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  1. You’ve got a lot of interesting ideas here. What exactly would you like us to do? Chime in with character/backround ideas and plot lines or hang back a little more so you can bounce your plans off of us like a collective editor for your story or just help with the number crunching for stuff you’ve already got thought out? We’re pretty good at all three, but without some direction we tend to stampede in every direction at once. My first question is about the fact that 2030 is a lot closer now than it was before. Do you want to keep that as a hard start date or move the beginnin
  2. Yeah, that’s David Bowie on an average Thursday, but who’s the strange looking guy? I’m voting for either child pornographer or daywalking vampire.
  3. Don’t laugh, Michael Jordan started this way. I hear Frank Gorshon’s voice saying “We are white on the front half, they are black on the front half. that and something about “Star-bellied Sneeches”.
  4. No offense to the nice folks running that convention but I wouldn’t put any money down yet.
  5. The newspaper is good, but I find that people in general let alone gamers don’t pay attention to good advice unless it costs them something. Telling someone that something might be a bad idea just doesn’t have the weight as hearing the GM say “Roll three dice.” (whatever comes up) “Your Common Sense skill tells you that that plan will get you killed.” “Do you want to go through with it?”😈
  6. Shadowrun had for a time a perk you could buy called “Common Sense” whereby if you as the player decided on a course of action that the GM thought was a horribly bad/suicidal idea or if he realized that the player had forgotten some important consideration he would be obliged to warn the player in advance. I always thought that was the best possible use of points ever created.
  7. Most real world computer systems have complex security systems in place. Computer programming as a skill shouldn’t give a player the ability to do more than get into somebody’s home computer or install a virus program. Specialized skills like KS: Comp Hacking & KS: Comp Security should be bought for big jobs.
  8. Hey! Be nice! Wyle E. Coyote is my spirit animal. Self educated, focused on task, and above all...no matter what bad luck or disaster strikes. He says “screw ‘em all” gets back up and keeps going. He got me thru some bad times during physical therapy.
  9. I don’t know about that....I think that a villain or team of villains should roughly equal the heroes their up against. Either by individual output (like a supervillain) or by numbers (like a crew of henchmen). Heroes and players both get more out of achieving a hard fought win or even a stalemate over an tough obstacle than by breezing thru somebody built just to be defeated. I’ve sometimes had to put together villain teams just to show my players a lesson they wouldn’t learn any other way. Like how effective even a little teamwork or strategy can be. Or how even the most powerful
  10. I really meant that last part as kind of a joke. Thinking about GotF got me thinking about the Ellegon the Dragon character and how it would be fun as a GM to play him as an NPC.
  11. You’re absolutely right about the best and worst thing about the system....you can do ANYTHING. But some stuff shouldn’t be done and others are too difficult for a beginner to try. Think of somebody learning to drive being plopped down at the wheel of a 18 wheeled tractor trailer with a 12 speed standard transmission double clutch and overdrive. Take Iron Fist for example. It’s a pretty standard Martial Arts package with Energy Blast w/ limited charges. Or I once knew a madman player who did Chuin the Master of Sinanju without ever taking an MA maneuver. ie; Instead of Dodg
  12. The Warrior Lives! 🐲 (A minute later...) How about an NPC who got put into the body of a Dragon?
  13. Only you can prevent forest fires.....and has anybody seen my hat?
  14. It was in all the interviews with the band I’ve seen. But they were all more than 25 - 30 years after the song was on the charts. What load of silliness did they try telling the public before that?
  15. A lovely song about having done so much cocaine you can’t sleep and just sit there and twitch.
  16. Tjack


    Isn’t the Micronauts where Marvel got the character Captain Universe?
  17. Either way it makes a damn fine stew..
  18. I’ll see that and raise you one....How about a giant who takes a fresh corpse, jams his arm up its bottom and works it like Henson did Kermit. 🎶Why are there so many—Songs about rainbows🎶
  19. Patton Oswalt as MODOK and Nathan Fillion as Wonder Man! Wah-Hooooo!
  20. Hey and welcome Frosty one, I’d thought I’d start you off with the question and advice I give every new player. (And have said here numerous times) Who’s your favorite comic book character? Because that’s who I find is the easiest to understand and figure out the ways the powers/rules work. As an experienced Role Player you’ll already understand the dramatics of it all but the game mechanics are easier to picture if you’re already familiar with how they work in the books. Understanding the differences between accessible and inaccessible foci is easier if your thinking about
  21. Oh Merciful God! Don’t start this debate again!!!!!
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