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  1. During John Byrne’s Man of Steel reboot after Crisis on Infinite Earths. It was his way of explaining the invulnerability. He was also the one who came up with Superman having a form of touch telekinesis to explain why large/heavy objects didn’t crumble apart when he lifted them.
  2. The problem is with new players a word like “armor” can make things confused. Superman and Batman both have resistant PD (of different amounts) But Special Effect wise, Supes has a skin tight force field. While Bats has armor. When I started I originally thought all “armor”had to be Iron Man style.
  3. Emmylou Harris’s version of Pancho and Lefty as part of the Ken Burns Country Music documentary on PBS.
  4. Wow, a Stranger in a Strange Land reference. Cool.
  5. Yes they do. The Brits are still bitching about Dick Van Dyke’s accent in Mary Poppins. Wait til Lin Manuel Miranda’s version sinks in.
  6. You beat me to the punch on this reference, and you one up’ed me by including the video. I salute both you and your mustache sir!
  7. I always liked this series, but I loved it once someone told me to think of it as a Star Wars show. The Corsairs are X-Wings (radical new design giving them an edge for the first time) and the TIE Fighters were Japanese Zeros. (light armor makes them incredibly maneuverable and dangerous) A rag-tag group of misfit pilots at a forward base given missions both in the air and on the ground. It’s crazy but it works.
  8. It gives the production the chance to use all those leftover Game of Thrones sets. On second thought, that one might be real.
  9. Just rub the books across your forehead and say “didn’t happen, it’s not real ‘til it’s written down!” over and over until the pain stops.
  10. This is an off shoot of the “you can eat anything if you fry it and cover it in enough ketchup” school of cooking.
  11. There’s a trope that says he was up for the role of Captain Kirk before William Shatner was cast in Star Trek. He would have been good. It’s probably in that alternate universe we’re they chose Martin Landau for Spock.
  12. I think that was the plan, rather than it being a coincidence.
  13. Right now I have the TV on for background noise. It’s turned to the American History Channel, AHC. Or as I call it the All Hitler Channel. Currently it’s running a “documentary” about the Reich’s (re:psychotic scumbags) obsession with the occult called “Hitler’s Zombie Army”. Wow, the Golden Age Champions episodes just write themselves.
  14. Didn’t Western Hero or Fantasy Hero have stats for trained horses to strike out with their hooves at, and charge full speed (move thru) into bad guys?
  15. A couple of years after the Remo Williams movie came out one of my players did a Chuin “Master of Sinanju” character. The way he did it was to make a point of not having ANY martial arts. Instead of dodge he had desolid, with incantations. (“You missed”, “The seasons move faster!”, “You move like a baboon with two club feet!” etc.) He couldn’t throw a punch to save his life, but went through Viper agents like a tornado thru a trailer park. One of the most unusual and creative write-ups I ever saw. In short (too late) be creative in your choices, one of the best things about this system is it’s flexibility.
  16. Tjack

    STRIPE team alpha

    I like all your choices. But with limited space on the team, if you have Snake Eyes,Quick Kick is kind of redundant. You may want an electronics or computer specialist instead. You’re also missing a medic. Another place for ideas to structure a team would be the Mission: Impossible series or the movie Navy Seals.
  17. Wasn’t that written by the great Irish poet Dennis Leary?
  18. When he gets to the pearly gates I want him to look up and see a gigantic foot coming down....just before he gets squashed it stops and God comes out from behind a curtain and says “Just screwing with ‘ya mate, love your stuff. Come on, we got a seat right up front waiting for you. Hendrix and Joplin are going on in ten minutes. R.I.P.
  19. Usually it’s apprentice, then journeyman, and finally master.
  20. I think you’re expecting too much. These shows are bubble gum and popcorn. Enjoy them for what they are. What you want is Watchmen. Looking for consistency and strict logic from a show on the CW is like looking for high drama and real life situations in an issue of Archie comics.
  21. Yeah, once when Raymond Chandler was asked about the plot hole, he supposedly said “Beats the hell outta me.” (He was something of a drinking man.) When Robert B. Parker was commissioned to write a sequel he ties up the plot thread.
  22. “You’re a wee puppet man!!” - Spike
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