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  1. We're getting a low magic, dark ages game of Fantasy Hero going soon.
  2. The only tragedy in his life, is that he wasn't one of the seven. He shoulda been.
  3. My opinion is that it is a +1 limitation. But to discourage people from stacking extra limitations onto it to drive the cost so low as to make it's acquisition trivial, instead of allowing it to be bought with limitations, I would create a 5 point 'talent' that would allow one free abort action per turn. Your call if they can buy more than one.
  4. My rule comes from way back, long before computers. Build your character however you want. Fill out the character sheet in pencil. Then you hand it in to me (the GM). I will fix power balance appropriately. If I think a character is too weak, I fix it so they are not. If I think a character is too strong, I fix it so they are no longer and leave them with points to put into non-combat skills. An exceptionally well built character that included a healthy assortment of non-combat character defining traits, might even get rewarded with a bit of a powerup others might not otherwise get.
  5. Detonating artillery shells falling on Dunkirk echoed in the distance. It was late May, 1940, my father was only eleven years old. He was in a small restaurant with my grandfather, the two of them perplexed by the French soldier sitting next to them having a feast. The soldier's meal was lavish, far in excess of what virtually all Europeans were used to in those days of rationing. My grandfather struck up conversation with the soldier. "Excuse me, but you are using up all your ration coupons on this one meal. What will you eat later if you spend them all like this?" The soldier
  6. Death takes us all, but it is especially tragic when it takes the young. If it takes me now, well, I've already lived a full life and will die with no regrets. Hers was a life just embarking on her adventure.
  7. Hero Designer lists the martial maneuver 'Distance Shot' as written in the thread title. Does this take an extra segment or an extra phase as in a delayed effect, or does this actually require the use of two of a character's phases/actions? Or is it both as it would seem from the above description, meaning not only two full turn phases but 'also' an extra segment on top of that?
  8. I believe so. Send a PM to the thread starter.
  9. It is, though it is soon to transform into a different game. Right now we are playing a dark street level superhero game, but soon we will transition to a differently dark teen supers game, loosely based on the setting of 'The Boys'. We will be teenagers attending an academy run by Vaught, the same evil corporation that controls most superheroes. Instead of being based on 300 points like the street level superhero game, here we have only 250 points, which must include at least 10 points of martial arts. However we get a free uniform provided by Vaught, that does not cost us any points. That un
  10. Hey Steph, sorry, didn't see your question. I am the fighter of the group, the tank (subclass 'brute'), with one level in forge cleric so he can run a bless and identify stuff. He's a mountain dwarf that kicks some serious ass. He is second son to a highly respected dwarven master smith, wealthy enough to be considered minor nobility. Sadly his older brother shall inherit their manor/forge, so Wode started adventuring so as to work up the capital to pay for his own forge. Then we started putting pieces together about shit going down with chaos cults, the undead, demons, etc., and h
  11. I'm playing in a Ptolus campaign right now, though we are using D&D 5e. We are definitely having a good time. I would have much prefered Hero, but I was out voted by the other players.
  12. I suspect that Chrome has screwed up with a recent update or something. In just the last few days, my favorite export format (Tasha's Ultimate Character Sheet) is no longer converting to PDF from HTML with black type, but instead with barely visible light grey. If I use a different export format, I can get black type. No idea why. I've tried editing the HTML manually to force change the color, and some other colors will convert sorta, but anything approaching black will come out extreme light grey regardless. Worse, it's only 'most' of the text that comes out this way, 'some' of the black come
  13. Moi, je suggère Roll20. Ce n'est pas sans problèmes, mais c'est probablement le plus facile à apprendre.
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