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  1. Toxxus. Good point on the increased force to area ratio. Armour Piercing might be a way to go. Neverway. Thanks. I've not actually read 6th ed (except Fantasy Complete.) So I didn't know about the Reduced By Shrinking limitation.
  2. @DukeBushido: Thanks for the response. Yeah, you're quite right, most players aren't going to want their character's STR to decrease with their size. Plus, the extra work involved in tracking this sort of thing is another player turn off. I am definitely over-thinking it. I can't help myself sometimes.
  3. Margarita Man! LOL. This character design is one of my favourite examples to new players about the sort of abusive builds that can be created (and that should be avoided.) But he's never had a name before. Margarita Man <snicker> Stealing it.
  4. Addendum: obviously this has implications for Growth as well. When Scott Lang is 50m tall his mass and STR do increase proportionally.
  5. On a tangential topic - I've been wondering about Shrinking recently. I was re-watching some Antman, and Wasp fight scenes on youtube. In the movies the guys shrink but don't seem to lose much mass or physical strength. Well, except when the story wants them too. That's an inconsistency for the movie makers to deal with. What it did was get me thinking about is how I'd like to model Shrinking while staying consistent. Should it come with limitations to reduce Strength and movement in proportion? Extra Knockback is built into the Shrinking power, but if I'm not insisting that STR be proportional then why should mass be proportional? Multiform was mentioned above and obviously that allows one to model the power in a different way than buying Shrinking with side effects (or conversely putting limitations on STR and move powers.) So many choices... So how do you guys model shrinking? This is just a theoretical for discussion purposes. In an actual game situation I'd let the player model it however they want and come up with whatever BS they want to justify it.
  6. Question: am I reading it right, that the blockage to X-Dim movement et.al. is local to this dimension's Earth? If so, can escape/be rescued by simply getting far enough from the planet?
  7. Version 1.0.0


    This is a simplified version of the 6th edition Fantasy HERO Complete rules and is intended for players new to HERO System. It assumes no knowledge of the main rules set, but is playable straight out of the box. To keep things simple this document doesn't use all of the rules as presented in Fantasy HERO Complete, and simplifies others. For example the character creation guidelines use pre-generated templates that can be mixed and matched to create characters. The list of available skills has been reduced, with some skills being rolled into others. It also includes a simple magic system, with lists of spells available for characters, as well as lists of equipment and weapons. All the spells and other templates have been created using, and are compatible with, the rules as presented in Fantasy HERO Complete. I hope you find it a useful introduction to the HERO system.
  8. I'm gonna take this opportunity to once again spruik my Fantasy Hero Basic document. It's meant to be an easy entry into the system, complete with mix and match templates for character design, pre-made spells, complications, and equipment. If you like it, feel free to use it. FHB_6thed.pdf
  9. Heya HERO folks. I was drawing up a 6th edition character today (normally I only look at 5th ed.) and I noticed that the template that loads when you create a new character comes with 8 points already spent. I looked further and it seems that it's buying up the running and leaping of the character, but only to normal starting values. So presumably they "start" at below proper starting values. I assume that this is a known bug, and it's easy enough to ignore. But is there some way to adjust the template so this goes away? Cheers y'all.
  10. Had a guy build an Eternal character with an EC: Eternal Powers. ALL his powers and stats were put into the elemental control. (IIRC there were 2 or 3 EC's as some of the points costs were too disparate to fit efficiently into 1 EC.) Same guy worked out that buying back all the figured stats that were improved by STR gained you a net +1point to spend. (This was in the days before buying back more than 1 CHAR was specifically banned.) He then actually built a character doing this and spent hundreds of extra points. He had no idea why I wouldn't allow that character into my campaign.
  11. I haven't watch BBT for a few years either, but I did enjoy it. Re. the the man babies. Yeah, exaggerated stereotypes. But it's comedy. You get comedy through exaggeration. (and other methods yes.) I don't get how people are offended by it. As gamers we are all of us a bit that way. And probably many of us have been more like Sheldon, Leonard, etc than we like to admit. (In the past I have displayed many characteristics of both Leonard and Raj. And I knew at least one one guy who had a lot of Sheldon-esque qualities.) One has to be able to laugh at oneself.
  12. Darkstar recently did a lot of pro-bono work (in his lawyer civilian ID) for some aliens who were trying to reclaim the IP rights to the technology from the space craft they had crash landed on Earth. (The aliens were basically like the prawns in District 9 in that they had been a servitor race aboard the ship and didn't actually understand the technology. But as the only survivors they claimed that they had the legal rights to the tech.) Anyhoo, Darkstar would approach them about borrowing the spacecraft. Luckily a couple of other members of the team have the tech chops to be able to fly and if need be repair the craft. Whacky space adventures ahoy! Knight Rider would have to talk to her sister (DNPC and techpsert.) The conversation would go something along the lines of KN: "Do we have a space ship?" Sis: "No. But I could build one if you want to throw a few billion dollars at me." KN: "Ah..."
  13. Let's face it if there's one thing the show has emphasised it's realpolitick. Dany and Greyworm had bucket loads of "realpolitick." Dany was a pretender to the throne, one with a decent legal claim too. That, an army, and a dragon was enough. Greyworm has a say in Westerosi justice because he has an army of several thousand Unsullied. That Jon was still alive some weeks after killing Dany goes to show that, despite his personal animosity towards Jon, Greyworm had enough sense not to just kill him and kick off another war. Makes him smarter than most (all?) of the Kings and Queens of Westeros we've seen in the show.
  14. Never got into Family Ties. More a Young Ones sorta guy.
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