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  1. Knowing a little about the character might help. Whirlwind, Texas Twister and Red Tornado all have the same powers but the very different looking costumes of each says something about that person.
  2. This kind of advice is usually better if we have some idea about the kind of character we’re designing for. A character like Batman or the Shadow won’t generally have the same costume as a Captain America type. A rule of thumb I read once did say that green and purple are often villain colors while reds and blues were more heroic. Have you considered looking at some of the work done on Deviant.com or the work of Storn or other Champions or Comics artists for inspiration?
  3. Actually the lamp from the movie had only one leg as that was the logo for the Nehi (pronounced “knee-high”) soda company. Occasionally on M*A*S*H you’ll hear Radar ask for a Grape Nehi soda. It was a very big company in the Midwestern U.S. And with his King Geek title once more assured, Tjack returned to the Fortress of Geekitude and waited to once again sally forth (since he was being a big Sally) and correct the internet for the enlightenment & entertainment of everyone (re: nobody)
  4. 1) Never eat anything larger than your head. 2) Never eat anything where you can’t identify the ingredients. 3) Never eat anything that looks like vomit. Graham Kerr 1970’s TV chef “The Galloping Gourmet” He later withdrew the statement when someone brought up....Pizza.
  5. “I do one thing at a time, I do it very well, and then I move on.” Charles Emerson Winchester It may come from a silly place, but that sentence has helped me to stay relatively sane and effective during many a crisis.
  6. I don’t know what happened Officer. That nice fellow with the hairy lip got possessed by the Devil and started speaking in tongues. So being a good Christian, I went over to my truck, got my shotgun and blew his head off. I bet it happened ‘cause he got one of those vaccines.
  7. I have two working (as far as I know) VCR’s but no way to get them to connect to the (too many bells & whistles) big screen TV I was given.
  8. Come over here. Why? Because I don’t want to be tired from chasing you when I start beating you.
  9. Rocket powered extreme speed skating? Didn’t Wile E. Coyote win the gold medal for that? And the film clip of his run replaced that ski jumper for “The Agony of Defeat” on Wide World of Sports. Either “ Do you wanna play “Naughty Cabin Boy?” Or ”That’s not a wooden leg.”
  10. Huh, it must be a cultural thing. CoC is a fine enough game, especially if your country enjoys movies like The Ring. Modern horror is great stuff in general but, I just never got into the game because the characters have the longevity of a mayfly in a microwave. To each their own I guess.
  11. Between the movie not opening in China AND being released same day on Disney+ AND part of the public still being uncomfortable with gathering in large groups AND female leads in action movies often being weaker draws at the box office the figures aren’t going to work themselves out for quite a while.
  12. Ah, humor. Do I think that a cat laying on a box of veggies caused COVID? No. Do I think it’s a bad idea to eat food that an animal has been laying on......? I’m gonna go out on a limb and say yeah.
  13. The cat itself, maybe not.....repeated applications of feline urine and feces? That’s where COVID comes from.
  14. No trend goes onward and upward forever. Eventually the interest in movies with superheroes will peter out. But the important thing is that this genre that we love has proved to be a profitable one. The same as Westerns, Spy films, Sports movies or science fiction. Hollywood will continue to create any product that will make them money. The frequency of “comic book” movies may decrease but they will continue. And perhaps the winnowing process may even make the films that do come out even better.
  15. Tjack


    Neither is Joker. This is about what they think about themselves. She may think of herself and what she does as cute and clever. Many young girls have this view of themselves even while doing horrible things to their classmates. (slam books, internet bullying, etc.)
  16. Tjack

    Pulp Images

    The Secret of the Old Mill or The Secret of Why Dad Kept Mom’s old Clothes. Sorry, these old illustrations keep leading me to a dark place.
  17. Tjack


    Well, if she’s young, female and wears a fox mask, the (maybe too) obvious name would be...Vixen.
  18. Tjack


    Well, those are the powers. What is SHE like?
  19. I don’t know. But if he catches you, he drops the panties and then you’ll find out.
  20. Yeah, but he dresses like a girly, just like his dear papa! And nothing’s scarier than a gigantic bearded transvestite in his frilliest panties and bra barreling out of the woods with a chainsaw!
  21. Nothing says “I’m a complete psycho” quite like a chainsaw.
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