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This club is to discuss Champions and their supplements of 5th edition, or prior to 5th edition.
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  2. It has been a very long time since I've posted here. Medical issues. So, going into the subject of Enemies, I want to talk about 2 iconic major bad guys. Dr. Destroyer said Mechanon. Both have been around since basically day 1. One of the first books was The Island of Dr. Destroyer. And one of the major first villains was Mechanon. One wants to rule the world, the other wants to destroy all life. Both have had major changes. The Book of the Destroyer and the Book of the Machine go into great detail. But be careful when usi
  3. Panda and Raccoon are villains from different walks of life. Both were born with unusual features. Panda was a poor orphan and Raccoon was from a rich family that kept him hidden away. They met. Fell in love, and are married to each other. Both have martial arts and I am surprised neither is hunted br Genicide (now called IHA) They both appeared in the original Enemies book and in Classic Enemies. I also think they were in the original Island of Doctor Destroyer but I don't have that book and cannot confirm this. In the original Enemies book. Martial arts is no
  4. To Serve and Protect is the next book I will comment on. The premise is simple. A hero group (the Protectors) get a hold of a mystical pendant that changes each member after they touch the pendant. The go from a group that captures villains into true killing vigilantes. The now desire to "purify" the earth by destroying all evil. Even if it means destroying everything else as well. Now there are a few unanswered problems in this book. First, it is obvious it is not a mental attack, but rather a transformation attack. This is obvious as one of the
  5. For a while now, I have been using the supplements, Demon's Rule. It's a good game to start off with. Although, I did make Runt a lot more powerful to go toe to toe with the heroes. It starts out with demons gathering steet thugs together to work for them. Let me tell you, street thugs are easy to defeat. Unless they have a gun on an NPC, or have something tricky up there sleeve that is.. The street thugs are stage 1. They are to introduce the demons and their schemes. The second stage is the demons attacking a museum. This is wh

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