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  1. Hey Steph, sorry, didn't see your question. I am the fighter of the group, the tank (subclass 'brute'), with one level in forge cleric so he can run a bless and identify stuff. He's a mountain dwarf that kicks some serious ass. He is second son to a highly respected dwarven master smith, wealthy enough to be considered minor nobility. Sadly his older brother shall inherit their manor/forge, so Wode started adventuring so as to work up the capital to pay for his own forge. Then we started putting pieces together about shit going down with chaos cults, the undead, demons, etc., and h
  2. I'm playing in a Ptolus campaign right now, though we are using D&D 5e. We are definitely having a good time. I would have much prefered Hero, but I was out voted by the other players.
  3. I suspect that Chrome has screwed up with a recent update or something. In just the last few days, my favorite export format (Tasha's Ultimate Character Sheet) is no longer converting to PDF from HTML with black type, but instead with barely visible light grey. If I use a different export format, I can get black type. No idea why. I've tried editing the HTML manually to force change the color, and some other colors will convert sorta, but anything approaching black will come out extreme light grey regardless. Worse, it's only 'most' of the text that comes out this way, 'some' of the black come
  4. Moi, je suggère Roll20. Ce n'est pas sans problèmes, mais c'est probablement le plus facile à apprendre.
  5. I completely disagree with this sort of supervillain build. It sets a VERY bad example for GMs and can easily instantly sour a player's desire to continue with your game. This is for MANY reasons, but I'll focus here just on the first that instantly leapt out at me. You have here a character that can AND WILL kill player characters with one hit! I've seen GMs have to fudge their game to avoid killing characters with 5d6 killing attacks and here you have one with a 6 1/2d6 killing attack! The normal attack too of 21d6 is again utterly out of whack. At least it's not area effect min
  6. It would be helpful to see some examples of how people configure bases in Hero Designer.
  7. Are we assuming standard power levels at ~400 points? Of course that does not mean GMs can't use higher or lower point characters or that we couldn't provide such.
  8. Just saw this thread now. I've spent the last hour trying to just get that Hero Designer thing to work and have failed utterly. I am disinclined at this point to continue. It does not help that I do not enjoy those illustrations one bit. I expect if I submit characters, I will leave it to others to add art to them. I also have zero experience editing Wiki, other than correcting typos and misspellings, and that is mostly just finding the text entry. Not sure at this point just how helpful I will be.
  9. Well, I disagree with this advice. Just because it was written somewhere in pre-internet days does not make it any more official than an opinion in a post here. I could invest 15 points of XP into more resistant PD/ED, 5 points into each of mental, power and flash defense, up to 40 points in life support, etc., and I wouldn't be even 'close' to invulnerable to everything. Now, what if I took all those points and just poured it into attack power and OCV? Which do you think would be more imbalancing? Never mind the fact that the VAST majority of games never get even close to having
  10. I do very much enjoy building characters, and I like for them to be well fleshed out with sufficient detail in their backgrounds to give them both adequate personality and various ways they could work within a game. I also like to make characters that are usable both as player characters and NPCs as the case may be. Finally I do like to share. I intend to use this thread to post any fully developed Hero System characters I have built or will build in the future. Anything posted here will have full writeups and have appropriate background skills. I tend to create both fantasy and su
  11. It is an export format for the Hero Designer software. You put it in the Hero Designer directory, and when you have a character built in Hero Designer, from the dropdown menus you select Current Character/Export/Set Export Format. You select the above file. Then select Current Character/Export/Preview Character, which will then export the character in HTML which will automatically open in your browser. Open that browser page and from the browser select print. That will give you the option to save the page as a PDF. Alternatively, if you want an HTML file instead (which you could then view in y
  12. Fantasy HERO was, I think, my third favorite: Traveller was my favorite, followed closely by a mixture of 3e Star HERO and the Champions rules (not actual Champions, just some of the rules).


    I don't know if you do paper sheets or anything like that, but if you do, here:




    Knock yourself out.   :D


  13. I wrote this as something to help a group of players new to the Hero System just starting a 4th edition Champions game. Would anyone care to give this a read through and critique with any suggestions for important details I might have missed or gotten wrong? I would rather keep it short so as to ensure player will actually read it, but not so short that it is missing crucial info. General Advice When Creating Champions/Hero System Characters There are several factors you want to pay strong attention to when you create a character in Hero System (Champions, etc.). All of the
  14. I've got a character who has spent pretty much their entire life living in a hell dimension, very recently returned to her original human form. She has by now utterly forgotten any human everyman skills she might have had, but of course would have those of her demonic realm. I have no clue what those might be however. Anyone know of such, or care to take a stab at suggestions? Character attached in subsequent post, updated. Clearly inspired by Illyana Rasputin, and named as she is to pay homage.
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