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  1. Saw Black Widow in the theatres on the weekend. Even paid $8.00 for a choc top. Thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Then again, I do live in a town with very little in way of Covid. Damn. I missed that whole thing. Now I have to watch Thor and Avengers again.
  2. I like a good multiform. Especially if the size difference means a different suite of complications. Buying some powers OIAID is fine but that would change the value I'd give to complications based around size.
  3. Personally, I like the idea of them being rivals. It allows for different types of stories to just straight enemies. An enemy group is just another bunch of bad guys to be engaged in the usual way - a punch to the face then call the cops. Rivals means you can't just punch them in the face and solve the issue. I mean, sure you can punch them, but that isn't going to solve the problem. Look at the Avengers/Justice League crossovers. They punched one another but that was just for our amusement, it didn't solve whatever plot problems they were having. So anyway, yeah, rivals. Gets you different types scenes. People hog limelight; pour sugar into quinjet<sic> fuel tanks; show off so as to attract the cute girl/guy; make a bet to kill the most orcs at the battle of Helm's Deep. This allows for different kinds of action and variety is the spice of life and all that.
  4. I'm pro-Giants. And as assault pointed out they traditionally have been used to fill many rolls so there's plenty of varied material to draw on.
  5. If I put slavery into a campaign it's always to show the bad guys as bad guys. It's something for the heroes to oppose.
  6. Looks like Black Widow has finally gotten its release date here in Australia - 8th July. Woo-hoo!
  7. I assume Spectrum is going to go by "Marvel" at least initially. I mean the movie is called The Marvels, plural. I find it hard to believe that, by this point in the media juggernaut that is the MCU*, there are many Marvel characters still being left to obscurity. I mean, they dragged out the Guardians of the Galaxy and the Eternals. Yeah, it'll be a long time til we see the Great Lakes Avengers (no loss), but I can't think of many characters who are important to the comics-verse who are missing from the MCU, except in the cases where IP prevents/prevented til recently them from appearing. Off the top of my head I can name Hercules, Tigra, and Wonderman as (so far) being absent. Alphaflight are still unused, although I'm not sure if they were ever important to the Marvel comics-verse. Spiderwoman (like Alphaflight, not sure if she's important in the comics-verse) is missing, but maybe she's included under the Spiderman IP? I dunno. From the more modern comics there's Hulkling and Wiccan... but they're mutants (and thus have been counted out until recently) aren't they? I assume the Champions are already under consideration (at least) since Kamala Khan is already happening. *and the various TV branches that are not technically cinematic universe.
  8. Thanks for the A-Force link. I enjoyed the series and was disappointed when it was cancelled. But by following the link I have just discovered there's a volume 2. With more actual issues in it too. yay.
  9. What a great session! Wish I could convince my group to try Champions.
  10. In that scene Danvers is being hazed. Thor is playing "flinch" with her. Carol Danvers refuses to flinch. She doesn't know Thor won't hit her, she knows next to nothing about him. It's a dick move on Thor's part. But Danvers was in the military and she is no stranger to men being dicks to her simply because they feel they have the right to test her. We see it in a flashback in Captain Marvel when she and Rambeau are in the bar and some dick comes up to her and tries to make her flinch. Carol Danvers refuses to flinch.
  11. I'm confused. Batman uses ducks now?
  12. So the MCU is giving the Eternals a look that doesn't mesh with the original Kirby aesthetic. I fail to see the problem. They've gone and done plenty of things different from the comics (or perhaps I should say from some of the comics, as there's a huge and varied stable of different takes to be had even within the comics) and it's done no harm to the franchise and resulted in many good movies. As for the MCU having lost its way... bollocks. What was the last MCU movie? Endgame? Did rather well with audience and critics as I recall.
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