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  1. Oh! I just thought of another thing that may have been intended!! Not to muddle the waters further! LoL OK 35 AP in 7d6 Flurmle, Drained down to 15 AP, then hit with a Suppress that dispels (lets say) 20 AP of the Flurmle power. If the Suppress is maintained long enough that 5 points of the Drain 'fade' so the Flurmle goes back up to 20AP, it STILL is Suppressed because it's under the initial roll! Once 5 more points of Drain fade, then the Flurmle will be up to 25 AP and can finally be reactivated (at 25 AP worth) even if the END for the Suppress is still being paid! T
  2. Suppress and Dispel don't "fade". They're all-or-nothing powers. Dispel disappears and soon as it resolves. Suppress disappears as soon as END is no long supplied. (as I understand the power(s) )
  3. That perfectly explains the first (and less important) part of the problem. However, it completely ignores the Second (and more important part) that Simon tried to explain ignoring the same basic rule. Now, if they were talking about Suppress (which is continuing), it makes a bit more sense. But Suppress has it's own name, just like Flight and Gliding, STR and HA, etc.
  4. Except that Dispel is only an Instant power. Immediately after Dispel is used, the power can be reactivated. There's no need to wait for the effect to wear off or the "points to return".
  5. I read a strange section of the description of Dispel in 6E1 194 and, since it's not in Errata, I assume I'm reading it wrong. It seems like it was copy/pasted from Drain or something and not edited for content in Dispel. "Adjustment Powers: In the case of a Characteristic or power that’s been negatively Adjusted (via Drain, for example), a Dispel takes effect if it exceeds the current (Adjusted) Active Point total of the Characteristic or power. However, the character whose Characteristic or power is Dispelled must make note of the total on the Dispel dice and co
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