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  1. All we're doing right now is converting the materials in the previously published Traveller HERO material to H6/CC compatibility. Once that is done and Traveller HERO is again available, we could do more. But since nothing is available until the conversion document is ready, that's our first step. I'm about a quarter way done right now with a first pass.
  2. Marc (Miller) has asked that all posts related to the effort be on his board, so I'm keeping my posts on COTI.
  3. We're a go. I'm working on the conversion document, but please post comments on the FFE board (www.travellerrpg.com).
  4. Ok, we just took a massive step much closer to getting this done, and now I have a serious question... Can folks point me at various documents others put together for converting items to HERO 6th? I'd like to make sure the conversion document that FFE puts together covers all the basics.
  5. Thanks. After that, the repayment of loans begins...
  6. Yes, but we're still discussing numbers. Out for a week -- my son's graduating from his master's program. Then we'll see if we can finalize the details.
  7. Actually, they could affect Krunk under certain circumstances. Ok, simple knockoffs of Cap, Hulk and Thor it is...
  8. Because I am a sad human being... before I stoop to new levels of ignominy, has anyone previously built Valhallen, Krunk and Major Glory, or do I just rip off Thor, Hulk and Captain America, and add equal levels of sugar and silly? Sugar is required as a major component in Justice Fruit Pies.... (sigh)
  9. Just an update that we are progressing. We're now at the actual financial part, so things are slightly delayed while everyone waits for me to do actual math, and then coordinate between Comstar and FFE. I've also done the basics on identifying what needs to be converted in the core TH books. My biggest question: should I focus TH efforts here, or on COTI (http://www.travellerrpg.com/CotI/Discuss/forumdisplay.php?f=145)... I prefer to keep everything one place.
  10. Thanks, but what about converting the turak/atlantean/vudorian age books to 6th?
  11. Anyone done the hard work, or I'll start myself on some items this week, but thought others might have already walked this path. I still haven't figured out the search function on this forum well enough yet...
  12. Then it's definitely a style of play. As long as both stay supported, I'm fine. Are there other methods as well commonly used? I've found over the years that HERO is amazingly flexible for style of play, even by separate GMs who have run it for multiple editions.
  13. That depends on how a GM rewards their players... that's more a reflection of game style and GM decision. I've run FH/SH games where certain rewards were points, not money. All tools in a GM's kitbag...
  14. The posts so far are focused on in-game costs. However, on the character sheet, shouldn't ordinary items be accessible through Wealth perks, and magic items be paid for in character points?
  15. At the moment, we're reviewing books and page counts, and I'm pulling together notes on all the materials for errata and editing. A lot of it is small stuff like correcting "vac suit" to "vacc suit". So I've now done a review of the two Traveller HERO core books, and I'm wondering how many referees ran HERO campaigns using the books, and what supplemental material you might have had to put together (builds, etc). Because if I'm going to work on HERO books for Marc Miller, my wife will NOT let me get away without running a Campaign. Heck, to get up to speed with H6/CC I had to start a new s
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