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This club is to discuss Champions and their supplements of 5th edition, or prior to 5th edition.
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  2. Okay, unknown fans. I thought I would give an update on what's happened in the story, without giving up too many details of the Demons Rule adventure. If I say Beverly, Massachusetts then Katonah, New York then Pendleton, Indiana then Ukkusiksalik National Park (of Canada) you get an idea of how the path of the Demons Rule adventure led back to very close to whence it began, which is Southeast of Manchester, New Hampshire. This is where the final battle takes place, for those of you who have already read the book Demons Rule. You may have assumed by now that Cherokee Shamaness is the PC involved in this adventure. Good assumption. Cherokee Shamaness was intended to be a solo PC since I did not have a group of players who wished to play. I had one player wishing to play who unfortunately did not comprehend the rule system of the game. So, I built what my player described she wanted her hero to do. To teach my player how game play and combat works in Champions, I gave her what i felt was the easiest female superhero to run that was available to me at the time- Sapphire of the Champions as presented in Champions Superpowered Roleplaying: A Genre Sourcebook for Hero System 5th Ed. I placed the headquarters of the Champions in Millennium City since I had that sourcebook also. Instead of instructing my player to play all the complications of Sapphire as if she was Corazon Valenzuela, I allowed my player to use her own personality- which was a bit different psychologically than Sapphire's personality as described in her bio. I kept the physical disads of Sapphire in play- her susceptibility to hard radiation and vulnerability to light-based attacks stayed active. Ironically, my player role-played Sapphire's psychological complications fairly accurately without being prompted to do so. She even began forming a closer romantic bond with Ironclad than mentioned in Sapphire's Personality/Motivations- she as Sapphire made the advancements. Ironclad I role played as a bit apprehensive of the affair- he was worried how the 'real' Corazon may take offense to his part in it. As time went forward in play I incorporated a way to 'separate' my player's envisioned hero that she wanted to use for gameplay from the NPC hero Sapphire that she was playing. By now I had created the original write-up for Cherokee Shamaness for my player to run. Sapphire was then amended with a multiform- but of course since Cherokee Shamaness was the character with the higher point total, it was really Cherokee Shamaness's multiform with instant change. Hence, the dimensional movement that is actually a summoning prayer, with a cursed possession. I don't think I accurately designed this effect though. I think it should have a major transformation linked onto the dimensional movement of the character affected by the summoning of Cherokee Shamaness..? I also wanted to leave an option that the possessed character would not necessarily have be the one to die absolutely, if circumstances were amended. But somebody must die for the effects of the Cherokee Shamaness possession to fully take place, definitely. This is how Cherokee Shamaness was born long ago. As an introduction on adventuring I ran the Champions Battlegrounds adventure supplement. During the "Fatal Attractions" chapter of the story an explosion takes place that knocks out Cherokee Shamaness in her Sapphire form, and Night Hawk also, who was helping out his team mate Sapphire rescue people off of the Speeding Bullet roller coaster. Now mind you that just before this encounter the Champions had been summoned to England by the New Knights of the Round Table. Albion of the New Knights had a papyrus that pointed at Cherokee Shamaness. The papyrus had one quote of a prophesy that pointed to Shamaness's destiny. "The Defender of Realms shall be let loose by fire and dreams, the Omega shall become the Alpha." This papyrus had been recovered by Night Hawk as he was investigating the smuggling lines of a new drug showing up in the U.S., originating from Europe, dubbed Exocaine. During his investigation he connected the buy of the drug to a plot to steal an artifact from the British Museum. When he staked out the museum he observed and engaged Durak of Eurostar as he was attempting to steal the artifact- a papyrus. He recovered the papyrus which had ancient hieroglyphs, but Durak got away. Albion requested to examine the glyphs, and by this point in the timeline UNTIL is aware of the entrance of Shamaness, because Sapphire had been acting distinctively "out of character". As it turned out the "Under Construction" chapter of Battlegrounds had by this time taken place- out of sequence- and during the pre-battle as they staked out the construction site, Ironclad