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  1. Depends on the Super's rPD. but .50BMG is a very potent round in Hero. 3D6K, with AP or Explosive damage depending on ammo.
  2. So there was this normal that was confronted by a super. The normal pulled a gun, the super laughed, and the Normal put a hole in the super (then ran). https://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2016/02/10/50-bmg-single-shot-handgun/
  3. I had something similar in a game, except it was a semi autonomous mine that was grenade launched but instead of flying crawled along the ground that it could either follow a laser dot, or on board maps.It would then craw up a wall, or burrow into the ground waiting for it's trigger conditions.
  4. "The hard part is Character creation, but the GM says he is handing out characters, The basic system is simple to play and only needs common 6 sided dice.
  5. I know a GM that puts a basket on the table for phones. Put the phone on airplane mode, for the duration. Phone rings get taxed, like a pun tax or swear jar to fund snacks.
  6. They were awesome enough for me to play the system non stop until I went to College, and then mostly HEro until 1997. It made "sense" to me. unlike D&D. I think we tried to get into a ater one, but didn't make it in as they wanted new people to try it out. The next con tons of people were running Champions.
  7. That ad? Well it's on a digest sized pamphlet, and the jighest Rez I can scan it is 600 DPI B/w Grayscale or Color.
  8. Adding to this, Let us go back to the beginning, The REAL beginning. Back in 1981, Pacific Origins was hosted at Dundracon that year, in San Mateo California, just up the road from me in San Mateo at the Dunfey Hotel, a more perfect venue for a gaming convention there never was or has been since. The Dunfey classic hotels were built to resemble medieval castles and their theme was light, but present. I had been going to this con since 1979, mostly to play Mustangs & Messerschmitts, and some Naval miniatures (WW2), and maybe some D&D. I went with a few friends, and this would be the last long weekend before school resumed the following Tuesday. So while my friend Lou went off to play a star trek space miniatures game, Bob, Dave, and I were cruising the halls, of the on and poked our heads in a room. I am not clear on how we were enticed to sit down, but Bob, Dave and I sat at the table with Steve Petersen and Bruce Harlick as his assistant and we were handed character sheets. The one above was the one I picked. So here is how it all looked way back in 1981, in San Mateo, California, in a Hotel serving SFO Airport, where Champions was first introduced to the public. The cover. The first Advertisement. And these are how the game listings looked. But it was after that, every weekend we plumbed the depths of the system and churned out a massive number of characters. And the rest, they say, is History.
  9. Looks great! Very nice art.
  10. The Fantasy Hero playtest back in 1983-84 was 15-18 players every Sunday, run by Doug Garrett. Game started at Noon, ended at 10, with a one hour dinner break at 6pm. After the game was released, the player size increased to 22 for a while. But over a couple of years, dropped to a core 12 or 14. Campaigns changed out every two or three years, and only ended when Doug took a job in Japan, and stayed there in 1997. I still regard Doug as one of the finest GMs, I have run under. Myself , the largest group was 12, regularly, at conventions, and also was Fantasy Hero. But generally at home it was around 8. For 6-8 hours on weekends, and around 4 hours On weeknights. For other game systems, it tended to be 5-6.
  11. I have completed the great unboxing phase of my move and have entered the re-organization phase. In so I have found a lot of 5e materials Indid not remember buying. It’s a wide ranging assortment of stuff I gu SS at the time it was at the end or just after the end of my tabletop gaming, but was looking to pick up more illustration jobs. But it’s all very high quality and thick. I suppose, that if you were wanting a raft of support materials for running a Herosystem game rather than rolling your own, then 5th edition would be a good choice, no matter the genre.
  12. Facebook, as a walled garden, and Twitter as a notification system replaced personal blogs. Of the old blog sites, few are left. Before those blogs though were even more in depth articles in ‘zines. Those were completely gone around the time the Twin Towers fell.
  13. Yeah, but everyone has to try it once....once.
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