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Rounding problem on skill enhancers with a limitation


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I was building a character with a computer brain and was putting the unified power on everything the computer brain granted.  The book states this limitation can be put on any game element.  The computer brain grants the character various skills including KS and SC.  Since it can be put on any game element I tried putting it on the skill enhancers.  The idea would be it reduces the cost of the skill enhancer and the skills purchased in the skill enhancer.  When I did that it reduced the skill enhancer properly, but it reduced the actual skill too much.  I was purchasing the skill based on INT which is normally 3 points, which would be reduced to 2 points before the limitation.  The cost after the limitation would be 1.6 which should round up to 2 points, but Hero Designer lists it as 1 point.  When I apply the limitation outside the skill enhancer it calculates correctly.  I am only seeing this when the cost 3 points but I only checked a couple of other values.  I checked and it does the same thing with other limitations. 


This is probably not going to come up very often but thought it might be something that needs to be looked at. 

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The distinction is the order of operations defined by the system.  The limitation is applied first, THEN the reduction for the skill enhancer.   


So you're getting a 3 point skill, at -1/4, so --> 2.  Then -1 for the enhancer.  This would also apply to the levels...if you buy 5 levels, the standard cost is 8 but that drops to 5 with Unified.  


The hokey aspect is simply a problem with integer math, and it's why you should RARELY put limitations on skills...much less Unified.  Re-read what Unified really means.



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I understand what unified power is and it fits with what I am trying to do.   The KS and SC skills are a database of information the character can access.  When the computer is disrupted (the extra INT drained) it creates problems for any other skill or power the brain provides.  Pretty much you drain the INT and most of the computer enhancement no longer works. 


Thanks for the explanation.

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