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  1. This interests me. I'm not sure why. Seems to have an odd mix of old and new world ideas. I dig it, and I like the CZ style rails in the slide. If it works, I'd be curious to see one.
  2. That hurts just watching it. It's like that guy at the range firing the handcannon, whose barrel ends up nearly pointing behind him, who turns to you and says: "You wanna give it a try?" Nah, I'm good. JUST saw this gun in a movie and was wondering what it was. Thanks. =)
  3. I don't understand what the telescoping round is... looks interesting, but I don't get it.
  4. Double double toil and trouble... ?
  5. I think Shadowrun has always been one of those games that is easy and fun to play but pretty difficult to GM becuase of the vast amount of ground you need to cover. I have GMed Shadowrun a LOT, but have played very little. The thing is, seems like with every edition there is one section that I just cannot keep in my head. The most recent two editions, the whole matrix thing was beyond my ability to remember it all. I would read the section, run it fine for a couple of sessions, and poof, it was gone again. Read it again, run it some more, etc. etc. ad infinitum. Got a bit tiring. Not sure why... 2nd and 3rd it was magic. It's basically the D&D of science fiction gaming. It has everything so has wide appeal. The video games can only be helping it, which is good. Funny thing is, I personally got into Shadowrun because no one would play Cyberpunk with me, but when I mentioned the Shadowrun book people perked up. In the end, I like Shadowrun as well, so it's not too much of a loss. And, getting back on topic... A Champions game... sort of. Josh, our semi-psychic duplicator/summoner/clone maker: Hey, you ever heard of "The Stranger?" Linette, our elastic former cheerleader: Ewwww... Josh: No, not that... Linette: *smiling* *arched eyebrow* Josh: ...I duplicate, I don't need to sit on my hand. Linette: EEEEWWWW... The M-F'ing Dragon of the West, B****! : I BLAST IT! GM: ...the little girl? The M-F'ing Dragon of the West, B****! : That ain't no little girl, holding a physics book in the middle of the street like that... GM: Did you just MIB me? The M-F'ing Dragon of the West, B****! : YEA-UH!
  6. This is where I'm confused... Isn't that technically illegal if more than one round can be touched off at once? I'm not sure, the double 1911 makes me think not... I dunno. I would love the ability to touch both off at once. I imagine the recoil would be significant. The one-two punch seems useful.
  7. Not sure how to embed a youtube video in this so just made a link..
  8. Double barreled bullpup shotgun. Looks like someone saw the KSG and decided it would be better with two barrels... Fires one barrel and then the other with another trigger press and then you rack it for two more. Seems interesting, though bulky, but not really that much more than a KSG, I suppose, besides the weight. I'd say good game gun, perhaps good HD gun. Funky. =)
  9. I want the finish more than the corrosion resistance. I have a lot of hard wearing guns, would like one that could be both pretty as high polish blueing and as wear resistant as melinite or however that's spelled. Medusa sounded cool. Only read about it, never seen one in person. Supposedly charter has one that is a little similar (9mm, .38/.357 all in one with no moon clips needed) but I haven't checked that or either. Might be worth it if you're interested.
  10. If you like that one, this one (same as my wife's revolver) is in the same niche but in .38/.357... bull barrel, fiber-optic sight with v-notch rear with a half lug and nice wooden grips. =)
  11. I believe there have been a few of those 9mm revolvers, from the oddball Medusa (?) to several moon-clip 9mm revolvers. If that's the 5" barreled version like their 627, in an N-frame, I would love one of those as an 8-shot revolver, right after the actualy 627 if they ever make it in blue rather than stainless. =) Had a chance at 627 in stainless, but when I pulled off the weirdest black crud off of it, I didn' thave a lot of confidence in the last owner to have taken care of it. Looked like something you would see in a horror movie... yuck. I kind of love/hate the barrels on those. In one sense, nicely done, seems kind of slick, but I like round instead of squared on a nicely rounded piece like that. Great basis for a game gun and for real life! The wife has agreed that we need a pair of his/hers revolvers at some point. Just have to figure out the what, how, and when. =) I'd like something fancy that I can still shoot. They'll take the place of wedding rings we never wear.
  12. OMG, film that. Sounds hilarious. I've heard of injuries from that but not severed fingers. Sounds possible, I suppose. *shrug* Havent a clue. Yeah, I'd likely use the specials if I were going to shoot it regularly. I don't really travel in areas with animals large enough that I'd need that cannon to protect myself, and I don't handgun hunt (or hunt much at all, for that matter). I just think it looks neat, has a certain appeal in it's uniqueness, and if I could ever afford it, I would love to make it into something even more unique and interesting. Perhaps a less goofy looking compensator, perhaps a new finish of some sort, maybe even some engraving and inlay of some kind. *shrug* A vault queen, really. All I really "need" is a decent all-around style rifle to complete the Useful portion of my firearms collection. The rest is all gravy and dreams.
  13. Our Shadowrun game, which just started. Duke is the human Arcane Investigator. Viking is a Troll Physical Adept. Ulvar is a dwarf street samurai. We are escorting a wageslave for extraction out of the building... our group is not very subtle, but we're trying... we had a plan this time! Duke (arcane detective): Is this the same guard we bribed? GM: He does not look like the same guy. Duke: crud. I cast invisibility on myself and go around him to start picking the mag-lock. Viking: "Hey bro, how's it going?" Guard: "Okay. Why are you back here?" Ulvar: "We're kind of lost. Where's the soycaf place?" Guard: *points* Over there. Ulvar: "Uh... can you show me where?" Guard: *points* Right there. Ulvar: "Yeah, I'm kind of bad with directions..." Guard: *points* It's literally right there. You can see it from here. Duke: Just knock him out or something. We are so bad at this. Viking: Pulls his helmet, styled like one out of the trids, with spaces for his large horns, out of his coat and puts it on. Guard: "What are you..." *headbutt* *unconciousness* Duke: "..and there goes all of our chances at subtlety. The helmet? Really?" Viking: "Hey, I really like this helmet. It looks cool."
  14. Yeesh. I read today that it is still more comfortable to shoot than the 329 PD scandium frame .44 Magnum. =) I kind of want one of the 4-5" barreled .500 S&W Magnums... but only if I come across it at a pretty reasonable price from someone trying to dump it. =) I don't think I could afford to shoot it much, even if I were so inclined. It's kind of like one of those gold desert eagles. I wouldn't mind owning one for the neat factor, but I wouldn't pay the kind of prices they are commanding right now. But what is more interesting is the new factory ported/muzzle braked one in .50 AE which is supposedly much easier to shoot. *shrug*
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