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Sell Me on Heroes In A Hurry


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Well as a surprise my wife got me a copy and it came last night. I have only been able to skim it so far. The one thing that I like that’s useful are the pre built Backgrounds. I’m horrible at these things and I would normally skimp on perks and related skills. However having a package already included, its easy to plop down the points. I did notice that the range of character points for this is 350-450 points. And almost everything is in multiples of 5-easy math.


When I get a chance I’m going to write up a few characters and see how it goes. 

Guidelines are

-try to keep points closer 350 pts., ideally 300 pts. as I prefer simple characters.

-Not to be so hide bound as to make every character equal points but at least for combat relatively equal. 

-Use my minis as inspiration for builds. So if I have a unique mini could I just whip one up?

-Make a Baseline archetype and then see if I can vary it and how easily its done.


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