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  1. This interests me. I'm not sure why. Seems to have an odd mix of old and new world ideas. I dig it, and I like the CZ style rails in the slide. If it works, I'd be curious to see one.
  2. That hurts just watching it. It's like that guy at the range firing the handcannon, whose barrel ends up nearly pointing behind him, who turns to you and says: "You wanna give it a try?" Nah, I'm good. JUST saw this gun in a movie and was wondering what it was. Thanks. =)
  3. eBay Buy It Now Amazon #1 Amazon #2 Amazon HARDCOVER?!
  4. I don't understand what the telescoping round is... looks interesting, but I don't get it.
  5. Okay, I'm going off memory and images and a brief search, and I believe it was the Johnson rifle I was referring to. I only read about it in a magazine, if I remember right, and I remember thinking it was a neat idea and wondered about it briefly. I believe this is an image of it:
  6. ...hopefully you're going to include the small arms, probably more important to PCs than all the heavy gear they're talking about now. =) Lots of fascinating stuff, should also include some of the gear that was not adopted by the militaries but were interesting so that players can have something unique. I seem to remember that there was an additional rifle design that competed against the garand that had single side feed into the magazine and some other neat little options. I'm sure there's lots of examples of that somewhere that I am far too lazy to look up right now.
  7. Double double toil and trouble... ?
  8. Uzumaki, the japanese name for the mystical swirl symbol (I can't think of the dang name right now... a center-point with a single circular line progressing out from it...), with abilities and a look that centers on that swirl resulting in torque, pulling force, pushing force, and some seeming relation to the idea of a black hole. To be honest, no good ideas on how to depict that. =)
  9. Okay, so after a long hiatus away from the boards, it is interesting to see this up again. Since this is for art, I am less about telling the story and more about representing some visual aspect. As I am not an artist, I will refrain from being too specific on imagery. Zero Coefficient, an inventor of a substance with zero friction coefficient. It does not adhere to anything. This is more in-line with a Batman level of hero. He moves using this frictionless substance bonded into a suit. The suit has various pads on it to create actual friction so he can use them as control and launching points. Combined with a series of movement enhancing devices, similar to batman grapples/spiderman launchers for cables that allow him to make tight turns, he is a sort of speedster. Add a mask to keep his face from peeling off, some vision enhancing goggles with accompanying computer strapped to his back, and a few armored bits to use for his attacks/defense and it makes for an interesting visual, I think. Engine, a behemoth in an armored suit. Rather than slick lines and LED lit strips, Engine is a giant armored suit with all the finesse of a charging rhinocerous. Black smoke spewing out of smoke-stacks, revving red hot pipes and lots of hydraulics. While Tony Stark might be slick and highly technological, Engine is exactly the opposite, a culmination of advances in the most reliable and hard wearing work machines, Engine is a whole other kind of hero. Blue collar, practical, and maybe a little ugly... but gets the job done. I see something more a cross between a bulldozer and a battlemech, not quite enormous, but pretty big for an armor type superhero. I believe I presented these ideas before, a long time ago. Still heroes I haven't had a chance to play yet. =)
  10. I think Shadowrun has always been one of those games that is easy and fun to play but pretty difficult to GM becuase of the vast amount of ground you need to cover. I have GMed Shadowrun a LOT, but have played very little. The thing is, seems like with every edition there is one section that I just cannot keep in my head. The most recent two editions, the whole matrix thing was beyond my ability to remember it all. I would read the section, run it fine for a couple of sessions, and poof, it was gone again. Read it again, run it some more, etc. etc. ad infinitum. Got a bit tiring. Not sure why... 2nd and 3rd it was magic. It's basically the D&D of science fiction gaming. It has everything so has wide appeal. The video games can only be helping it, which is good. Funny thing is, I personally got into Shadowrun because no one would play Cyberpunk with me, but when I mentioned the Shadowrun book people perked up. In the end, I like Shadowrun as well, so it's not too much of a loss. And, getting back on topic... A Champions game... sort of. Josh, our semi-psychic duplicator/summoner/clone maker: Hey, you ever heard of "The Stranger?" Linette, our elastic former cheerleader: Ewwww... Josh: No, not that... Linette: *smiling* *arched eyebrow* Josh: ...I duplicate, I don't need to sit on my hand. Linette: EEEEWWWW... The M-F'ing Dragon of the West, B****! : I BLAST IT! GM: ...the little girl? The M-F'ing Dragon of the West, B****! : That ain't no little girl, holding a physics book in the middle of the street like that... GM: Did you just MIB me? The M-F'ing Dragon of the West, B****! : YEA-UH!
  11. This is where I'm confused... Isn't that technically illegal if more than one round can be touched off at once? I'm not sure, the double 1911 makes me think not... I dunno. I would love the ability to touch both off at once. I imagine the recoil would be significant. The one-two punch seems useful.
  12. Not sure how to embed a youtube video in this so just made a link..
  13. Double barreled bullpup shotgun. Looks like someone saw the KSG and decided it would be better with two barrels... Fires one barrel and then the other with another trigger press and then you rack it for two more. Seems interesting, though bulky, but not really that much more than a KSG, I suppose, besides the weight. I'd say good game gun, perhaps good HD gun. Funky. =)
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