and Sapphire (Shamaness) had become closer. The battle of "Under Construction" resulted with the Champions being beaten. Holocaust was the only combatant left standing, he accomplished his goal (not stated on purpose) and then fled the scene as UNTIL intervened. This of course was not taken very humbly by the director of PRIMUS, one Col. Vasquez- Col Peter Glenn has retired as director in my campaign. So at Omega World theme park, BOOM! Sapphire and Night Hawk are knocked unconscious- and into the Dream Zone- and Cherokee Shamaness gets knocked free of Sapphire and becomes a new PC assisting the Champions in the Battlegrounds adventure. After they get back to the theme park from their multi-dimensional jaunt, this is. An adventure within an adventure. The main villain of Battlegrounds did not plan on Cherokee Shamaness being part of the Champions team. Soooo, he contacts a now free Holocaust and hires him, and he hires 2 War Machine members who share his desire to depose of the Champions. You can see what happens next. "Down in the Hole" puts all but Cherokee Shamaness "in the ground." RIP Champions. Sorry, not sorry. So, as a depressed and grieving Cherokee Shamaness (she was indeed very sad that her friends, the Champions, had been killed) is hanging out at the Millennium City headquarters of the Champions, she gets contacted by a PRIMUS Wizard. One Clayton "Silver-Wolf" Okamura of the Meriquai Falls PRIMUS branch is needing her help to solve a case. You know, I placed Meriquai Falls geographically based on the real world location of Omaha, and wouldn't you know it that Council Bluffs, Iowa does indeed have a lot of ghost tales for its small area. Makes sense to me why the the writers of this scenario chose what they did for "Bottler of Destruction". Anyway, that scenario leads to Widows and Orphans, which brings in the 'New' Haven women's shelter (in southern Meriquai Falls, that is next to Revolution) as a temporary residence for Fantasy. The Krazy Killer Klowns are my version of Clown Alley. They try to kidnap Fantasy for ransom $$, and fail. Of course, Shamaness gets to meet the Omega Legion members during all this. Darren Davenport has not been Crimson Hawk for over 5 years until Cherokee Shamaness gets involved with the Meriquai Reservation. A rape charge and murder is linked to Crimson Hawk, not Davenport, so Darren has been focused on being an excellent CEO for Impulses Unlimited and he has not taken the form of Crimson Hawk all this time. His sister Moon Ok-hwa who volunteers at New Haven introduces him to Cherokee Shamaness. In comes the Jack of Spades of Cardshark, shades of N.I.L.E. and Widows Peak intrigue, and the Dulag and the Coin Collector of DEMON make their bids too, with Luther Black secretly pulling the strings. Dulag actually gives a piece of the Smoking Mirror relic to Shamaness, while the Collector gets Shamaness to sign a contract for a coin... I made Cricket the niece of Silver-Wolf Okamura. Silver-Wolf notifies Cricket that Wizard has Barren pressing robbery charges for his jewelry store. Also he warns that PRIMUS has been issued the task of serving the warrant for Shamaness's arrest since she is too powerful for the MFPD. The girls that Shamaness foiled robbing Barren's jewelry store were some of Hail Mary's young recruits... …Upon a trip into the Dream Zone that Cherokee Shamaness made, Jean Lejaques the Dimension Man had stolen the Crown of the Queen of the Dream Zone. Silly Dimension Man took the Queen’s Crown and dimensionally jumped to Olympus, and like a fool traveled across the River Styx to Tartarus. Once in the Underworld Lejaques became a prisoner among the dead. For Cerberus would not allow him to travel back across the Styx, and his power was somehow unusable while in the Underworld. If not for ingenious dialogue with the two-headed guardian Cerberus that allowed her passage into the Underworld (not to mention some excellent rolls for skills and powers that “helped to persuade” Cerberus) Dimension Man may have spent an eternity trapped in the Underworld. As reward for her efforts Cherokee Shamaness was presented this ring: Golden Ring from Zeus & Hades: An Obvious Accessible Focus (-1) Independent (-2) 25 pts real cost; 100 active pts Multipower: Lightning & Thunder Ring of the Gods 3u 4d6 EB RKA, +1 STUN Multiplier (+1/2) Lightning Bolt, 9 END 3u 14d6 EB, ½ END (+1/4) Thunderbolt, 4 END 3u 13d6 EB, Armor Piercing (+1/2) Thunder Strike, 10 END 3u 4d6+1 EB RKA, One Hex Area Effect (+1/2) Lightning Field, 10 END 3u 10d6 EB, Area Effect Cone (+1) Thunderclap, 10 END 3u 12d6 EB, Affects Desolidified (+1/2) Spirit Lightning, 9 END 4u 4d6 +1 HKA (6 & 1/2d6 with STR and Martial Arts added) Ranged (+1/2) Thunder Tomahawk, 10 END 6 Lightning Teleportation 12”, 12 END 10 +2 OCV w/ Ring powers TOTAL COST: 63 pts I wish I could tell you more. But i would just spoil too much. Merry Christmas and other Holi and Holy days too. Blessed Be.
