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  1. or via Narrative/non-rules means. Possible, but a bit of a dodge IMO< especially if the assumption for the game is a "Hard magic" i.e. tool based magic system. (IMO< I also think tthat soft magic isn't a good fit for FH, as FH. THIS!!! THIS is what i foind highly objectionable in a magic system, this is a "different" rule than the players. No, but I don't see a skeleton, as a friend (unless there are rules for "uplifted" skeletons_. I could see them paying a Vampire, to keep an eye on things. I am still thinking that thi
  2. I think the "stack order" programming is one solution, but I REALLY dislike the daily degradation for thematic reasons, because if the opposition can plant undead guards for centuries or millennia around their evil valuable, then the players should be able to as well. I really bristle at allowing the enemies to play by different rules than the players. I like it when players make complex plans and push them into operation. This degradation rule IMO kind of nerfs Liches and Necromancers a bit too much. Years ago, I was in a game, where one of the players raised a skeleton, wrapped it i
  3. Same! User Lensman, here is setting up a game, even as we speak.
  4. I’d disagree with the one task per day. I’d say one task; so the skeleton will perform its task until given a new one More 20 charges in thinking so that Castle Grimdark has it’s skeletal guards patrolling the halls or standing still in reserve until called ect. in perpetuity, but the skeletal Army would have a problem as they would have a range limitation due to March. Then guard the camp while The necromancer and his meat minions sleep, then march. It would have a range of 10 cycles max, and leave no tasks left to attack Castle Brightsun. I’d treat it more like a limited stack programmin
  5. https://nypost.com/2020/09/10/diana-rigg-star-of-the-avengers-and-game-of-thrones-dead-at-82/ Sad news, but you have to admit, she went out with a bang as Lady Olena Tyrell. I'm also one of those old enough to remember her from the 60's TV series "The Avengers". Snarky, smart, and damned hot. RIP.
  6. I lived it. First D&D. Then Bushido, then Champions. Friday, Saturday and Wednesday. Good time good times.
  7. Crits are rolled 3s. No for Magic. Yes mirrors Work for night vision.
  8. If you pay CP for something, it’s yours. If you pay gold for it, you are just renting it.
  9. Was watching a Comicbook Podcast yesterday, and the news broke on one of their’s twitter. All of these options Ted guys were all shocked and sad, unanimous in appreciating his talent, and listed off his movies, like Marshall, and 42. Great actor and a huge loss.
  10. Ha! These are great! I do this same thing for my FH campaigns. Draw a bunch of heads and tick down as I need them.
  11. What I used to do was to make a list of characters ordered by DEX top to bottom, and from left to right I would write the segments. For phases that each character would act, I would put a circle. I would use a coin to track what segment it was and call out each character. This list was either on a sheet of paper or a corner of the battle map behind the GMs screen. With today’s tools, you could probably generate print outs like this for each planned Combat easily.
  12. us West Coasters know nothing of Pittsburgh, or snow. 😁
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