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  1. Could you elaborate please? I am on Roll20, though mostly PF, and 5e.
  2. The “Grubby Baseball Cap” school of SF. Sounds promising. As for “ Artificial Gravity”, you can still fake it if sub-light travel has constant thrust (torch ship), or if the ship have spinning sections.
  3. Game of Thrones, Season 7, and then Season 8. Compressed ending on what should have been a 10 year series. Weiss & Bennioff, rushed it, and wrote out of character actions to "wrap things up, soon." so that they can move on to work on their Star Wars movies instead. a Rather good article appeared in Scientific American, on how the writing change, and the type of story became Psychological, rather than "Sociological", which it had been in earlier seasons. Sure, GRRM probably passed to them an outline of how the story would be ending, but it was ruched, and in My opinion, botched, and now serves as a shining example, that endings are incredibly important to a good, sound, story.
  4. Thanks for spotting that. I have rectified it, < so it should now be complete.
  5. It's not so much the "quality" of the effects, but the quality of the photography and the "layout" of those effects. Now adays, anyone with skill and a decent desktop can put out good quality effects. What Television doesn't have is time, a schedule that allows for planning out those effects. Also the Costumes look clunky often in Television. All of this I can place at the feet of poor or hurried art direction.
  6. Well I bowed out of four color, and much prefer tailored worlds. As a creative, I find tight limits is often a stimulus for creativity. Kitchen sink worlds tend to breed a lack of originality.
  7. It's advertising, and it's well done advertising. The game looks simple and playable, and if it becomes an introduction to table top games, because it's free, then so be it. I like the jokes, and I don't mind a Wendy's burger on occasion. The Politics of it, have no bearing or interest for me, and I am happy that the item is out and about. Corporations only exist to exploit a consumer need to maximize profit for their share holders. None of them are, or can be altruistic and remain competitive against the others. It's business.
  8. Well, I can modify that a little. the DCAU did it right. Live action, though, is still cheese, though.
  9. Can never happen on a TV Budget. The CW series for me look awfully cheesey, and I prefer cheese on a sandwich and not on my TV.
  10. Scorsese I think has a point in his comparison, as he is a skilled film maker, and he has done more than just Mafia films. (The Aviator is a favorite). But he is bringing up the high art versus Low art dichotomy, and is assigning the MCU to the Low Art category. Not entirely fair, but not entirely unwarranted, either. "Cinema" in that perspective, means stories the observe and comment on the contemporary human condition. "Movies" are escapist. Nothing wrong with either, but I am not much of a consumer of angst and depression.
  11. I still think all this talk of a 7th edition is a bad idea. I REALLY like fixed initiative.
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