  3. Classic Enemies Enemies I Enemies II Enemies III Enemies - villainy unbound Enemies of San Angelo High Tech Enemies Enemies Assemble Conquers, Killers, and Crooks Predators (Dark Champions) Creatures of the Night Enemies for Hire Villains, Vandals, and Vermin Enemies - international Files Underworld Enemies (Dark Champions) European Enemies Alien Enemies Murder Row (Dark Champions) Arcane Adversaries Evil Unleashed Note, many enemies have been omitted including Viper and Demon
  4. This is the 5th ed. Cherokee Shamaness: Val Cost 20 STR 10 8d6 HTH dam, Lift 400 kg 26 DEX 48 25 CON 30 OCV/DCV: 9 ECV: 8 15 BODY 10 15 INT 5 Phases: 2,4,6,7,9,11,12 25 EGO 30 25 PRE 15 PER roll 12- 20 COM 5 EGO roll 14- 15r PD 11 15r ED 10 7 SPD 34 15 REC 12 70 END 10 48 STUN 10 CHARACTERISTICS TOTAL= 240 Skills/Talents 3 Acting 14-, 3 Acrobatics 14-, 3 Analyze Magic 12-, 22 Animal Handling: amphibians, arthropods, bats, bears, birds, bovids, bovines, camels, canines, dragons, equines, felines, insects, magical/mythical creatures (5pts worth), raptors, reptiles, rodents 14- 3 Breakfall 14-, 3 Bribery 14- 3 Combat Driving 14-, 3 Combat Piloting 14- 3 Computer Programming 14- 3 Concealment 14-, 3 Conversation 14- 3 Cramming: complimentary for computer/cyber powers only (-¼) 12- 3 Disguise 12-, 3 Electronics 12-, 3 Forgery 12-, 3 Gambling 12-, 3 High Society 14- 45 Languages: Tsalagi (Cherokee) is native & idiomatic; Fluent conversation with: Algonquian (Objibwe), American Sign, Athabaskan (Apache), Cantonese (Chinese), Castilian (Spanish), Chahta Anumpa (Choctah), Devanāgarī (Modern Hindi), Dine' Bizaad (Navajo), English, Egyptian (ancient & modern), Farsi (Persian), Francaise (French), German (Deutsch & North), Gaelic, Greek (ancient & modern), Guk-eo (Korean), Hebrew (Israeli Standard), Indonesia Malay, Inuktitut (Arctic Indigenous), Iroquoian (Seneca), Italiano, Japanese, Kanyen'kéha (Mohawk), Mandarin (Chinese), Mayan, Meriquia, Moldavan (Romanian), Mongolic, Nahuatl (Aztec), Niimi'ipuutímt (Nez Perce'), Pama–Nyungan (Australian Aboriginal), Runa Sima (Quechua), Russkiy Yaz'ik (Russian), Samoan (Polynesian), Semitic (Arabic), Siouan (Lakota), Swahili, Tagalog, Tsėhésenėstsestȯtse (Cheyenne), Uto-Aztecan (Commanche), Yiddish (Eastern & Western) 3 Linguist (skill enhancer) 3 Lockpicking 14- 3 Magic Skill (based on EGO) 14- Martial Arts OCV DCV Effect/Damage 4 Block. +2 +2 abort 4 Disarm -1 +1 50 STR to disarm 4 Dodge — +5 abort 4 Escape +0 +0 55 STR vs grabs 5 Off Stk -2 +1 12d6 strike 9 +3 skill lvls w/ MA, 16 +4 DC w/ MA 3 Mechanics 12-, 3 Mimicry 12-, 3 Oratory 14- 3 Paramedics 12-, 3 Persuasion 14- 3 Riding 14-, 3 Security Systems 12- 3 Seduction 14-, 3 Shadowing 12- 3 Sleight of hand 14-, 3 Stealth 14- 3 Streetwise 14-, 15 Survival: arctic, forest, desert, jungle, lake and sea 12- 3 Systems Operations 12- 3 Tactics 12- 3 Tracking 12-, 3 Trading 14-, 5 Transport Fam: wagons/carriages, light vehicles, light aircraft, light water craft 10 Weapon Fam: com melee, uncom melee, com mar arts, com missle, small arms 6 Weaponsmith: muscle-powered HTH, muscle-powered ranged & firearms 14- 2 KS Agriculture 11- 3 KS Animal Spirits & Totems 14- 2 KS Arctic fauna & flora 11- 3 KS Carnival/Amusement park operations 12- 2 Coastal fauna & flora 11- 2 KS Desert fauna & flora 11- 2 KS Healing Herbs 11- 2 KS Magic/Shamanism 11- 3 KS Native American lore & legends 12- 2 KS Plains fauna & flora 11- 2 KS Prostitution & trafficking 11- 2 KS Ranching 11- 2 KS Spirits/Religions 11- 3 PS Small Business Housekeeping/Janitorial services 14- 3 PS Escort 14- 20 +2 overall skill lvls TALENTS/ PERQS 9 Ambidexterity: no off hand penalty 37 Danger Sense: as sense, out of combat, any danger in general area; 12- INT or 14- EGO 4 Eidetic Memory: complimentary for computer/cyber skills and powers only (-¼) 3 Lightning calculator: complimentary for computer/cyber skills and powers only (-¼) 5 Lightning reflexes: +4 DEX to go first (30 DEX) 3 Light sleep: + 6 PER roll to wake up for hearing sense group 23 Contacts (15 pts worth) with several individuals & groups, variable w/ adventures (+½) POWERS 10 Analyze/Tracking: smell sense 12- 6 Animal heightened senses +2 PER roll with all senses 5 Active Sonar: detects limited class of objects 3 Ultrasonic hearing perception 90 Damage Reduction 50% PD/ED/Mental 60 Detect Animals: smell and