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  1. Have your henchman begin firing up an outdoor grill using both charcoal and sweet woods (chefs choice) while you mix one third pound sirloin burger, one third veal and one third pork with one whole egg and one yolk spices to taste (salt, pepper, oregano, paprika, etc.) Divide into patties making sure to indent the middle (the thinner middle insures that the middle and the ends receive the same amount of doneness. Cook to preferred doneness...unless someone requests “well done. Then request volunteers to help restrain the sinner and mark him with a red hot spatula. Meanwhile the henchman shall prep Sweet Hawaiian rolls with melted butter for toasting on the grill. Place them to be done in time with the burgers. Assemble your creations and place them on the table next to fresh “fixins” onion and tomato slices, ketchup, mayo, a good quality BBQ sauce etc Enjoy. I’ve been in the hospital all week eating drek. This was like porn for me.
  2. A source material that may work for you is Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Joss Whedon was quite good at making the secret world of the supernatural fit in well with the modern day. From ancient societies protecting humanity from behind the scenes to the involvements of black bag Govt. depts. It all fit under the umbrella of the combined shows of BtVS and Angel.
  3. Some of the best comic book mages have code names based on their real names. Dr. Strange, Zatanna, Agatha Harkness, John Consindine, Jason Blood, Madame Xanadu etc. Maybe thinking in that direction might give you some ideas. On the other hand...it is a foolish thief who gives away any clue to their abilities. Perhaps a name not at all connected to her magical ability. Maybe one that the authorities or criminal underworld has hung on her. Ghost, Cat and Phantom are all classic if overdone. A name based on her motives might work. Locksley or Marian based on Robin Hood. If her targets of choice are “bad guys” themselves in one way or other. Nemesis could do. If all else fails remember Hermes/Mercury was the patron of both Mages and Thieves. Good luck, let us know what you went with.
  4. fruit....nice.....I don’t get it, is this supposed to resolve into some pattern I don’t see? If I squint do I get to see the sailboat? (Mallrats reference)
  5. Some people, myself included, despise the taste of black licorice. AnIse, Black jellybeans, whatever. I’m pretty sure I’d hate the taste of ouzo if I ever had it. Unlike my more radical brethren, while I also am not a fan of red licorice I don’t believe those who are should be put to death. Now...I have defended pineapple pizza in the past. Both pineapple and tomato are fruits with a sweet and tangy flavor high in acids. Despite the heresy of its creation it is an acquired taste. Sugar cookies should only have white frosting and that only for holidays. * Those who willingly eat candy corn should be removed from the gene pool for the public good. *
  6. And I appreciate it....but the word “love” may be a little strong coming from a guy with a Charles Bronson icon.😜
  7. This isn’t strictly political but I need a place to vent and I don’t want to infect a different thread with something so negative. Also I wanted a place where the people who might respond weren’t nuts. The U.S. Court of Appeals just commuted the death charge against the Boston Marathon bomber...WTF!!!!!!! The reasoning is that he couldn’t get a fair trial since everybody knew he and his scumbag brother killed a bunch of innocent people!! SO ****in’ WHAT!!!!! Even his lawyers never tried to say they didn’t do it. The little weasel should be happy the cops didn’t blow his brains out right there or even better turn his little ass over to the crowd. This was no political or religious battle, this was two dipshits who thought they might feel better about their own sad-ass lives if they murdered somebody. Screw ‘em and the boat they hid under!!!! Real Justice for for the families of their victims and the wounded and maimed they left behind would be a public beheading at the finish line right as the first runner crosses the line. The CoA is generally a fine thing when deciding if someone’s rights were violated and even when a bad guy is released we as a society can take comfort in the process of law. This however is ridiculous. What city or State in the Union would give a different verdict? Where’s the jury willing to say “Yeah we know he admitted it, and the physical evidence is substantial and let’s not forget they told other people they were going to do it.....”What the hell, let’s give them the benefit of the doubt!” Robe wearing jackasses make me ashamed to be a liberal. Thanks for the use of the stage. I’m stuck in the hospital right now. It makes me crabby.
