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  1. I was looking at this and how cute it is and then I tried to figure out how it happened.......and then I got a cold chill and thought “Wow, I hope they’re all alive.” I know....I need professional help......and a LOT of medication.
  2. Yes a TOY rat. I’ve been bombing my niece with bizarre Halloween ideas for her sons. (My Grand-nephews, God I’m old) so I want no harm to EVER come to the kid I had in mind. Good point. The books came out in opposite time line as the film versions. I saw the image and didn’t consider the original source.
  3. Thanks for the image of a five year old in grey prison wear with a homemade cage on his head with a little toy rat inside.
  4. I know that scent. Too bad the wafers themselves tasted like lightly flavored chalk. Shouldn’t Count Orloff (Top row between Chocula and Lily) be “The original” since Nosferatu came out in the silent era. Bela Lugosi’s Dracula was from the 1930’s.
  5. I’m a big fan of Noble House. I nabbed the VHS version at a Blockbuster bin sale a long time ago. (As if you couldn’t tell) I think it’s funny that they used make up to age Pierce Brosnan into his 40’s for the story and he looks better now that he’s in his real life 60’s.
  6. If this picture was around more in 1977 it would have been obvious they were brother & sister.
  7. Authentic Lumberjack cake....now with bits of real Lumberjack baked inside.
  8. Part of Michael Jordan’s ability/curse about gathering a crowd is based in Champion’s terms as Unusual Looks. The man is nearly seven feet tall! It makes it tough to blend in with the crowd. Even if he weren’t famous he wouldn’t be able to walk through a mall or supermarket without drawing stares.
  9. Class was very good, more Torchwood (minus the sex) than Dr. Who. I was very surprised how long it took for someone to mention Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The entire underlying them of the show for all but the final few seasons was to turn real world teen situations into monsters. In some examples from the first season. The idea of a mother trying to relive her glory days through her daughter becomes a witch slowly switching over her daughters body from her own so that she can once again be head cheerleader and not make the mistakes of her past. An abusive boyfriend becomes a Jekyll & Hyde monster. Steroid abuse in athletes becomes a swim coach dosing the players with a formula that turns them into the creature from the Black Lagoon. The show also went into the whole secret ID thing and what happens when “normals” find out. How some have it within them to be an assistance and others are either terrified or in a twisted way attracted to the lifestyle. Despite the facts about Joss Whedon’s behavior behind the scenes coming to light. He wrote and ran one hell of a show.
  10. I’m not sure how this will be received, and it is in no way a shot at the wonderful work done by so many people I respect on this board. But.... When I was gaming and GM’ing, adventure books weren’t really much use to me. They were a great read and lots of fun but I couldn’t really run any of them. I was part of a group that had been gaming far longer than I had and any book I was going to pick up and use was already owned by somebody else and had been read by everybody else. Besides even if I was the sole possessor of an adventure, that was only a few nights of play. The books I found most useful over all were the settings books like Stronghold or the character books like The Blood & Dr. McQuark. I could mine those books over time for episode after episode. They gave me a springboard from which to create my own adventures. A straight adventure book wasn’t as useful back then as a stack of old comics, and I could get those cheap. Sorry again, but it is the truth.
  11. The Web, was a Tarantula expy who in the spy craze of the ‘60’s became part of an organization of the same name. The Shield was a Capt. America expy. The Comet was a flying blaster. The Jaguar was costumed werewolf type. I’ll have to check on the others, but that company was also bought by DC comics in the ‘90’s. It was renamed “The Impact Universe”. So they fit the slot for “We Bought ‘em’s”. I just checked. The Fly was a flying Spider-Man expy. The Black Hood was kind of a Punisher Lite and as a team they were known as The Crusaders
  12. Sorry for your loss, but GRANNY ZOMBIE! does sound like a pretty cool wrestler name. “She came from beyond the grave to bake cookies and kick a$$! And she’s all out of chocolate chips!
  13. I might change your “Blue Insect Man” into “Gadget Man” thus saving the name “Red & Blue Insect Man” for the wall crawling, web slinging guy from across the street. I might also include a “Big Thinker” character like Martian Manhunter, Captain Comet or Saturn Girl. Though psionics aren’t used much in DC, they are a popular character type in general.
