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  1. Re: [Alera - Furies of Calderon] Advice on Summoning/Elemental Ally I wouldn't consider it a vulnerability as it caused no damage to the furycratfter, just the fury. Which results in a weaker furycrafting, hence, my idea of 'reduced power'. Derek
  2. Re: [Alera - Furies of Calderon] Advice on Summoning/Elemental Ally Towards the end of chapter 6, just after Tavi is tested by the Captain. I'll certainly add to the thread as I can, sometimes I'm just reading and burning through to find out what happened! So no promises. A section I just read, did reinforce for me that it's an entity of some sort whose power is manipulated by the furycrafter. (Somewhere along the line I started viewing it as an innate power... ) When Amara's fury is weakened by salt thrown by an enemy. There are many ways this could be handled. Perhaps it's just a limitation of each 'power', i.e. something like, "Loses X active points if effect is subjected to salt". Take care, Derek
  3. Re: [Alera - Furies of Calderon] Advice on Summoning/Elemental Ally Hmm... Looks like metal crafting can also be used to increase the effectiveness of shields and armor. (See paperback, book 3, pg. 79). One way to create that would be: Force Field requires OIF (Shield or Armor). I chose FF because it costs end. Good point on the distinction between the talent (for base points) and the perk for social status. It's quite conceivable (at least in game ) to have someone with great furycrafting ability but not a matching social status. (Or at least an unknown social status, i.e. "Why in the world would you think I'm the bastard son of the High Lord of Aquitaine?") Two 'military martial arts' come to mind: the dualist / gladiator and the legionnaire. (From Paperback, book 3, pg. 47) (By no means implying there aren't others, just pointing out some of the many. ) Take care, Derek
  4. Re: [Alera - Furies of Calderon] Advice on Summoning/Elemental Ally Nice job on that overview, Jaws! Funny thing, just today, I was just jotting down notes at lunch (in between reading the 3rd book) for a Fantasy Hero game... :-D As far as the actual furies, I'm inclined to think of it as a special effect myself. Perhaps with differing levels of 'visibility'. Meaning some powers seem to have the advantage Invisible. For example, when Bernard uses his earthcrafting for strength, the big dog isn't around. (At least that I recall.) And I don't recall him necessarily looking more muscular. Although being able to lift a gargant (just an example!), no one would assume that was his natural strength I guess... And would therefore draw the conclusion foHowever, when he uses it to 'detect' things, the dog is the focal point. But being the Hero system, there's never a correct answer, just what you think it means. Allow them to buy reduced endurance (but never zero), or endurance batteries perhaps? Heck, maybe even just purchase standard endurance with the limitation: Only For Use with Furycrafting (maybe a -1/4 if a GM is generous ). Heck, maybe experienced users just have more endurance, it's fairly cheap. Those are a few ideas, I'm sure other folks will come up with others. I was thinking about some sort of Perk (?) which defines the upper limits of a furycrafter's power as well as their social standing. For example: Knights tend to be very strong crafters of one fury (IIRC), so you would have the social limitation of Knight , bound to duty, your superiors, etc. This also defines the AP available. Then you could add the disad "No furycrafting ability." Just the skeleton of an idea at the moment... Hmm... Maybe these should just be packages? So many choices! IIRC, Earth crafters also seem to be able to use their fury to increase their seduction rolls... Take care, Derek
  5. Re: [Alera - Furies of Calderon] Advice on Summoning/Elemental Ally
  6. Re: Going to be running a Teen Champions game... Problem is I went from being a very off the cuff GM to being a 'planner'. I'm trying to get back to the off the cuff stuff. Quite frankly it was much more organic as it reacts to the players actions, rather than requiring some predetermined set of goals to be achieved. So what kind of adventures have they been generating? Take care, Derek
  7. Re: Designing a drug: need name and text description Snowcrash? (Not original, but what the hey.) Derek
  8. Re: Going to be running a Teen Champions game... Cool. Thanks! The link to your questions and the responses gave me some good ideas. I recently made some notes on a couple of teachers at their school. A sex ed. teacher and a coach. (Not at all based on any teachers I remember from high school. Way back then.) Take care, Derek
  9. Hi all, I'm going to be starting up a Teen Champions game in the not-too-distant future. We need some gaming, but light-hearted is the goal. So, what types of stories/adventures and background things (especially related to the whole teen angst issue) have you done in a Teen Champions game? What settings have you used? What things didn't work? Thanks! Take care, Derek
  10. Hi all, So how many GM's worry about the 'side effects' of a missed attack? (I'd imagine that this would mostly apply to ranged attacks, but proximity of 'delicate' objects might include HtH attacks.) Do you just allow them to 'miss everything'? Make a roll? Only if the attacker has Unluck? Something else? Just curious how others handle this in their games. Thanks in advance! Take care, Derek
  11. Re: Using Supervillain Psych Lims I completely agree with the 'random element' aspect. Personally I like rolls in some (perhaps even most) situations, but not all! A roll allows me as GM, IMO, two options. I take the roll at face value and work it into the current situation. Or I ignore the roll and use what I feel works for the story. I've no hard and fast rule about this , I use either as it suits me, the game, and what I believe my player's expectations to be, at that moment in the game. Where did that come from? And who ever said it (the 'burden of proof') was? The original response was regarding Disadvantages, not "all rolls". You're generalizing here when the post was, IMO, specific. I disagree. I'll be specific. If I claim that it hurts if I stomp your foot, and then stomp your foot (and you're not wearing some sort of protective footgear), it will hurt. Proving something isn't difficult. Getting the other person to accept that it's been proven (i.e. they're wrong), now THAT's the difficult part. As to the original poster... Good question. There have been some interesting replies. And truth be told, I haven't given it much thought as to how that's a disadvantage, until now. Curse you for making me think!! I did enjoy the Running Man reference and thought it was an appropriate example. I will ponder this further. Take care, Derek
  12. Re: Using Supervillain Psych Lims Uhh... Why are you generalizing here? I'm fairly confident that the "why require a dice roll" reference was regarding Disadvantages; not damage rolls, "to hit" or any other roll in the game. So where did the leap to "what do you mean all rolls are bad" come from? Take care, Derek
  13. Re: Killing Damage and Defenses B is the Way*. :-D * Although, you're certainly entitled to run your game however you like. Derek
  14. Hi all, By nature I'm a fairly disorganized person who'd like to be organized. I'm always picking up this program or that, a "New notebook with new organizational capabilities!", and so on. While I realize that organizing stuff is ultimately very personal, I'm curious... How do you organize and track the going's on in your Champions game? (Assuming you do of course.) Do you prefer electronic? "Analog"? Something in between? What? Thanks! Take care, Derek "Disorganized GM"
  15. Re: Between Two Cities Treasure Island? [EDIT: Arkham beat me to it. Must read the entire thread before posting... ] Derek
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