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CemExportTemplateDefaultHtml6e.zip 1.0.3

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About This File

Screenshot provided by Durzan Malakim.


This is nearly the same as the default character sheet:

  • Uses external Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to make customization of the template easier
  • Changed HTML formatting to make customization of the template easier
  • Printing now correctly page breaks on a new page and text does not get split in half if it overflows the existing page.
  • Corrected a typo in the Combat Modifiers table header: 65-128 should be 65-125
  • Minor display changes in the Defenses section and Hit Location section




These files need to be in the same directory as the exported file:

  • herologo.jpg
  • normalize.css - Allows the character sheet to display the same way in different browsers
  • CemExportTemplateDefaultHtml6e.css - Contains all the stylings for the character sheet
  • Printer.css - Contains style information specific for printing (part of the fix for page breaks)


It's possible to copy all the CSS styling and place it inside the template itself so that external styles are not needed.

Just make sure the CSS code remains in the same order as it is listed above.


Author: Christopher Mullins


What's New in Version 1.0.2   See changelog


Noticed a HTML syntax error (didn't affect the browser display) so I fixed it.


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