hearing group (analyze, discriminatory, large class of animals, ranged, 360-degree arc of perception) 12- 6 Extra-Dimensional Movement: primarily to summon Shamaness from Spirit World dimension to Earth dimension; may occur from Spirit World to any dimension at any location & at any time when conditions are met, Independent "The Legend of Cherokee Shamaness" prayer & curse, requires sacrifices of slain people or animals (-2) extra time 1 moon or month to activate after prayer spoken (-5) Incantations prayer (-¼) gradual effect 1 week before Shamaness may be totally in her own body, must share body with a host, after 1 week host will perish (-2) no conscious control (-2) 21 Life Support: Does not age, reduced eating & sleeping to once per week, reduced rate of 1 END per 5 min when holding breath, safe in intense heat & cold environments, immune to phytotoxins & zootoxins (not alcohol or related fermentation) 7 Healing: 2d6 Body Spirit Healing, concentrate ½ DCV (-¼) extra time 1 turn (-1¼) Gestures (-¼) Incantations prayer (-¼) 20 Luck 4d6 15 Mental Defense 15 Power Defense 15 Resistant Defenses PD & ED 63 Multipower: Magical Mentalist for Animal, Human & Cyber Minds 6u Animal Command: 10d6 Mind Control w/ telepathic communication (+¼) animals only (-¼) 6 END 6u Animal Communication: 12d6 Telepathy, animals only (-¼) 6 END 5u Cyber illusions: Mental illusions 10d6, machine class of minds, not to cause harm (-¼) 5 END 5u Find Minds: 10d6 Mind Scan for animal minds primarily, may find familiar human and cyber minds- friends & loved ones- Uncontrolled for human or cyber minds (-1) 5 END 5u Linked Minds: Mind Link with up to 20 animals and/or summoned creatures any distance or dimension, may achieve mind link with familiar human and cyber minds- friends & loved ones- Uncontrolled for human & cyber minds (-1) 5 END 6u Mental Control: Mind Control 12d6, human & cyber minds 6 END 6u Mental File Erasure/Re-write: 1d6 Major Transform for computer & video files/tapes, works on analog/digital files, BOECV (+1) Ranged (+½) Continuous (+1) Cumulative w/ 2x max points (+¾) Extra time to activate 1 min (-1½) 4 Charges per day (-½), Concentrate ½ DCV (-¼) Requires Magic skill roll to activate (-¼) 3x Endurance cost (-1) 18 END 6u Mind Visions: Mental illusions 12d6, human minds 6 END 6u Vamp of Will: 3d6 EGO Transfer from target to Shamaness, Ranged (+½) Requires EGO skill vs skill roll to activate (-½) 6 END 10 +2 lvls w/ Multipower 90 Creature Minions: Summon up to sixteen 350pt animals or magical/mythical creatures or beings- no humans or cybers (+3/4) Devoted to Shamaness (+1) Act. roll 14- (-½) Concentrate ½ DCV (-¼) ) Full phase (-½) 2x END cost (-½) 49 END 110 Grande Creature Minions: Summon up to four 700pt animals or magical/mythical creatures or beings- no humans or cybers (+¾) Devoted to Shamaness (+1) Act. roll 14- (-½) Concentrate 0 DCV (-½) Full phase (-½) Gestures (-¼) Incantations (-¼) 4 charges or use of this summon every 2 days (-¼) 2x END cost (-½) 83 END CHARACTERISTICS TOTAL Cost= 240 SKILLS/TALENTS/POWERS Cost = 980 TOTAL COST= 1,220 COMPLICATIONS: 15 Amnesia- a Psych. Limitation: Player fails to remember her past, or past events of the campaign on a regular basis. Player also doesn't remember past lives or adventures and NPC's met before this campaign. Also, timeline of events and scenario locations of the present, and names of NPC's of the present may become blurred, as will remembering to keep known skills and powers available for use (requires a successful INT roll for skill or power operation on a lvl one Unluck roll or greater in the scenario) Common Situation, serious implications 5 Casual Killer: for Shamaness and many of her summoned animals & creatures, moderate, can cause major problems 10 DNPC: Crimson Hawk; less powerful, frequently appears 11- 10 DNPC: Cricket; less powerful, freq 11- 10 DNPC: Moon Ok-hwa (Jade Phoenix); less powerful, freq 11- 5 Enraged: when intentions of her "goodness" or motives are questioned by authority; uncom, 11-, 11- 10 Enraged: when friends or loved ones are threatened or hurt- this includes most animals, but especially those animals devoted to Shamaness, com, 11-, 11- 10 Hunted by The Bogeyman: as powerful, 11- extensive non-combat influence, to torment and destroy Shamaness for several defeats from this dimensional defender "Cherokee