  14. Not just Hollywood....more’s the pity.
  15. cysprhett is correct. That is what I meant. Kupperberg’s version was a complete 180 degree turnaround from the original. But this was during the “grim & gritty” phase comics went into after the successes of Dark Knight Returns and Watchmen. Peacemaker was used as a template for the Comedian so DC thought to make Peacemaker into a Comedian expy. It didn’t work.
  16. That was when they were trying to copy the Punisher, now they’re copying Deadpool.
  17. Well, the cliche in fantasy is to bind the hands and mouth of captive wizards so they can’t gesture mystically or incant a spell. In comics, Zatanna was taken out of a brawl when the Justice League took on Deathstroke by his making sure to hit her in the throat fast to keep her from using her backwards spoken magic.
  18. A story. Once upon a time, in the most distant reaches of the galaxy. There was a people, they were dreamers and shapers. Healers and makers. They combined nanotechnology and biotechnology in ways never seen before or since. They had many great skills, but they were not warriors. They gave their skills and gifts to any who came to them and asked. But they never left their home world because they loved it so. And all was well....until the day when some forgotten would be conqueror decided it would be better if only he controlled these gifts. Then the people’s beautiful home became a battleground for a thousand years. Over and over their lives were nothing more than a prize to be won. Passed from hand to hand, from one tyrant to another. Until even the name of their race was lost to history. They prayed for Justice. They wept for Justice. They cried out for Justice....but none came. After a millennium of bondage they decided to do that which was still abhorrent to them. They would leave the world of their birth. They shaped and grew the great living ships which would take the remainder of their race far from war and slavery. Out to the unknown stars. Hidden by their technology from all who would try to use them once more, they wandered and planned. The few who were left, those who didn’t will themselves to die from sorrow after leaving their world. They came to another great decision. If they received no Justice, they would make certain others would. They worked their greatest creation. A being that was both living creature and machine, both weapon and armor, both teacher and servant. One that would bond with someone they felt was worthy and who sought Justice not only for any wrongs that had been done to them but for everyone. They marked each of these with a sign, the last known glyph of their language. A symbol that stood for one who strove to defend and do what was right...a Paladin. They searched the cosmos for those with these qualities. They also kept watch in case power corrupted the bearer so that the gift could be taken away. The ones they found worthy were few but but all had risen to the call. Now they have come to Earth and found a young man to serve the cause.
  19. (In Game) Maybe we could make sure you could get loose at the drop of a hat? That way at least you could take off if anything does happen. Sorry, you folks have probably already thought this through. (OOC:) Is this an actual play or did somebody from the school write this? Either anyone looking to start trouble knows roughly where his target will be at any given time. Or they may have had a hand in the writing so they could control where the target will be?
  20. If the green-skinned alien space babes want us like we want cows and chickens, does it really matter?
  21. (In Game, before the announcement) That’s cool, I’ve heard of the show of course, but I never had a chance to watch it much, no offense. I’ll say one thing though, you’ve got a lot of guts appearing on stage in a dress. You’re a braver man than I am. Do you think you’ll take much grief over this?
  22. (OOC:) To the GM: Are they talking to us? Did they just walk up and dump all this info on three random teenagers for no reason? Did they catch that we may have seen a gun or something. I’m sorry but I don’t understand their motivation. To Steriaca: I the player, purposely threw something out there. It’s up to the GM to say what Rob may or may not have noticed.
  23. Hi, how are you doing? He said offering his hand. Wow, isn’t that something. Have they got you playing a female character or a guy in drag? (OOC:) Steriaca, Make your Deduction roll.
  24. If he said he was a British TV character would that make him Adam Adamant?
  25. Hi...Doreen right? I’ve seen you doing laps at the track? Who’s your friend? (OOC:) I don’t know what your character looks like in either form. Who would you cast in the roles? I’m not sure if your male form in drag would be a convincing girl in the bad lighting of back stage. If you never saw it I chose Nicholas Brendan, Xander from the first season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer to play John.
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