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  1. Yet another question came up for me. 🙂 So far I've a bit of a problem with understanding how damage and resistance work. Does rED or rPD cover normal ED or PD as well? If yes, is it advicable to focus on rED and rPD and skip the normal damage part? Could anyone help me out here? 🙂
  2. This touches one of the smaller story arcs I have planned about a superpowered evangelical faith healer who uses his incredible healing powers only to extort ludicruos amounts of wealth and power from his believers. Is that evil or is he operating a tolerable grey area or is he even truly blessed by a higher power? 🙂 It's up to the players to decide and/or find out what's really going on. 🙂
  3. I will read that thread thouroughly. Thanks a lot. 🙂 We have only one Teleporter so far and he wants to play a mix of an indian spirit shaman and nightcrawler with a martial arts focus but I will speak with him to avoid that particular problem. That list is very helpful. 🙂 I never expected healing to be that unbalancing but your assessment seems very reasonable and I will have a talk with the player who wants to play an Energy Projector/Healer. I was already quite sceptic about VPPs and your posting reinforces that. 🙂 The Margarita Man has its mirrors in many other RPGs and his "Scry and Fry" approach is something nobody wants in our games. 🙂 I think that I will just ask my players to not take VPPs until we have a better grasp of the rule set, so nobody gets outshined by Mr. Flexible. 🙂 We already had two Session 0s where we openly discussed the direction of the campaign, but you're absolutely right: When a player comes up with an unbalanced build or power I just tell him, that he will face opponents who use such builds as well. We're playing for between 5 and 16 years together by now and luckily all these problems were solved more than 10 years ago. 🙂 But yes, those problems exist and they have to be solved if a group wants to stick around. 🙂 Is my impression correct that balance in champions is mostly a question of inner group communication and the application of common sense in the game context? 🙂
  4. I will post how it went once we are done with the entry arc. 😊 But you mentioned a good point: Are there some powers or power groups that are probably detrimental for the gaming experience in general? The best examples I can come up with are Save-or-Die-spells from Pathfinder that turn the game into russian roulette or basically unlimited Teleport spells at medium levels. My group hated them instantly in our first campaign and it was a much more enjoyable ride once we got rid of them in our second campaign for players and 99% of the oppostion. We agreed on using the 6th Edition Complete-Book and the Powers-Book for now. Is that already too much? (Rules are usually not much of an issue and Champions seems to have a very smooth ruleset once you are done with character creation.)
  5. Thank you very much for all your answers. 😊 They all helped a lot. We usually play twice a month. So we're right in the middle. 😊 I think so myself because I'm still in the "having to be approved by mod"-phase. Thanks a lot for the welcome. 😊 I share your feeling about 300 points! 😄 Your posting exactly reflects my thinking. 🙂 We have a big emphasize on teamwork in our group so I usually expect my group to punch quite a bit above their weight class, so I have to either reduce their entry level or up the opposition (a lot). And yes, your example is also right. 😊 The Skulls are supposed to be the entry level opponents with Entropy/Monster/Black Paladins as their bosses while Malta Gunslingers/Sappers/Titans will replace the rather lame Destroids later in the campaign. I was torn between 300, 350 and 400 CP. But after reading this topic I settled for 300 CP so they have room to grow but they will gain XP at a 50% increased rate to let them close the gap to the "real" enemies in a reasonable time period.
  6. I guess it is not possible to make edits beyond the 10-minute mark? I wanted to fix some typos and grammatical errors 15 minutes later, but it wasn't allowed.
  7. Hello, I've been lurking in this forum for some time now and I never bothered to create an account. But my group and I finally get around to start our first Champions game next week. I'm the GM and my Champions Universe is a mixture of the written Universe and the City of Heroes Universe (mostly for enemy groups like the Skulls Gang and the Malta Group which I find much more interesting than the Champions gangs and corporations). The major difference is that almost all heroes besides the low powered one like Silver Avenger Sanchez just mysteriously vanish due to a plan of the still presumed to be dead Dr. Destroyer. But I want to make use of several established Champions characters: Black Paladin and Entropy are the first Master Villains behind the Skulls with the Monster as their premier enforcer. Black Paladin is much weaker right now because he is still in the process of regaining his weaponry and armor. This is also the plot hook for the first story arc I planned. Warlord and the Warmachine as a constant threat looming over their heads. Warlord threshes the group during their first encounters but gets much more mangeable over time as they grow in strength. Dr. Destroyer is the big bad in the background. His time is about to finally run out (he has just 24 hours of life time left, so he spends almost all time in stasis) and he made basically every noteworthy hero disappear in a mysterious way. So he gains free reign at achieving immortality. Molnya and a less cruel but funnier Beek start out as enemies and allies of Warlord but become rather dependable frienemies of the group over the course of the campaign. Blackguard, Cateran and Bulldozer are recurring and rather light-hearted opponents who are supposed to be comic relief or even romantic interests (well, not Bulldozer, he's just there for the laughs 😂) for the group. Panzer, Garguntua and the Ultimates are supposed to have major guest appereances but not necessarily in combat encounters/arcs. I have 6 players and our campaigns tend to run for 5+ years if we stick with a game so I plan accordingly. The players are all very genre savvy and put a big emphasize on teamwork without going down the minmax route. We all like to start small and grow strong over time. The lineup so far is mystic Weaponmaster with teleportation, superstrong mind reader with low toughness, mystical standard Brick, energy projector with a water flavor and some healing powers, force field projector for defense and offense, gadgeteer with a focus on information gathering and scouting. What would be an appropriate CP value for such a group? I'm not spoiling the numbers I've got in my mind so I get your unbiased responses. 😃 Also: What is a good starting CP value if you want to play Champions (6th Edition - "Complete") "by the book" where even Alpha- and Beta-Level villains (with some mook support) pose a threat for a group of seasoned players.
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