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somewhat whimsical character names...


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So the central notion is a flying energy projector where the effective hero form centers on 1 level of shrinking, with normal mass.


Now of course a critical question is the character name.  His density is basically 8...hmm.  Not that many minerals have a density that high...and few that would work as a character name.  Cinnabar would work and set up a striking visual;  the good stuff is a gorgeous red.  It's also mercury sulfide so...ehh.  And it's insanely soft...2.5.  


Of the metals...copper would be fine too...yeahhhh...the character's hero name...Tommy Copper.



I'm still working on it, yes.

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I'm leaning to a cool visual effect.




Name would be Tempered Steel.  Side effect of powers...scroll down about halfway above, there's a cool image of the colors steel can take at different tempering temperatures.  Both offensive and defensive, I might add, altho any uniform/costume might largely hide most impacts.


Yes, I draw inspiration from bizarre places.......

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On 12/11/2020 at 11:18 PM, Tjack said:

   Small, dense, hard, brilliant energy.....Diamond?


I read something that would make this potentially fun.


In most gemstones...sapphire, beryl, tourmaline...color comes from impurities.  Add this element or elements, get this kind of color.  In diamonds it doesn't entirely work that way.  OK, blue diamonds are the result of boron.  But yellow, brown, and the VERY rare red, are caused by pressure-induced lattice distortions.  So you can use similar visuals;  the power flows cause localized, rippling disruptions and color shifts.  Not sure I'd go with plain "Diamond" per se but something along those lines.  Especially if the character has a sight Flash attack to go with the Blast. 


And a diamond-like body could be EXTREMELY scary as an HTH build.

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1 hour ago, unclevlad said:


And a diamond-like body could be EXTREMELY scary as an HTH build.

 Marvel Comics did this at least twice.
   The first was a Golden Age character revamped during the ‘80’s named Blue Diamond.  He was blown up with a giant blue diamond by bad guys. The fragments imbedded in him and gave him strength and durability.  A goofy origin I know, but it’s better than mongoose blood giving you super speed. 
   The second and better known one is the alternate form of the White Queen from X-Men.  Somehow this telepath has a “secondary mutation” that turns her into a living diamond.  On second thought that’s pretty goofy too.

   You can look them up on the Marvel Database, a site run by Marvel that has listings for all their characters.

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Nahhh.  There's always a hundred ways to interpret simple statements like this.  Diamonds chip very easily;  there's at least one plane where they have perfect cleavage.  They're also brittle;  they're easy to pulverize.  They're only hard to scratch in reality.  That wouldn't translate terribly well.


I use junk like "lattice deformations cause color in diamonds" as justification for complete foo. :)

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