Shamaness" 5 Hunted by Crossbow: as powerful (when well equipped and he has all of his animals) 11- in certain geological area- for now, he'll get out soon- wants to turn Shamaness into a stuffed and mounted trophy piece for beating him and putting him into prison 10 Hunted by Demoiselle Noctoturne: as powerful, 11- extensive nci, Shamaness has defeated her once & is a worthy opponent to destroy 0 Hunted by Icicle: less powerful, 8- in certain geographical area, wants to imprison or kill for putting her into prison 5 Hunted by Krazy Killer Klowns: as powerful (as a group when well equipped) in certain geographical area, 8- wants to imprison or kill Shamaness for putting them into prison 15 Hunted by Manitou & Totem Equalizers: as powerful, 11- extensive nci, wants to enslave or kill Shamaness for thwarting their alliance with Tezcatlipoca and their plans of destroying the "invaders" 0 Hunted by Mind Slayer: less powerful, in certain geographical area, 8- wants to imprison or kill for putting her into prison 10 Hunted by Martika Dusquene: less powerful, 8- extensive nci, wants to enslave, imprison or kill Shamaness for getting her daughter Witchcraft killed 5 Hunted by Prima Donna, less powerful, 8- in certain geographical area, 8- wants to imprison or kill Shamaness for saving Fantasy 5 Hunted by Roger Dusquenne: less powerful, 8- extensive nci, wants to ruin, imprison or recruit Shamaness into The Circle of Scarlet Moon 5 Hunted by Talisman: less powerful, 8- wants to imprison or kill for getting her sister killed 15 Hunted by Tezcatlipoca: more powerful, 8- wants to kill or make Shamaness his consort to enslave the world under his empire, also wants to punish Shamaness for the defeat she handed him and his followers 15 Psychological predisposition: Naive, easily trusts and follows the guidance and directions of people of authority who seem to have good intentions. Seldom questions con games until too late when person(s) pretend to be good. Situation is frequent, and can have serious consequences for the welfare and destiny of the player. 10 Overconfident: Common, Moderately affects 10 Reputation: Powerful magic user who has the ability to summon a small army of deadly animals and creatures, and also can bend the minds of animals, humans and machines, freq 11- 10 Social Lim: Public i.d. freq 11-, major inconveniences and difficulties 10 Susceptibility to alcohol: 3d6 STUN & 1d6 INT Drain instantly per 2 oz. of alcohol (10% by vol. is beginning ratio) when alcohol consumed, not recoverable for 1 day after drink is consumed. 10 Unluck: 2d6 10 Vulnerability to Sonics: 1 1/2x STUN & BODY 20 Vulnerability to Radiation: 2x STUN & BODY 5 Watched by Archmage of Earth's Dimension: more powerful, 8- has extensive non-combat influences, wants to make sure prophecies for Shamaness are fulfilled, cautious that Shamaness may have to be destroyed to save Earth dimension 5 Watched by Cardshark: more powerful, 11- extensive nci, manipulating Shamaness to work for Cardshark endeavors, but will kill or imprison her if interests are threatened 10 Watched by DEMON and Inner Circle members Coin Collector and DaLang, also Luther Black: more powerful, 8- extensive nci, wants to manipulate Shamaness to help summon Kings of Edom and harness the Elder Gods' powers 5 Watched by Dr. Yin Wu: more powerful, 8- wants to manipulate Shamaness to help institute Ancient China Dynasty Dominance of the world 5 Watched by IHA: more powerful, 8- extensive nci, waiting to see if Shamaness can be manipulated to kill or imprison other dangerous paranormals but may imprison or kill her in the future 5 Watched by the Infinite Man: more powerful, 8- He is fascinated by Shamaness and wants to understand how her "Purity of Heart" stance functions; will it prevail against the darkness? He may at times help the darkness become more intensified 0 Watched by Interface: less powerful, 8- Shamaness has already helped Interface to assassinate heros, what more can she be manipulated to do? 0 Watched by New Knights of the Round Table: more powerful, 8- interested in prophecies involving Shamaness (primarily Albion) 0 Watched by NILE: as powerful, 8- Shamaness has already interfered with part of NILE's operations, if she becomes a threat… 15 Watched by PRIMUS & Col. Vasquez: more powerful, 11- ext nci, Shamaness has accepted operative