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  1. I don't recall what the 'official' limits were in the 600 point campaign I played in were, but for the most part even after five years we were still roughly in the 60-100 active point range for the most part. The 5th Ed character I played in that: https://www.mediafire.com/file/fr1y4w14hd7k0gh/vestige.hdc/file https://www.mediafire.com/file/lstc7tmc59aiclh/Vestige.pdf/file
  2. Within the last decade I played in a weekly campaign that lasted five years, with 'starting' characters built on 600 points! We had an absolutely wonderful time. I have never had a problem coming up with challenges regardless of point levels. As a player, I too very much appreciate the opportunity to grow and evolve my characters. That is half the fun of the game in my opinion. Sadly this ambition is all too frequently stymied by the fact that GMs are often notoriously stingy with experience, many awarding all of a single XP for a session. This as often as not in a game played every two wee
  3. I've spread the word a bit to some Hero GMs I know who use Roll20 and have a pro account. Hopefully one or more of them will nibble. A Hero Designer export function for a Roll20 character sheet would be a HUGE boon, even if it isn't perfect, as it could always be tweaked manually.
  4. Serpent's breath, charm of death and life, thy omen of making. Old Irish. https://www.evertype.com/misc/charm.html
  5. Oh! Look! A half page of basic guidelines meant to give people an idea of relative balance. I shall then with my superbly honed rules lawyer talents, interpret this then to mean a half page of iron clad rules rife with loopholes to exploit, so I can legally create the most godawful combat monster and lay waste to the very idea of game balance. Anyone taking this approach to an attempt to give people an idea of what I consider reasonable would be kindly invited to NOT play in my game.
  6. This is a dark ages fantasy horror game in which I am a player. The GM has no problems at all with my character having a fief. My character already has a well established background around his being a knight of some prominence. He currently has three points in a nobility perk (Baronet), three points in wealth and 5 points for a follower. My character does not yet actually have a fief. I am banking points in the requisite perks so that when it is convenient for the GM in the narrative, my character can be granted one. By no means am I expecting the GM to start using the fief as the
  7. So I've got a character who is currently lesser nobility, complete with oaths of fealty, etc... I want for him to gain a small fief. This would be essentially a small village with some surrounding land that he administers, and the right to build some sort of manor there, though he might not start with one. He currently has a 3 point nobility perk and 3 points in wealth. Would you handle this as a special effect of a wealth perk, or would you go so far as to define a base? If you built a base, how would you build it?
  8. Thank you. I don't know what I did to cause the issue, but I will do as you suggest. And it worked. A thousand more thank yous.
  9. It's not just one power or pool, and it's not just one character. I am not able to add modifiers to anything, the button is utterly unresponsive. I click on it and nothing happens. Does anyone have a clue what the issue is or what I might do to fix it?
  10. Clearly I need to figure out better ways to phrase all of this. A 'total' of 50 PD/ED of which any amount may be resistant. The 37/37 you referred to would be over the limit by 24. Yes they can have martial maneuvers. Extra damage classes however would count against the AP limit, 5 points per damage class. CSLs can be used for anything CSLs can be used for, including boosting damage beyond the limit. It means you could have 20 of OCV and DCV as a combined total, or any variation thereof. So you could have a 10 OCV & 10 DCV.
  11. It's not 'all' the martial arts maneuvers, it's the 'right' to buy 'any and as many as they like' martial arts maneuvers. None of the above are actual points spent, but are spent in the abstract to establish a relative balance. They establish ceilings to which the various stats/powers may rise, but they may not reflect the actual points spent.
  12. My basic balance guidelines for supers. The idea is to keep characters roughly in league with published examples of supers at this point range. These are not rigid rules as exceptions might be made in exceptional circumstances, but they should give an idea as to what to shoot for. The idea here is to give new players a basic idea of what I consider reasonable. Characters still need to be approved and I will help beginners make sure their character is viable. Characters MUST have at least 20 points in skills. This does NOT include any sort of skill levels. No pure combat builds.
  13. The Hardest Lessons (Warning; Potentially 'dark champions' disturbing.) Morgana was a mere seven years old when she encountered her first predatory pedophile. The fellow saw the strange-looking, but still quite attractive child running around the carnival alone. He figured he got lucky when she chanced past the shadows he was lurking in. He grabbed her from behind pinning her to his chest far more strongly than she could resist while covering her mouth, her muffled screams utterly swamped by the noise of the carnival. By this point in her life, she had been introduced to mo
  14. Ok, I've been working on this character for a while now. I think I've finally got her at a matured state. Note some of the powers she has in her power pool might not pass muster with all GMs. Tailor as necessary. Morgana Lefey - The Witch - Teen Supers Morgana is descended in a line of witches from the Morgana of legend, and named after her. Morgana is primarily a 'utility' mage with the wide variety of abilities one might expect for a character built with a magic power pool. That said, she can hold her own in a fight, though she won't be moving fast, nor is she particularly tough
  15. I am confused as to what this means. It is a suggested limitation in the rules book as a constraint on the sort of powers one can put in a variable power pool. Does this mean simply that the 'special effect' is always magic? How does it constrain the building of 'spells' for that pool?
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