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  1. I imagine the trap that Hayley disarmed, and that the bad guys walked into, is some sort of Maze spell/mini-plane.
  2. So... no-one's touching that "Tim the Sorcerer?" Probably for the best.
  3. I did not. So... Professor X? Another thought for things to include in the files: Oddly personal comments. eg: "Wears too much antiperspirant." "Fond of classical music. Why?" "Eats a lot of donuts." "Did they know what they wanted when they got that haircut?"
  4. Known strengths (ie: Powers and skills.) Known weaknesses. Eg: actual Vulnerabilities and Susceptibilities but also psych lims. that can be exploited, such as habits, obsessions, other patterns of behaviour. Basically - Complications. I'd hope that, as a hero, they wouldn't exploit DNPCs but I guess some versions of Batman would. Known associates. It's much easier to find someone if you know where to look. Also you may overhear confidences shared if you are surveilling (not a real word) them. Then there's the actual plans. The hero will list ways in which
  5. Yeah that's how it seems to me too. But I thought maybe others were doing it differently.
  6. For me it varies with my mood. Some characters get piles of limitations and advantages while I try to model the thing. Others might get a simple "custom modifier" (as Hero Designer calls it) that I value at what I think it should be.
  7. Hmm. So I've always assumed that RSR on a VPP would mean an extra skill roll. The first VPP skill roll to reconfigure the VPP (as per VPP rules), the second to make the power work (as per RSR rules.) And if you have to do both in the same phase then so be it. Is that too harsh? After reading this thread I'm thinking that may be too harsh.
  8. I'm also a fan of baby name dictionaries. And yeah, I'll map names from a real culture onto one of my fantasy ones. I also do a bit of the made up name thing. Now that I think about it, mostly for Orcs. Don't know why Orcs get this treatment when no-one else does... 🤷‍♂️
  9. Did buying the CSLs work out cheaper on points?
  10. Yeah, I think it works well. And it's my preferred way of doing it unless I was running a specific martial arts campaign. For new players it might be a bit more complex than buying martial manouevres. I think that "choose this power to be able to do X" is already well established as a gaming convention. Whereas "here's a bunch of flexible bonuses, do with them as you will" can be a bit intimidating when someone is already under the kosh from learning a new system.
  11. Hmmm, a couple that spring to mind: Capture Foam. (Entangle) STUN only attacks. (Stun guns, knock out gas.) Forcefield Traps.
  12. I've enjoyed the various writers on the Renew Your Vows series. Umm... <checks title pages> That's Dan Slott, Gerry Conway, & Jody Houser.
  13. I think that's awesome. I like the clear strong lines. They make it easy for game play. And there's enough fungusy detail to give it the feel of "fungus caverns." Sooo much better than anything I can do.
  14. Assuming "average" heroes with OCV/DCV 8-10; 12-14 DCs; Defences 15-25 (about half resistant); SPD 4-5; STUN 35-50. I'd go with: Basic Mugger/Petty Criminal/Bank Robber: OCV/DCV: 4, Damage: 1d6K-2d6K (depending on how well armed they are likely to be); Defences: 5 with no resistant def; SPD: 2; STUN20. Tough Mook/Enforcer/Trained VIPER thug: OCV/DCV: 6 Damage: 8-10DC; Def 10 (about half resistant); SPD3; STUN 25. Elite Thug/Senior Henchperson: OCV/DCV: 7-8; Damage: 8-10 DC; Defences 10 (about half resistant); SPD 3-4; STUN 30.
  15. Like a lot of HERO game build questions, it's a matter of session 0. What are the GM/players working out for the campaign? I'd work something out with the player. What counts as Evil (capital "E")for the character AND the campaign? How common are Evil opponents? That is modified by the value of the limitation. If someone takes a -1 Limitation, well that halves the cost of the attack. That means, half(ish) the time that attack isn't going to be of use. I'd base it on potential combats that might happen. That way the player can have more agency about who they get into f
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