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  1. Oh I do. One of my characters is quite aggressive with a shield. I also created a martial art for creatures with long stiff tails that they would tie maces and axes to.
  2. Or store your toothpaste inside them and it still works.
  3. Unless it's a Soviet/ Russian Gun. I've had an SKS for decades that just has steel cased ammo through it.
  4. Is the equation the same as how Derek did it?
  5. It’s not just the cool guns, but the training necessary to use them in high stress situations that get results. Here is the Kalashnikov Demonstration team exhibiting skills and training on the level of Russian SpecOps
  6. Well, this all shows what influences the writers and editors have over a character. Even Batman gets the shaft, sometimes.
  7. Scion of Anubis (Dr. Fate), Unkillable Man (Solomon Grundy) ,The Metallic Wonders (Metal Men), Time traveling Celebrity (Booster Gold), just off the top of my head, though Dr. Fate might be too many points.
  8. There haven't been very many good scripts since 2005, and even less so since 2018, so The only thing to look at is the visuals. Enjoy!
  9. -__- No, in fact it may be finally that DC surpasses Marvel next year in box office and quality. Was meant was Shazam, not Carol Danvers.
  10. Brennall is closing on the finishes for the Hero Mod for TTS. It has a custom Hero Designer Template that generates JSON files that TTS will read and set up the character's die rolls automatically. You can add or edit die rolls for the characters in game. It automatically does range and range mod calculations, between minis It has a proper hex scale as a projection upon the table surface. It logs chat, and the die rolls in chat, so you have a fairly complete record of each session. It allows for private notes and private chat, and it comes with a fairly comprehensive set of scenery useful for Champions. Now I play Fantasy Hero, and there is an even larger set of fantasy Scenery, due to the 3.5e, and 5e tables already extant. It uses Unity assets for the game, allowing for optical effects and limited animation. It's all very comprehensive.
  11. GMing an FH PBP on a discord with two other people, but am planning to run, sometime after the new year for a larger group on Tabletop Simulator, a version of my old 90's campaign> Online is the only option right now as I don't have a car, and Now I have moved away from Los Angeles and am living in a fairly rural area of Northern California (Wine Country), so face to face, is not an option, Being California, all of the large metropolitan areas, other than San Diego, are still under a mask mandate, and have caps on gathering size for indoors, and there is talk about implementing NY Style Vaccine passports. This means no conventions in the foreseeable future, and as such Online is my only option for now.
  12. ...And then there is this, also dropped during DC Fandome:
  13. I'd go see it. I would have to agree, Shazam needs to be in it, but it could be a decent set up for a Shazam @, maybe.
  14. Watched "Star Wars Visions. Basically Anime Studios takes on The Star Wars Mythos. Wide Ranging from humorous to Dark. overall quality was good, but there were a couple I didn't find all that good. All of them were short, but had a fairly wide range of styles. I definitely could recommend them, Samurai and Jedi have a very significant crossover.
  15. A disagreement between two individuals burst turns into an area wide generational feud?
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