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  1. Well this bit should please you ... Turn Controller Beta is working, remaining work is for Abort and Hold. Finalised Combat record with Quick Roller and To Hit Locations At this rate the beta should be no more than two weeks away.
  2. Tonight was Hit Locations and Special hit locations
  3. Tonight was working on Martial Arts manoeuvres: - and last minute addition before bedtime .. added detailed information regarding the martial manoeuvre Only the person making the martial manoeuvre can see the detailed information.
  4. Compressed sections now working as well.
  5. It is getting close now. Working on testing the JSON exporter / Import work ... and the Awesome TestMan has appeared to help me.
  6. Working on the interface for the Floating Combat Record (seen above). I am breaking it into sections to enable parts of the combat record to be hidden. This should reduce on-screen space, currently the title bar can be clicked to hide everything but the title bar, but I want more flexibility.
  7. Well some significant changes this release. The player combat records are now detachable, multiple are visible on screen at the same time and remotely trigger the dice roller. So you do not need to leave the action at any time. You can use the bars above your characters head to adjust Body, Stun and Endurance live on the model also. If needed you can add other bars as you want for charges etc. Whilst talking about the combat records, all players can have them active on the screen, but not see each others. The GM in theory can have a significant number and that leads to the next change I am working on, which will be the ability to shrink them to just the "Title Bar" until clicked on. There are some minor visual bugs (spacing etc) that need fixing too. Overall it will not be long till a beta release on the steam marketplace.
  8. So Str,Dex,Con,Int,Ego & Pre are clickable to trigger a basic test. The dropdown for skills allow you to select a skill and roll against it. The input field next to it works as a dice modifier field for either Stats or Skill rolls. You either click on the stat .. or for the skills you click on the dice. Roll results (totals only) are broadcast to all in the game chat window, the person making the roll gets the rolled Dice results as well (but no one else see's them). All rolls are also sent to the GM Logs. Hover over a movement icon to see the speed of that type of movement both combat and non-combat. Hover over any text for a description. Now that I can read characters from Hero Designer, I can implement the crosshairs next to the Saved rolls. This will do the basic attack roll and report back which DCV could be hit. I have written a JSON exporter for Hero Designer, the output from which can be pasted into the TTS coloured Notes field and named. You can then Import Character to load it into the control. The JSON file could also be downloaded from a website if preferred. Simply place the URL into the Notes entry instead of the JSON. All told this becomes an on-screen easily accessible combat record which interfaces with the dice roller.
  9. The chest based scenes I use are not incompatible with one world, they can function side by side. Both the hero tools I have built and one world are complex. I suspect when we get near to the end I will end up having to access your table setup and work out how to merge.
  10. Aiming for first beta release at end of October. Features are: - Hex distance calculator (distance & height) (100% complete) Dice Roller with target numbers and modifiers (100% complete) 100+ 3D Superhero figures available from other Workshop mods (100% complete) Table Layout for Gameplay (GM & Players) (95% complete - playable as is) JSON Combat record (simple & detailed) import from Hero Designer (JSON Exported written and tested) TTS (75% complete - 2-3 days more work) Storing Monsters/NPC's in card decks for quick loading (75% complete - 2-3 days more work) Interoperability between tools (75% complete - not playable - 3-4 days more work) Drag and Drop loading of Hero Game stats into Models (25% complete - Dependant on JSON Combat Record - 2-3 days work) GM automated Turn Control with Phases / Speed etc (5% complete - Dependant on JSON Combat Record and Drag / Drop loading - No timing yet) My current target is to release beta without GM Turn control and complete before first published version
  11. New Dice roller with support for killing attacks, 1/2d6 and stun modifiers for 6e/5e.
  12. I found a limitation with Oneworld one size and complexity. I was pushing the boundaries on a fantasy map. Also price can be as low as $15 for each install .. given the cost of a game manual these days .. that is not too expensive .. certainly would not put it in with CON column
  13. I am close to having the hero system supported and ready to release for TTS. Have most probably 2-3 things to finish.
  14. Chris The vehicle lights could be turned "on" by amending the skin of the truck in a graphics package (to make them yellow) The scenery chests are from a workshop release. I amended them slightly to meet my needs, but the ones from the workshop will work just fine.
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