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  1. Not yet @bluesguy however if you want a chance to playtest it, drop me a msg on Discord. It is close .. but some time spent playtesting to find issues would be good
  2. And with a simple click Turn view can be enabled.
  3. Turn controller, combat records and the game table. Finally everything comes together. A pleasure to finish the core work on the last day of the year. Ready to start playing after months of work. Golden Age 1936 Britain here I come.
  4. Given the work today .. I suspect we are getting very close. I would say just around Christmas with worst case early Jan. Load time is down to 1.4 seconds per Controller (from around 3 seconds). Interface has changed slightly, but refactoring the code has tightened performance significantly. With another 3-4 days work I could lower it down into around 1 - 1.1 seconds per controller I think. The combat record now "detaches" from the controller when in use (which increases ongoing performance by reducing "onscreen" items. It can also be attached again (both options via the green top left button) So time estimates currently running around 36 seconds to load 26 controllers. Compared to 90 or so seconds before. This is all dependant on the computer being used and to some degree network/internet speed, which is why I am focusing on reducing it as much as is possible. PM me @ScottishFox if you are interested in giving it a trial?
  5. Stress testing .. Got 20 active controllers now ... With 6 "Players" and GM .. GM has 14 controllers with loaded characters also This view shows 4 open windows .. and the turn controller with 20 loaded and active. This view shows the same game from the blue players perspective .. Note the blue player see's his own combat record and not the ones in use by the GM or the turn tracker. This shows 14 active NPC's for the GM .. and all six players are active in their own sessions. And finally the same view with some windows "minimised" .. and others fully open and operational. Things start to slow down as we add more controllers after this ... becoming challenging to use around 27 controllers.
  6. The white box at the end of the To Hit line can be used for modifiers such as PSL etc. Normal manoeuvres are in the Martial arts section and modify OCV and have their own white box at the end (see the haymaker section in the video). The range mod fits into that for range OCV mod also (if ticked). All of the white boxes are stable and should remember their content in a session. They can handle positive and negative numbers from -99 to 999. Hopefully that should cover what you require.
  7. Added Distance calculator and range modifiers.
  8. Looks like it is all working .. multiple controllers .. with Multiple NPC's .. all working through the turn controller .. with floating combat record windows open and ready to roll dice on the dice roller (bottom right)
  9. One of the things happening in the Background of the Hero System for TTS I do not talk about is the logging. As the logging has grown during development, I have come to realise the potential value of this tool. It represents an accurate record of all dice rolls, turns, aborts, holds and other activities occuring within the game. You can see a simple version below. The Dice rolls (and associated skills, ocv, etc) are also recorded in an accurate time sequence for the game (including hidden rolls). The true value I suspect from my perspective, will be an effective reference for game write-ups. Combined with the potential to record (video or audio) online games fairly easily, it acts as a "Skeleton" of events and a source of truth for time. I am certain I will add the ability to add to the time log .. so you can record "Scene" information (1 line of text) quickly, or just ad-hoc gm notes. I also noticed the other day someone had written a Discord webhook for TTS, which enabled all chat and logs to be written live out to a discord channel (in real time). That might also be appealing.
  10. @bluesguy thank you very much for the kind words, I appreciate the support. @Tywyll yes, it is not orientated to any individual Hero System Genre, this will work with heroic, fantasy hero, star hero etc. some small piece of work will be required for vehicles, AI, etc (they lack some Characteristic). But the system is general enough to support what is required in any genre.
  11. Abort action now working After being attacked Nazi Soldier #3 has aborted his segment 6 action (as seen next to his name in Aborted Phases). His Next Phase is now shown as 12 (next to his name in Next Phases). The GM clicked on the cross next to his name to abort. Once aborted that cross goes and will not return till the player has gone past his aborted phase. Tomorrow night is Held Phases night and one day tidy up. So should be ready to try out properly by Thursday. Final piece of work will be transplanting all the Controllers (Player, NPC and Master) out of the Development game and over into the real Hero System Mod.
  12. Well this bit should please you ... Turn Controller Beta is working, remaining work is for Abort and Hold. Finalised Combat record with Quick Roller and To Hit Locations At this rate the beta should be no more than two weeks away.
  13. Tonight was Hit Locations and Special hit locations
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