  8. I realize I’m the outsider in this thread since I can’t play, but it’s always been a lot of fun to check out and I hope it doesn’t end up getting shut down. Keep the faith.
  9. Tjack

    Decoder request

    Don’t bother, every message was some version of “Buy Ovaltine”. Her and Captain Midnight both!
  10. And his grandson’s name is John Rambo.
  11. I use the Fandom.com site regularly. Their Marvel, DC, ST: Memory Alpha, and Wookiepedia are all run efficiently from what I can tell.
  12. No sorry, the images were only in my demented head. The video is just a static picture of the cover of the Excitable Boy album. Which is just a picture of Zevon himself. Thanks for looking though.
  13. I’m listening to some random stuff on YouTube and a Warren Zevon song comes on......In my mind I see a peaceful protest at night in some unidentifiable American city. Black Police vans appear and block the road, masked men in camouflage with nightsticks and tasers pour out throwing tear gas grenades and shoving people to the ground. A low bass drum begins to pound. From the yellow smoke illuminated by the spotlights a figure of a man emerges holding a long weapon of some kind. It’s only now that I realize that the figure HAS NO HEAD. Roland the Thompson gunner has returned. If someone could connect the song to this post I would be most grateful.
  14. This seems like a good idea, a nice place and in accordance with the rules let me say now.....Nazi’s suck. P.S. So does Hydra. P.P.S. Although watching them get their butts kicked does make for a fun night of gaming or a fine evening of programming on the History Channel.
  15. I’ve always thought of Dr. Destroyer as an amalgam. He may look and have a write-up like Dr.Doom but he acts and thinks like Ra’s al Ghul.
  16. In the Silver Age he used to compress his Clark Kent clothes down to wafer size and keep them and his glasses in a pouch in his cape. They were treated with a special chemical to keep from wrinkling. That’s why his suit was always blue, shirts white and his tie red. The belt buckle contained his JLA communicator. God, I’m a geek.
  17. Yeah, but Roddenberry ended up using a lot of those ideas for Andromeda. So a number of different people had employment for five years. It becomes one of those alternate universe things. Like the one where Star Trek starred Robert Conrad and Martin Landau as Kirk & Spock. (They were both considered for the roles.)
  18. Enter the Dragon may be his most famous movie but my favorites are the two different pilot movies he did for Gene Roddenberry’s Genesis II series.
  19. True. And I’m the one who keeps preaching poetry over rules.
  20. Isn’t this one technically a movie quote? (Tongue planted firmly in cheek.) Demon inside little girl : ”Yo momma sews socks that smell!” Young Priest : “Nobody talks about my Momma!” (begins to strangle little girl)
  21. I see in the other comments on this thread a lot of concentration on including everything that’s happened before and what the future history should include. There seems to be not enough consideration on what’s happening NOW. IMHO the most successful reboots in comics were the first ones. The beginning of the Silver Age with the Flash and the one that took place after the original Crisis on Infinite Earths. In each the main focus was on what was being used now, not what was being left behind. Things became too complex only when every story idea of the past had to be made a part of current history. It’s more important to decide what fits in today, what makes sense for a new group of characters who exist currently. If a character or organization doesn’t make sense now then it has to be sacrificed. UNTIL, PRIMUS, VIPER etc. must be shaped for the world as it exists not how it was in the ‘70’s & ‘80’s when they were introduced in Champions or the ‘60’s & ‘70’s when their archetypes appeared in the comics. The Marvel Movies versions of SHIELD and the origin of Iron Man are good examples of updating for the current day. If this is a serious conversation about new product for a new audience you have to be willing to “kill your babies” in the writers parlance. Meaning if something doesn’t fit into the world as it is it must be laid aside in favor of new ideas that will.
  22. Marvel’s Netflicks TV shows were a great DC campaign. Low powered heroes, film noir style, the whole deal. Check those out if you can.
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