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Book in review

I'm going to add a topic called "Book in review " 

I will add a book here from time to time,  and discuss it.

First up:

Enemies for Hire (EH)

EH has about 30 villains to look over.   Some have interesting comments. 


First,  let me point out that most of the villain are under 300 points. These are not powerhouses.   If the PCs run 300 to 350, they might be pushed over with little effort.   So, you might consider making them more powerful. 


I like my foes to go toe to toe with the PCs.  Or at least be a challenge.   But I don't want the work of doing it myself.   So, I may not use this supplement.   


Of course there are ways to make them a threat.  Many of the powers have interesting advantages.   It's all how you set up the scene. 


That's all I have for now. 


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