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  1. I just want to say that this is awesome stuff...as I'm still learning the system, I can't contribute to the theorycraft part of the discussion. But I know weapons and explosives...master vampires should not be able to shrug off hellfire missiles. I know that the idea behind MHI is that the monsters are tougher...but they shouldn't be so tough that they can shrug off vehicular weaponry. The other point behind the MHI universe is that for the first time in history; our conventional weapons are at a technological level now where we can genuinely fight monsters on equal footing. I could see so
  2. Pretty cool...but I'd make one change regarding the number of languages that Chad has. Remember that the first book established that Chad's knack for languages is a supernatural gift. He can pick up almost any language he encounters. He even was able to listen to High Fey without his head exploding...I would guess that would mean he could possibly even listen to and pick up "Elder Speech" without going mad (a long shot, I know...but this is a "gift from God" so you never know....). The best way to reflect that is to create a "Gift" starting with taking the "Languages" skill as a power and
  3. It's okay...so does Larry. John Ringo is one hell of an author and Larry was more than honored to have him playing in his sandbox. I'm hoping that Larry opens up the universe to more authors.
  4. Honestly, I think that the monsters are written as being a bit tougher just to justify the heinous amount of gun-porn in the MHI universe. C'mon...Chuckie the Werewolf getting a face full of 12Ga Saiga is wrong in any context but you don't want the monsters going down too easy, right? However, if you are feeling that the monsters are too tough, then you can either tweak down the monsters or let the characters have levels of Weaponmaster to compensate. But in the end; the novels confirm that it's not so much the guns and ammo itself that levels the playing field between MHI and the monsters
  5. Technically, he only "depleted" Grimm Berlin and "Muppet Toupees."
  6. I don't know if anyone has linked to this page, but when I need a cool gun for a game, I just check this site out; http://www.imfdb.org/wiki/Main_Page The Internet Movie Firearms Database...when you gotta know what that cool gun you saw in that movie was.
  7. Just sticking my head in the room. For the record, I'm new to these forums, and soon to be new to Hero System. I'm the primary GM for my group, but I need a break and I'd like to be a player, so I'm going to get into a Champions game with another group on my own. Anyway, I'm going to discuss what my impressions of the game and the system are as I experience them. I've heard nothing but good things about the Hero System, so I'm hoping not to be disappointed. Kragshot
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