status and then has gone rogue or at least shown criminal behavior, if needs must imprisonment or termination is possible 0 Watched by Spider Grandmother: more powerful, 11- extensive nci, Shamaness has been called forth to protect the Heart of Spider Grandmother and Meriquai and all of Earth Mother from the encroaching roots of the Dark Tree of Death 5 Watched by Trismegistus Council: more powerful, 8- extensive nci, many questions to be answered about Shamaness 10 Watched by UNTIL: more powerful, 8- extensive nci, questionable whether Shamaness is an asset or a threat at this time Hunted/Watched by VIPER & The Council of Thirty: ? Watched by Archimandrite Lanzol Callixtus: ? Watched by Ma Lin Mao: ? Watched by Widow: ? Watched by Zues and other Olympians: ?? COMPLICATIONS TOTAL= 310 250 Base pts 250 pts from compli/disads 700 pts Shamaness Exp bonus Crystal Dawn was born to Rosa Dawn Blackthorn near Atwood, Oklahoma. The birth would have taken place at a hospital, but since Rosa had been drinking Salty Dogs all that afternoon, the hospital would not give her painkillers to relieve the contraction pains that were coming. Rosa left with a grimace on her face and went to the farm of a retired veterinarian she knew of nearby. The 'animal doctor' would give her something for the pain. So, Crystal Dawn Blackthorn was born near 3AM in a barn. The birth was hard on Rosa, she lost a lot of fluids. But at least she got the baby out of her body with less pain than the hospital was willing to relieve her. After that Rosa was back on the road. Crystal Dawn grew up with no stable place to stay for most of her childhood. Her mother Rosa Dawn always had another town to be in, and more gentlemen friends to entertain all the time. Crystal found the animal friends she made showed her more love than her mom or any of her mom's friends. Occasionally, Rosa would take Crystal to visit Crystal's grandparents on their ranch. The ranch animals were kind and cared for Crystal also. By age seven, Crystal Dawn found that anytime she really needed a friend, if she called on an animal friend they would be there for her. Animals seemed to understand Crystal so much better than people. At age nine, Crystal Dawn's grandmother began calling young Crystal "Butterfly", because of the way she fluttered around so joyfully on the ranch at play. She was quite a tomboy and able ranch hand too. By age ten Crystal began running away from her mom. Finally, at thirteen she found a home in the traveling carnival. There Crystal learned the way carnies work and live, and she was allowed to help in the feeding, training and shows of the carnival animals. Crystal became skilled at fixing most of the rides, and was gifted at troubleshooting the electronics of the control mechanisms and security systems when they malfunctioned too. Fate came about one day as Crystal was fixing a roller coaster frozen on the tracks over 150 feet in the air. The coaster brakes disengaged suddenly, and Crystal Dawn "Butterfly" plunged to her death. She was 19 years old. Long ago Dog was told by Wakan Tanka to take a bucket of stars, and place the stars here and there carefully. Dog grew bored after a time with his job, and threw the stars here and there hurriedly and haphazardly to get the job over and done. Thankfully, Spider Grandmother webbed the stars back into order for the cosmos to be as we see. Sometime after that Cherokee, a sister tribe to Meriquai, lived far to the North and East. Cherokee ways were peaceful and plentiful, until some others came into the land and brought war. When a village came under attack, and nearly all in the village were laying dead after the slaughter and burning, one dying woman prayed to save her people. She cried out to the animal spirits for help, for by this time, the animals were the only ones left alive near her. Cherokee Shamaness came forth. Cherokee Shamaness came first to defend her people, and hers alone. Over the thousands of years since she first came out of the ashes of that smoking village, she has returned again and again many times, and in many places. Cherokee Shamaness now defends ALL who have the Truth and Love of the Purity of Heart. This is worth defending. Recently, Spider Grandmother has called Cherokee Shamaness to Meriquai Falls to help defend Meriquai and Earthmother from the coming of many