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  1. I even have playtest sheet fro FH characters , but those were ugly, and most people just used Photocopy edited Champions sheets.
  2. I would have to disagree. Skills become a decent point sink for characters, rather than more OCV/ DCV.
  3. There was a few magic items, but not a lot. Most magic users were innate, with a magic rolls required. The software used was the original Heromakr.exe that released nearly simultaneously with the 4th edition BBB, but was the character generator for then never released Champions PC Game. It was so much easier than HDC is now.
  4. For some reason HTTPS doesn’t display in line. You will have to click the link.
  5. So what does an experienced Fantasy Hero character look like. here's my example. The following Character is Lord Morvath Broadwing. I was a member of L, Douglas Garrett's Fantasy Hero Play test, that ran for years at his house in Sunnyvale CA at the time. In the first cycle I played Shiro the Samurai, for about a year. When the rules were finally released, there was a time jump of about 15-20 years campaign time. As it was, the world was, by necessity a "Kitchen Sink" world. However, being an L. D. G. campaign the geopolitics, and power dynamics were intricate. The game at the time was anywhere between 12, to 22 Players, usually around 18, and consisted of several of the Hero Games employees at the time. Because of the efforts of one of the players in the first cycle of the game, his God, Keoshin, had become a large popular movement, and had wiped out a couple of the monarchies in the northern reaches, one specifically Davria, which had been an early thorn in the side in the early parts of phase one of the campaign. So in the early part of the Second phase, the Party headed east into the desert lands of Caliphistan. I had recently lost a character in a fight, but came up with an idea of playing a notorious Daviran noble expat, living in far distant Caliphistan, and working as a gunsmith. But he had more than a few secrets. I discussed with Doug one of those secrets, shape shifter. Doug thought it was interesting, but said that I could not buy the full amount, and would have to use XP to finish building it out. This is the original sheet: https://i.imgur.com/e8cU7CW.png This is the basic character, and the Multiform was at 67 of it's required 79 points. The sheet shows 18 XP, At this point, Morvath was brought into the party as a line fighter, and a gunsmith. Later he was able to purchase his Multiform , and the party realized "Oh.... he was that dragon..."(See his disads, and had a rep of massive destruction against Davria's enemies). But since he was still useful to the party's goals he continued with them, as they moved Eastward. The Dragon got a lot of work out as the party's goals expanded into the politics of the region. here's the Dragon: https://i.imgur.com/TGOJuj2.png So after a few years the character bought off some disads, bought a lot of skills and levels, validating the observation that High Level Fantasy Hero characters tend to progress like Champions Martial Artists. This is the latest sheet of the character. https://i.imgur.com/myln8zy.png I had way too much fun with this character, and I have used him as an NPC in my FH campaigns. Hopefully this character has been a useful example.
  6. Call it a power, then call it a day. If it’s innate, they just have it. New powers are just bought outright with CP. Elves live a long tome so they can accrue points over many years.
  7. I have a binder full of old Hero characters, the a Majority of them FH characters. I am busy tomorrow, Friday I will scan and upload a couple of characters as examples. What I would do is to keep everything of that character in the same sheet protector, so that progress can be compared, and I had a lower point total version of the character for convention games. Character sketches as well. ( one side was the character sheet and the other was character art. )
  8. Well, I may be in a TA 6e based campaign in the new year,?so I will leave off here, to avoid spoilers.
  9. Hopefully not digressing too far, but an interesting example is the Third Season of The Dragon Prince, where we see many more elves. Moonshadow elves have horns or antlers, and speak with Scottish accents, and the Sunfire elves have obsidian skin and speak with Caribbean accents. All elves have three fingers.
  10. But then you get into the problem of Fantasy with only humans is dull, or old fashioned. Makes writing something compelling harder , and you need more of a twist.
  11. Of course! Adult players have adult responsibilities. They have jobs, spouses, kids, etc. Unfortunately, that takes priority. Pre-family and then post- family players are the norm these days.
  12. You should lightly edit your posts and put them out as a PDF. “How to Run Champions for Young Gamers”
  13. Oh I did that for the s Jaggiri. But I extra pair of eyes on what I have written would not hurt. They are a few threads below this posting. The writing on the Lupines is still a first draft. Basically they have no native unified outlook and other than “leaders” tend to be conformist to the culture surrounding them.
  14. I am trying to be different about it. Working (really slowly) on two project eventually for Hall of Champions, as deep race books. 1.) is a rewrite of the Jaggiri ( a possible replacement for the Drakine, maybe?) and The Lupines. Writing for me is a lot slower than it was in the 90’s. But I am also a bit bored with the endless Tolkien rehashes. 5e has a wide plethora of non Tolkien races. It gives it a much different vibe than the earlier editions. But I am keeping things , now somewhat generic in the writing to keep them not setting specific, and open ended.
  15. A friend and I were talking about just this thing. I have the Blackpowder rules, from my old FH Campaign, but the new one was unabashedly colonial and imperialist.His version had a lot more fantasy races, and Mine a lot fewer. Also Magic in mine was more common and lower powered.
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