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  1. I cannot off the top of my head recall such a resource, though I am sure such exists. Hopefully someone else with more of a clue will chime in. I 'can' describe much of the process I go through. The very first thing I do is to imagine the sort of character I would want to play in the world the GM has created. This has nothing to do with the mechanics or the points, just the general idea, the personality, the basics of backstory, etc.. How would your character defeat a bad guy? How would they avoid being destroyed before they won? How do they get into and out of situations. What do they look like? How do they behave. It is useful to flesh this all out 'before' you actually build the character so you can run it by your GM. Some character ideas simply won't fit with some games. Sometimes an idea you have for how a power might work, your GM will have strong ideas about. Use those ideas. Likely I will have already decided by this point if my character will be using a multipower or not. With that done, I open Hero Designer (use Hero Designer, best $25. I ever spent), and enter in the most basic information like the name of the character, etc.. I will usually define their primary attack power first. This would involve adding the base and slot costs to a multipower if going that route. In the case of a multipower, add all the multipower powers that are 'crucial' for your character concept now. The last thing you want is to leave that for later and then find you've overspent on everything else and can't afford to get your attack good enough to be effective. If you can't hurt your target, all you are good for in a fight is to be a target yourself. Right after that, I will usually pick the most essential skills for the character, not necessarily all that I might like, just the ones that the character 'should' absolutely have if they are going to be even close to the vision of the original idea. I do this at this stage because I personally have a habit of spending every remaining point after attack is defined, on increasing movement and survivability, and many of my earliest characters (when I was young and beautiful back in the 1980's) hit the game board with zero skills. It is not fair to my character, to the other players, or to the GM's world, to create such a lopsided character. Flesh out your character properly. Next up I will define constitution and defenses, PD/ED, some means of having some resistant defense, maybe mental, power and flash defense, etc.. If I can't or don't bring up defenses sufficiently to weather a standard 12d6 attack, I will know that I better be investing heavily in DCV. It is tempting to blow all remaining points on OCV/DCV. Don't. You won't believe how easy it will be for a mentalist to turn your character into his puppet. How easily a mage can render your awesome tank virtually useless with a cheap intelligence drain, or for the big scary monster to go BOO to send your character fleeing in terror. Buy up some intelligence, ego and presence. High OCV/DCV won't matter one iota versus things like that. Now again, before blowing your wad on OCV/DCV, buy up your movement ability. A high movement is really useful for all characters. You don't necessarily 'need' a high movement, but you absolutely need more than the base running speed. Then and only then buy OCV/DCV (in older versions, buy dexterity). Note that while it is unlikely you will have loads of points left at this point sufficient to pump your OCV/DCV to obscene levels, it is most unlikely if you 'also' have really high defenses. Unlikely but not impossible. Usually GMs will frown on a character that is 'both' hard to hit 'and' hard to hurt. For their peace of mind, don't do this. Remember that GMs have unlimited points to spend and will create whatever opposition is necessary to give you a good game. If your character is substantially harder to hit 'and' hurt than all the other characters, the opponent your GM builds to handle your character will walk all over everyone else. Go for high defenses and a normal DCV or medium defenses and a high DCV. Avoid the temptation to do both. Once you've got everything to fit, look over the character. Is there anything you've forgotten? Any skills and powers your character should have that you have not added yet. Are there a few more skills, perks, talents, etc., that would really help flesh it out? It is very likely that at this point you will be scrounging points, looking to see what you can sell back, what can be lowered in order to free up points for other things. This is also a good time to, if you haven't already, consider if there are any appropriately thematic limitations you can put on things you have bought. Doing this can save a lot of points. Be aware though that you will pay a price in game for those points saved, so only do this sparingly and when it makes perfect sense for your character. During all of the above, I will have kept complications in the back of my mind and already recorded any that seemed obvious. I will now do my darndest to fill out the requisite number of them required by the campaign. If I am stuck for ideas, I will get to work filling out the 'background' section in Hero Designer. I make special effort to write out the character's history well. Usually while writing this all out, other appropriate complications will occur to me. Once all that is done, you technically have a character. Spend some time looking through image searches for a good picture for your character (if you haven't already picked one), while thinking about what you have built thus far. Tweaking your build at this point is not just possible, but a good idea. Share the build with your GM to get their feedback and approval. I am rarely finished with a character by this point and will continue to tweak right up until the GM says the character is locked. Often GMs will give players a grace period of a couple of full on game sessions to continue to tweak. This is especially useful if you have players who are unfamiliar with Hero System and may have slighted their character somehow by failing to appreciate how necessary some things are.
