me on the discord if you need any help. To see what the latest changes and tutorials you can find and subscribe to them here: - Enjoy!
  8. Distance and Movement in the Beta ... current work
  9. Brennall

    Math Tags

    Interestingly <!--MATH--><!--PRIMARY_OCV-->+0<!--/MATH--> appears to round to nearest integer. Good enough!
  10. Brennall

    Math Tags

    Just in case, does anyone know if "floor", "round" or "int" functionality is available in the Math tag?
  11. Some important things to note in relation to the above. 1. The number of triangular faces on any OBJ model for TTS should be less than 30,000. For ideal performance the lower the better whilst remaining acceptable. 2. The above process will not produce a coloured model. If you wish to "paint" the model you can use this tutorial to learn how: - 3: Then you will need to export the texture you have created and apply it to the model you have in Tabletop simulator. For those who seek further help I should explain I use a different painting tool called 3dcoat which is not free (around $100 for the basic version and $300 for the full product).
  12. Oh it is possible to learn. Depending on your time and budget. Simple answer .. use hero forge (pay the £8 for each figure) .. make a model you want .. and then "colour" it yourself and import to game. That simplifies it somewhat but is basically the procedure. More complex answer, learn to sculpt yourself .. blender is free, with a zillion tutorials. But it takes a lot of time and skill to sculpt characters. Here are a couple of examples of my work.
  13. Brennall#1353 I would suggest joining the Hero Discord ... lots of good stuff in there. I also am fighting the 1920-1930 get figures challenge
  14. Combat Tutorial is released and in HD now. Any comments are welcome here or on the Discord. The next video should be how to use the miniature HUD on each figure.
  15. @Brian Stanfield Well as it is almost midnight here, I will hope a reviewer check's and releases while I am asleep. If still not when I wake, I will re-upload with the far more boring Tutorial 3 as the title. You should pop by the Discord sometime, I would be happy to give you a tour of the work. Especially as the price of TTS at the moment is so cheap.
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