dark things. Shamaness has been to many places on Earth down through the Millennia. Shamaness has spoken to many people, and learned their languages. She has fought in many battles through time, and Cherokee Shamaness has traveled to many realms. Each time she comes well armed and skilled for the battles she must fight in the realms she travels. Unfortunately, every time the Shamaness returns, there must be great sacrifices made to bring her from the Spirit World to the physical world. This time is no exception to the times that Cherokee Shamness has come before. GM's note: Cherokee Shamaness summons just about any animal that walks the earth, plus many magical creatures from the Beastiary 4th and 6th editions. Her creatures can also come from the Asian Beastiary Vol. 1 & 2, but she is unfamiliar with who she has as allies during this campaign due to her amnesia. Once successfully "re-friending" certain animals or creatures from Asia, more helpers can join her roster for summoning.
  5. Demons Rule re-revisted: I have used the Demons Rule adventure twice in the past with superhero team PC's that were fairly accomplished. The first run of Demon Rule i GM'd was long ago when the 4th edition was still fresh. A group of five, 300 pt supers had their hands full because one of the players had designed himself a "ghostman" type hero that could possess the bodies of npc's or even other pc's. I decided possessing the body of one or more of the Chaos Demons was too much of an edge for my heros. I modified the Clock Demon taken from "Challenges for Champions" to be what awaited this body thief hero in a pocket dimension when he tried to possess one of the demons. Recently, I have a lone PC in my campaign who has made contact and teamed up with another superhero group. This PC was fairly familiar battling gangster npc's taken mainly from Dark Champions supplements before i restarted Demons Rule, after more than 25 years. This PC hero has been going up against sinister gang members before the demons come on the scene. So the youngster aspect (teens and early 20's) of the demon's human gang member followers presented a challenge to this powerful hero who "doesn't want to hurt the kids". I beefed up ALL of the demons- Runt has 3-shot autofire with his strength and the martial maneuvers of grab, crush, throw, sacrifice lunge, etc. Morgalis has a 90 pt cosmic PP and 15pts stand-alone mental def. Psycho has a 4 1/2 d6 AP HKA and MA maneuvers that have lvls, as well as a couple all-HTH combat lvls independently. All the demons were given some onboard mental defenses. Even dumb Runt gets 5pts worth of mental Defense. I find that running every particle of the plot of Demons Rule is rewarding. The role playing that carried over from Dark Champions flavored scenarios that have already set the stage of this campaign- like the Angels of the Demons Rule supplement are painted as "more a social club". But with Hail Mary from Underworld Enemies being the leader of the Angels, and she's even being seduced and brainwashed with not only Wire, but Exocain, and riches and power, through the promise of "young gangs united" by Wizard... Excellent!😀
  6. This time I'm going to talk about 2 adventures/supplements Stronghold and Escape from Stronghold (called Escape for ease of writing) Escape was probably the very first adventure supplement, designed during the very first edition of Champions. It's a bit rough around the edges, but not a bad supplement. When 5th edition came out, they updated it quite a bit. Both editions have guard robots. Escape had 3 types and Stronghold has 2. They eliminated the second type. Escape had Esper, Freon, Ripper, Sonar, Radar, and Indectoid. Insdctoid is a lot like Stronghold"s Dragonfly. Otherwise Stronghold has Requim (yes the same from Deathstroke [called Deathsinger], and the first Champions Universe), Frost (called Chiller in the first Champions Universe), Alchemica, Dragonfly, Geothermal, and Glacier. The guardbots can be reprogrammed, thus allowing a plot seed for Mechanon or other machine controlling villain. Geothermal is basically lava based. Glacier is ice based. Both in hot sleep and just screams plot seed. If hot sleep ever malfunctions... I can see them as natural enemies, but what if they work together? Lots of possibilities. Well, that's all for now. Thanks for reading.