  2. Completely failed to understand someone's post. Figured it out. Chock it down to creeping senility.
  3. This campaign, the limits are such that most attacks she might be subject to will be around 50ap at OCV 7. If she dodges she'll be at DCV 9 and she can take a hit at that level without her OIAID. OIAID is only a problem when people treat it like free points without consequence and are just using it to go uber by dumping everything into it. If you have a character concept that is appropriate for an OIAID, start by building your talented normal. Build them to be at least minimally able to survive one phase, IE, able to take a standard hit without getting stunned. Then and only then, consider putting remaining points into OIAID. And yea, don't complain. It WILL happen, expect it.
  4. I have learned over the course of nearly 40 years of Hero System, to apply limitations sparingly, and only when they truly fit the character. Especially in games where a GM is enforcing reasonable power limits, it is not particularly difficult to create effective characters without piling on gratuitous limitations just for the points. In the specific case of this game and this character, that holds true in spades. We are building characters within the guidelines of the ChampionsMush to play in a Wildcards variant. We have 425 points to spend and are building to a rather low limit. In a Wildcards game, jokers are for the most part shunned and shown extreme prejudice. They are ghettoed and impoverished, they do not mix with their betters outside of their ghetto. Walking about as a demon in this world and expecting to get anything done outside of a fight would be virtually impossible. My character will spend a LOT of time in her human form. Other limitations might give more points for less disadvantage, but OIAID is exactly the correct one to apply to this character concept. The first few XP will pull much of the stats currently suffering from the limitation, out of it. As it is right now, if she dodges, she'll likely survive a round in her human form as she transitions. Lilith Lefey.pdf
  5. In this case she is morphing from an extremely talented normal human into a demon. She sprouts wings, a tail, horns, claws, her legs develop backbend hooves, her skin grows scaly. It's not instant, but it 'is' fast and a smooth transition.
  6. I've got an OIAID limitation on some powers and stats. I'm assuming it takes a phase to kick in. However without the Hero ID powers and stats, my character is a good bit easier to hit and hurt, and she has no attacks worth anything either. Can I spend that phase dodging as opposed to just 'waiting'?
  7. Moral of the story, if you want to have abort available to you, do NOT buy up your dex. Overpriced anyway.
  8. It is phase three. At dex 26, ChiMaster has moved a full half move and attacked. Still on phase three, at dex 15, Grond has picked up a car and is using it to area effect swat the hex ChiMaster is standing in. ChiMaster wants to abort his next action for a dive for cover. He has already used his full movement this phase. Is he not allowed to abort to his next?
  9. Say for example a character has moved their entire distance on their turn. The next phase an explosive missile is about to hit their hex. I presume that the 'abort' function would allow the full amount of movement available on their subsequent action (that they aborted to). What is not clear to me is 'why' a character could not abort after taking their action, but prior to the next phase.
  10. Dive for cover is a standard maneuver that requires a dex roll depending on how far the character dives. The martial maneuver 'flying dodge' appears to achieve much the same thing, but as far as I can tell requires no dex rolls. Am I correct? Does the flying dodge maneuver allow a character to actually move their full movement to a hex of their choice with no penalty?
  11. Yea, the first one fits the personality of the posted character to a tee.
  12. Yes, she's even got a +1/+1d6 Striking Appearance (vs. all characters). That would be 100% appropriate. I have a similar character in another game who has exactly that for a hunted. Except that in the game I am playing with Hope, virtually all good guy heroes have been vanished, leaving supervillains and Viper free to do their worst. Such a disadvantage is 'extremely' likely to be sufficient to blow her cover and get her or others killed, far more so than the points would be worth. I generally prefer to avoid too many hunteds in any case, often building characters with none at all. They are not just a problem for her, they are the same for all players and sometimes even the GM. Rules as written, if every player has a hunted, virtually every scenario will feature one or more of them. Non-combat hunteds can also derail the intended narrative flow of a game.
  13. I'm working on a character that is very much an analog of Supergirl but in a Champions universe. I'm stuck looking for a good, thematic complication to give her. I am not trying to specifically replicate Supergirl, more looking for good ideas for another ten points. Hope.pdf
  14. Zarthose and I have worked things out with my Lilith/Hellbane character. We have a couple other players confirmed, but would still like to add one or two more. @Opale, @Shadow7 are you still interested? We'd be playing Wednesday evenings Eastern Standard Time. All the help you could want is available for helping to create characters if you want.
  15. The 6th edition has a whole section on falling damage. Terminal velocity is indeed 60 meters/segment which will do 30d6.
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