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    Santa Rosa, California
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    Gaming, Firearms, History, Current Events, Movies, Books, Television. 2D art. 3d Art. Animation
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    Born April 17th, 1964. College Drop out, Comic book Inker, then Video Game Artist. Gamed at, and illustrated for Hero Games, and other publishers. Worked briefly in Hollywood doing freelance 3D, until health problems forced retirement. Getting back into table top and illustration.
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  1. To those who many not have heard the news yet, Scott Ruggels recently passed away after a long battle with failing health. I've pasted a note from his sibling below.

    To Scott’s Dear Friends and Family, It is with great sadness that we let you know that Scott passed away on Wednesday, May 29th, 2024. He had just turned 60 in April, but his body simply gave out after several years of increasingly bad health. This is his younger sister, Michelle, here writing and capturing reminiscences from Scott’s family. When we think about Scott, it is his unflappable good nature that stands out, and the fact that he was always 100 percent himself. I don’t know that he could have been any other way, but I don’t believe he wanted to, and for that we each have had the honor of knowing and loving the real deal- kind, honest, deeply loyal, curious, smart, talented, and quirky. As a child, he grew exceptionally long sideburns, wore button-up shirts (or military gear) in lieu of t-shirts, spent hours building model planes (and BTW, there wasn’t a military plan he couldn’t identify), and carried his pet rat, Rosie, around on his shoulder. In the school subjects that interested him, his knowledge was on par with his teachers, and in the subjects that didn’t interest him, well why bother? Layered over and under all of this was his art. Scott was rarely without a sketch pad, and incorporated perspective into his drawings by three. In fact, many of you probably know him through his art, in one form or another, or his strong connection to gaming, or maybe shared his interest in military history or making movies. To his friends from Palo Alto to Los Angeles to Las Vegas, and even Japan, you were so dear to him. Our sadness is that he won’t be able to see you again. You really meant the world to him and shared so much kindness through the years. To his far flung gaming friends, (Australia), you also played a very meaningful part of his life, if not just all day every Saturday! And to the rest of you that we don’t even know, you all sustained his joy in life through your common interests. And to his family (and friends) in Kansas even though you rarely saw him in person, you were the foundation of some of his fondest memories. On behalf of his family in Santa Rosa, San Francisco and Spain, please join us in raising a toast to Scott (his preference would be diet Dr. Pepper) to honor his life! We don’t have Scott’s passwords, so can’t get this message further than Facebook, or call anyone individually. Please forward this message. If you would like to contact his family, please feel free to email me at michelleruggels@gmail.com, his brother Craig at cruggels@sbcglobal.com, or his mom, Susie, at ruggels@aol.com. As we sift through his belongings, if you would like to have a drawing or sketchbook, or if there was something specific that you shared together, please do contact us and we will do our best to get that to you.

  2. Sweep, i.e. one attack on the three forward hexes was a common attack type with certain fighting style in my fantasy Hero campaign. Was effective with certain weapons. There was a monster that coordinated a weapon strike, and a tail strike, to clear all the hexes around them.
  3. Too much of an RPG addict to stop yet, but since I am out in the Wine Country, in a retirement community, I have had to move my gaming to Virtual tabletops and audio on Discord. IT wasn't a last session, as more of a different venue to play. I can no longer travel, due to kidney Dialysis, So I do what I can to play. Unfortunately it's not Hero. It's mostly Pathfinder these days. So at least I still get to play.
  4. Upgrade A mechanic/Vehicle restorer who restores and hot rods 20th Century Vehicles, and his lovely wife are ambushed when their 21st Century Autonomous vehicle flips over in a bad neighborhood, leavig the mechanic Paralyzed, and the wife dead. THe police can do nothing as the Police drones recording the crime is hacked. The mechanic's client, a inventor genius offers THe Mechanic a way to walk again by bridging the spinal injury with an A.I. chip. It turns out the chip is self aware, and confers super reflexes upon the Mechanic. Revenge ensues. I have been watching several Cyberpunk and near future movies on Netflix and will post more here when I find them.
  5. Boeing capsule launch postponed indefinitely due to chronic helium leak. https://arstechnica.com/space/2024/05/the-first-crew-launch-of-boeings-starliner-capsule-is-on-hold-indefinitely/
  6. Look for the Espionage adventures as well.
  7. In a future distopia, where people with minor super powers are made unemployed by new robots. Apparently they started with Robot Cops, but the number of fatalities was unacceptable, so they moved to robot Dogs that supposedly use non-lethal methods to subdue criminals, however a corrupt cop working with a Drug Kingpin modified one of the robot dogs to inject poison into people. A VIctims little sister is a powerful psychic who can aonctrol electricit and she teas up with an Ex-dcon to get back at the corrupt cop that killed them. Currently on Netflix.
  8. Apparently the OGL SScandal is raising its head again, and they want to get rid of D&D BeyondL
  9. I could see 2D6 with a +q stun mod as the bullets are wide depending on if it’s pre- 1968, or after. Backyard ballistics made some fresh ammo but did not have entirely successful accuracy. Recent ammo I have seen available had steel strips angled from the back on a spring steel washer pressed into the back to impart the spin. I haven’t seen those used.
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