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Set Maneuver in MHIEHRPG


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Regarding the Set Maneuver we have the following from page 204 of MHIEHRPG:


This Combat Maneuver represents the effects of taking extra time to aim at a specific target, thereby improving one’s accuracy. It requires a Full Phase to establish, and provides a +1 OCV bonus to all attacks against that target until the character ends the Set (which occurs if the character does anything other than aim at or attack the target, gets Stunned or Knocked Out, and so forth).

No mention of it being exclusive to Ranged Attacks.

From 6E2 79


This Combat Maneuver represents the effects of taking extra time to aim at a target with a Ranged attack, thereby improving one’s accuracy.  Set does not work with HTH Combat attacks.

My understanding is that the MHIEHRPG was written using the 6E rules.  So is Set meant to work in HtH combat in the MHI campaign setting as a special case?  If one only had the MHIEHRPG book you would never see the prohibition against using Set only in HtH combat.

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