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Chimera High Level Overview


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What Is Chimera?
Chimera is a hybridization between the OpenD6 ruleset and the HERO System ruleset.


What Chimera Is Not
Chimera is not and has never been intended to be a replacement for the HERO System.


The answer is complex and stretches back many decades of laughter, nerdy games, bad movie fests, and terrible puns.  As succinctly as possible; I love the fast-playing, cinematic feel of OpenD6 and the amazing detail and granularity of HERO System games.  I bounce between the two games a lot, so much so that I started to crave a system that had the high cards of both.


I decided this was a good idea to try and play around with for me in my spare time.  So I started a passion project with which I have been tormenting my family, buddies, co-workers, basically anyone unfortunate enough to ask for years now.  In all seriousness, I started picking away at it some 5 years ago now.  Just a little here and there and soon I had something cobbled together that resembled a Frankenstein monster.  It worked but there were issues so I started revising and refactoring the system.


COVID hit and the world changed and suddenly I had a lot of time on my hands.  I started what would become the Chimera project in its current form at this point.


Who Am I?
I am the ‘author’ of what has become known as The Chimera System.  I am a software developer who loves language, gaming, movies, music, anything nerdy really and I’m probably game.  I have been gaming for the majority of my life at this point and love the hobby dearly.


I also maintain an app that some people use around here.

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