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  1. I’d think that superpowers may have always been with us, in fiction, but since Champions focuses on Comic book tropes and gaming, then for the Wikia to be useful for most Comics gaming fans, then, Superpowers should be common public knowledge from 1938, with nods to limited powers from earlier years like, The Shadow, Doc Savage, and the like.
  2. I had to go to a funeral for a beloved Uncle. All us kids were devastated, We all decided to go see a movie afterwards. It was Independence Day. The over the top ness of it made us forget the rest of the day for a while.
  3. My only complaint is MS Comic Sans as the body text. Otherwise I can hear the voice actors jamming it up in my head.
  4. I can always ask Bruce, if you want. I am currently working on a small side art project for him, and it involves Foxbat.
  5. The Battle of Britain started 80 years ago, yesterday.
  6. I think I would disagree. I agree with PBEM Guy, that this is a volunteer, creative effort, a public service to Champions, if you will, and as such, the IP is given away freely, so that Hero can publish Material from the Wiki freely and without restrictions. I think you underestimate the power of volunteer labor, especially when it is around something cool or useful. Lots of creative folk put out stories for free all over the internet. Citizen journalism flourishes around events they care about. I think as long as people are credited, that is sufficient. this isn’t about them, it’s about producing content for Champions.
  7. I will address the IP author rights issue later. No one is getting a Netflix deal from Champions products. I wanted to return to a previous topic in city generation. Marvel and DC took two separate approaches to locations. DC, the older company, took the approach of, “Real cities exist, but we don’t much talk about them, because our stories take place in Metropolis, Gotham City, Central City, and the like.” Their geography was nebulous, and they had little consistency (until later). Marvel Comics, with more emphasis on more relatable characters with flaws problems, took the approach of, “The world outside your door.” They used mostly real world or locations such as Manhattan, and Los Angeles. This served to keep characters grounded, and continuity consistent between writers. This is going to be a large project in the end, built incrementally by volunteer hobbyists over time for the benefit of Hero. Why make things more difficult or confusing? Google maps, are a fine resource for this, And there s nothing to say that when doing maps for publication, they have fictitious or renamed streets, slightly altered geography, or super hero tower headquarters in place of such-and-such bank building. But the rest of the city remains as it is, and even if not included, the GM can answer the question of if Hyperbrick smacked Arachnid Boy at the corner of Fairfax & Pico, would the knockback carry him all the way to Sepulveda Blvd. just by looking or up. This avoids the problem that derailed The Dome adventure with the niggling, Model Railroader derailing, that bogged down upon Hepzipah City. All the questions about census, land use, major traffic corridors and public transportation have been answered already. What is needed are playable assets and characters for GMs to Use in their campaigns, without needless world building that bring in inconsistency between supposed products. We need to focus on adventures, villains, organizations, and gadgets useful to GMs, especially new GMs. Pleas, let us just use real world locations for now. Populate them with interesting, fictitious people, and go from there. We want this to produce results, rather than being a layout that sits in our basement unfinished. Think of the real world as the location for the next big adventure, and worry about creating the Wakanda analogue later after we have some success under our belt.
  8. I was a parcel messenger for some Hollywood studios until 2012. We used Nextel units , but our own personal vehicles. Dispatch was apathetic, as long as the packages got there with the paid for priority. Put 330,000 in six years on that car, and cemented my opinion of the quality of mid 90s Toyota’s.
  9. Yes, or Parcel Messenger.(not a delivery driver).
  10. Uber Eats Driver. Perfect for random patrols.
  11. I am proud of my disobedient fellow Citizens, I moved away from los Angeles last year, but before that, I would stand on the roof of my apartment building, with several of my fellow residents, holding a beer, and watching the sky light up in defiance of several bans against fireworks, even before this year. https://disrn.com/news/los-angeles-residents-defy-mayors-fireworks-ban-light-up-sky-on-4th-of-july
  12. Watched "Brand New Animal" on Netflix. It's... Furry. very furry. Interesting fight scenes, if short, tho...
  13. On this date, 49 years ago, Championd! The Super Roleplaying Game debuted at Pacific Origins, in San Mateo, California. https://m.imgur.com/a/0E72NAX
  14. Yes to maps. They would Make a good basis fotTTS maps.
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