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  1. ...and this is what lead to difficulties in Season Two of the Mandalorian. Pedro Pascal, who I think is a pretty good actor, was tired of wearing the mask all the time, to the point he was losing enthusiasm for the role. Compromises were made. It's what makes me admire Karl Urban all the more in Dredd, as he committed to the bit, and never took the helmet off. (Really good portrayal of Dredd, too, by the way.) It is looking like The Batman, may be a disaster, but mostly because of antics and sabotage by it's star. Now I wish someone would explain that keeping the mask on "outside of "headquarters", means it's easier to conceal stunt performers, and therefore reducing the budget slightly as they don't need as much CG. CG Ain't cheap, as my price sheet displays
  2. Tenet was an espionage thriller that was released last year. Because of COVID, the film had a spotty theatrical release just before full lockdown reand was displayed on streaming services. Directed by Christopher Nolan of Inception fame, and the good Batman films, people expected a movie full of mind expanding concepts and unique action. Mostly true, but heavily marred by a sound mix that obscured dialogue, and sounded muddy elsewhere. Most reviews complained about it. It’s the one film by that Director I was not eager to see.
  3. This sounds/feels a lot like how we did our Danger International campaigns ran in the late 80’s. The only difference back then was hit locations, and I think no skill level caps. But I’d definitely play in this game.
  4. Sound tends to be what separates the pros from the amateurs. I think Tennent is the example of when Hollywood messes up.
  5. I don't know how many folks out there are familiar with SCP (Secure, Contain, Protect) fandom out there. starting first as creepypasta on Reddit, it has grown into all sorts of activities. Recently they released a near professional fan film called Overlord, and i feel this could be an inspiration for a horror based, or X-Files flavored Dark Champions game. Take a look.
  6. Well now there are rumors of another Writer's strike soon, which will slow production again. But I can see why this time, because in a previous incident, they had to fire their representation, other than the Writer's guild, and that resulted in problems with Television productions, which are growing (i.e. non writers becoming show-runners, and directors starting to push back against the writers, when Television had alwas been a writer's medium. (Films, not so much) Having an unqualified executive producer run a TV show is a recipe for disaster. ..and be replaced by Miles Morales. I have no problem with Miles Morales as a character, provided he has a good writer, but, killing off Peter Parker because he4's "Just another white male superhero", will have me boycotting Marvel after that.
  7. Depends on the character. Some, like those in the D&D game, which I don’t invest a lot because they could die in first level, and after that the background fills in, often through improvisation. ForHero the backgrounds are fairly involved.
  8. Some of today’s news. https://deadline.com/tag/black-widow/ https://deadline.com/2021/07/black-widow-scarlett-johansson-lawsuit-disney-responds-1234806667/ from last week https://archive.ph/3rzHS Not all is Happy in the house of mouse. Articles in the trades are information war. Business Insider articles from Hollywood, are aimed at shareholders who don’t care about Hollywood politics. Articles in the Hollywood trades are aimed at studio executives.
  9. Ironman, Ironman Does what ever an Iron can Presses shirts, coats and ties Presses pants, any size Hey there Ther goes the Ironman
  10. Except Disney’s statement at the close of business today, castigated Johansson for dismissing the COVID-19 threat, and the necessary precautions, in that we are not out of the woods yet. The statement was uncharacteristically aggressive for Disney, and it looks like they are going to fight. It’s not like Disney has to play nice with the actress, now that her story is finished, and her contract is completed.
  11. Box office to date: https://ombreviews.com/box-office-tracking/
  12. I’m glad he’s getting work, but I don’t have cable or broadcast TV, relying on the internet and Netflix (for now) and Amazon Prime. I just wish he was in movies more I guess. I am really tired of seeing black men as the unthreatening science nerd, or the effeminate best friend.
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