  7. It has been a very long time since I've posted here. Medical issues. So, going into the subject of Enemies, I want to talk about 2 iconic major bad guys. Dr. Destroyer said Mechanon. Both have been around since basically day 1. One of the first books was The Island of Dr. Destroyer. And one of the major first villains was Mechanon. One wants to rule the world, the other wants to destroy all life. Both have had major changes. The Book of the Destroyer and the Book of the Machine go into great detail. But be careful when using them. Even the easiest incarnations were powerful and dangerous. Destroyer uses goons, and only the Book of the Machine describes Mechanon followers. But he could use others. High Tech Enemies, stronghold, mutant Files, and even viper has robots or Androids. Some Android villains even have Mechanon in their back story. So he could use the already made army. Plot seed! When using Destroyer or Mechanon, be sure and use a version that is challenging but not undefeatable. Usually work up to the main character by using his minions. And reward creativity. I guess that's all for now. Thanks for reading. And you can post things too.
  8. Panda and Raccoon are villains from different walks of life. Both were born with unusual features. Panda was a poor orphan and Raccoon was from a rich family that kept him hidden away. They met. Fell in love, and are married to each other. Both have martial arts and I am surprised neither is hunted br Genicide (now called IHA) They both appeared in the original Enemies book and in Classic Enemies. I also think they were in the original Island of Doctor Destroyer but I don't have that book and cannot confirm this. In the original Enemies book. Martial arts is not detailed. No maneuvers. Pluses or minuses for OCV or DCV. This can be rather problematic for new GMs. Thankfully those maneuvers were added in Classic Enemies. I think that they are included in a newer 6th Edition book, but don't quote me. Besides Martial arts they have another power which i think makes them more interesting. Panda has Ego blast and Mental defense in a multipower. As a GM. I would simply move them out of the multipower. Raccoon has the power of darkness. Which affects only IR and normal vision. He has Ultraviolet vision to see through this own darkness. Now Panda cannot see through Raccoon's darkness, but she does have danger sense if that was a problem. Panda gets extra damage from bullets (and fears guns) I'm not sure of the reason for doing this as anyone can own a gun. As a GM, I would probably drop the extra damage. I have given a few examples of how to improve Panda. To improve Raccoon, I would give him personal Immunity to his own darkness and increase it to include all sight. I have also considered giving him the power to shrink to the size of a Raccoon. Only recently have I used Panda and Raccoon and I enjoyed it. The married status gives them an almost unique feel. Very few villains note that they are married to another super powered individual. Well that's all for now. Thanks for reading.
  9. To Serve and Protect is the next book I will comment on. The premise is simple. A hero group (the Protectors) get a hold of a mystical pendant that changes each member after they touch the pendant. The go from a group that captures villains into true killing vigilantes. The now desire to "purify" the earth by destroying all evil. Even if it means destroying everything else as well. Now there are a few unanswered problems in this book. First, it is obvious it is not a mental attack, but rather a transformation attack. This is obvious as one of the Protectors is a mentalist. But the book doesn't tell you how many d6 the attack is. Plus there is a good chance that the player's characters will be affected (by just touching it) It also doesn't mention how to change people back. Many players may not mind playing a vigilante but most don't want it to be permanent. Obviously just talking to the infected doesn't work. So, options... You could have the pendant have only 12 charges. This would be enough for all the members of the Protectors plus a few scientists (3rd section) But either way there should be a way out of that mental state. A different pendant they must find, a ritual to perform, magic, and other options as well. You could even have the characters be able to be talked out of it. Maybe an attack that knocks them out sets them straight. That is up to the GM, but should be challenging for the player's characters. I do wish they had addressed this, but alas, what can you do? That's all for now.
  10. For a while now, I have been using the supplements, Demon's Rule. It's a good game to start off with. Although, I did make Runt a lot more powerful to go toe to toe with the heroes. It starts out with demons gathering steet thugs together to work for them. Let me tell you, street thugs are easy to defeat. Unless they have a gun on an NPC, or have something tricky up there sleeve that is.. The street thugs are stage 1. They are to introduce the demons and their schemes. The second stage is the demons attacking a museum. This is where i learned that Runt needs a power boost. So i added Lack of Weakness (since a hero had Find Weakness) , upped his defenses and even put a damage reduction at 1/4 There is one more section. Where the demons battle the heroes on an island. We haven't played that part yet. And I don't know if I will add the additional items search yet. The heroes have the scythe. The demons have the books. But if the heroes want to unbind the NPCs. They will need to take along the scythe. It's a pretty good supplement and I can't wait until we finish it. That's all for now.

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