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  1. The “OK” gesture—-Simple Gesture American Sign Language for “beautiful day”——Complex Gesture
  2. Perhaps this is off topic or has been proposed before, and of course it would have to wait until after the lockdowns are all said and done, but... What about Hero sponsoring game days at local game and comic book stores? Get a local volunteer (maybe pay him off in downloadable freebies) to GM a trial game using this new free version of the rules and provide him with a starter episode and a bunch of handout starter characters. It’s advertising for the entire line of books, hardcopy and otherwise. Building a new customer base and at the very least getting the name HERO Games out there.
  3. I agree with many of your main points, as you can see from a number of my previous posts.
  4. My two favorites are 1) The villain organization. Viper, Hydra or an original design. With these you get the familiarity of a constant recurring enemy. The players get the satisfaction of real progress prevailing over a given evil plan. And by introducing a new commander or division of the group, you can keep your campaign from getting stale. One commander may rely heavily on high tech, another super mercenaries and a third on pacts with creatures from beyond. 2) The long range planner. Not necessarily a heavy hitter like Dr. Destroyer, but someone who knows what he wants to accomplish and how to make it happen over the long run. A little of these guys goes a long way and can be ruined by overuse. But putting the pieces together slowly can challenge a team and it’s players in ways no single episode can.
  5. Short, hard weapon. You can catch the premier on PornHub.
  6. Yeah, yeah, I was trying to avoid the term “loser’s table”. That’s what I came up with, it was late.
  7. I usually try to give a show a better chance than that but from the previews I had the feeling that the JSA costumes and identities were going to be given to to her outcast friends without any real training powers or reason. At least Courtney was picked by the staff. Not a real reason but an acceptable one in genre literature. The Green Lantern ring choosing its next wearer for example. If people tell me this didn’t happen or that the show was really good I’ll give it another try later in the season.
  8. I tried, but I only got about 15 minutes in. As soon as she got dissed by the cheerleader and sent to the “loser table” I pulled the ripcord.
  9. So was Iron Fist that’s why they paired so well together. Most of Marvel’s “Kung-Fu era” characters work . Shang-Chi, Sons of the Tiger, Colleen Wing & Misty Knight. Also the Daredevil & Black Widow team of the ‘70’s are good examples.
  10. Now you need a hero with sonic powers...the Howling Commando!
  11. In another thread I commented on internet posters annoying habit of when being given a choice between A, B & C, they will fight to the death (of sanity) their right to choose D through Z. For myself I’ll choose 13 because it has special meaning in my life.
  12. It sounds interesting, I don’t suppose you remember the name by any chance?
  13. Curses!! My evil silly sarcasm foiled again by the chubby cheeks and big eyes of Cute Baby Man!!
  14. It’s “Eyes Wide Shut” Man! He possesses the super power of voyeurism. He appears at the scene of combat any time a female paranormal wears a costume that’s not merely impractical but could be worn during a full physical. This is not a real entry.
  15. While here in the U.S. Asians are going through the same kind of discrimination. Ignorance, fear and stupidity know no borders.
  16. Tjack

    Bonnie and Clyde

    “Lucky”? All things considered, not so much. If you want to pump them up to fit your campaign, go right ahead, but in real life they were both a couple of ill educated borderline sociopaths. The Great Depression brought out the worst in a lot of people and the best in many others. When you look at B & C just think of two high school dropouts pulling into a highway gas stations, robbing the place and killing everybody inside. The guy at the counter, the mom getting a soda...whoever. It is said that “comedy is just tragedy plus time.” Maybe brutality plus time equals fame.
  17. GROSS!!!! DISGUSTING FILTH!!!! What kind of subhuman fool puts ketchup on a hot dog!!!! This is humor, please don’t write me to defend your sins. (tongue placed firmly in cheek)
  18. Tjack

    Where to start

    Once you decide on what version of our beloved system you want to work with, and what platform you’ll be using in our time of social distance then you get yourself a big butterfly net and a big stick and hunt up some players. These are non trivial problems, especially these days. After all that you need to start deciding what genre both you want to run and have in your head for the foreseeable future but also one that fires up the imagination of the group. The negotiations may not be fun but they are vital. I’ve seen perfectly good games crash and burn because either GM’s or players felt forced into doing something that was supposed to be fun. Try coming up with a few different styles of game that you will enjoy (Golden Age wacky, Dark Champions, Hard SF Future, whatever) then present them to your potential team and see what they say. Even if they turn them all down you’ll get a better sense of what they do want. Remember, it’s almost impossible to get this many people to all enthusiastically agree on what to have for lunch. So don’t be discouraged if this process takes a while, it WILL be worth it all in the long run. After you’ve got the genre, the power level, the set up and level of seriousness worked out then you get the joys of going one on one with these choosy buggers to come up with characters. (Keep that big stick handy.) The alternate choice is to hand out pre written characters. An option that has gone very well for other GM’s but I never had much luck with it on either side of the screen. When all of that work and aggravation is done you retreat to your fortress of solitude and begin to spin the tales of amazing adventure that you will present to your waiting and eager audience. Best of luck, you’ll need it, but it WILL all be worth it.
  19. I always connect that Australian martial artist thing with Gibson in the first Lethal Weapon.
  20. Kind of different, but I’ve got Big Jake on the TV for backround sound. John Wayne, Richard Boone, Maureen O’Hara. “I thought you were dead.” “Not Hardly.”
  21. The original version of Seeker might make a good choice for that role. He was always very well connected and had a good temperament what with that whole seeking seeking the ultimate question/ the “glow” thing. Put Mel Gibson in a wheelchair for a character reference your players can latch onto immediately and you’re good to go.
  22. AOL just reported that Trump’s personal valet just tested positive for the virus. That means he’s got it, ‘cause if I had to work for him I’d spit in his coffee every morning. Wouldn’t you?
  23. Also the style of villain himself will be a major factor. Dr. Doom is by his write-up one of the most powerful bad guys in comics, but his character flaws are usually what gives the FF the opportunity to defeat him. On the other hand, the Joker is relatively low powered but deadly. (depending on the writer)
  24. Mine wasn’t as awful as I’d heard. The prep was unpleasant but I just stocked up on TP, baby wipes, magazines and a Tom Clancy novel. Those things are the size of a brick. The procedure itself was like being at a college party. Somebody I didn’t know gave me a pill to swallow. I felt sleepy and while I was out cold I was violated and filmed.
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