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  1. Been binging this since yesterday: https://www.netflix.com/title/81026915 Better Than Us, is a Russian Netflix Series, set in a few years int he future, where Robots are ubiquitous, To the point of the Government trying to lower the retirement age to 50-55, as Unemployment is rising. It's a slick, well directed, and well written series that doesn't follow the cliche's and all the characters except the lead 'bot are magnificently flawed. The director(s] manage the "bot" actors well, making made up human actors, step into the Uncanny Valley with waders on. On Episode 6, of 10. Russian with Englis Subtitles.
  2. I would have to agree with Duke in that one should keep the CP/Ep and the gold distinct and separate. Otherwise, everything in the environment becomes something to be converted to character points. Economies are driven by need-value versus scarcity. What do people need want, and who supplies it? Coins work, because people agree that they have value, and they are portable, and difficult to fabricate. If not coins, barter works, but they may do something else people would agree that's valuable, and trade that for goods and services.
  3. Allowed? give me a good reason. In general usually 12 (without levels) is about as high as I have seen.
  4. Very true, across the board. The craft of writing is not taught any more. What is taught is purely utilitarian, or in the service of an agenda, rather than a story. Worse, is that technical criticism is seen as exclusive, and damaging to disadvantaged students. Also amateur writers don't receive much in the way of criticism, especially in fan-fic communities. because it is seen as demotivational, for a group that is "just having fun". Then the ubiquity of screens has removed the attraction of the printed word for the younger generations. Ah well.
  5. Sometime it happens.I'ts happened to me. (and there is Paranoia< where that was the whole point of the game. Now that was clever. I love the way you think, Sir.
  6. I have told my GM and friends not to invite me to any “Taste My Steel” or similar swashbuckling games, I told them politely and cheerfully, that I was not a fan of that genre, or pirates from the similar time period. They understood because I made it clear early.
  7. Well that’s interesting.
  8. I know a Paladin that uses high strength min Morning stars.... He's also a careful sort.... >__>
  9. There is that tall bank tower in Stockton, and one in Sacramento,. Same sort of thing in SSan Angelo too? (Bank of the West?)
  10. Champions was originally called "Superhero" until it was discovered that Marvel and DC hjointly own the word, which is why "in print" people with powers and abilities are not referred to as Superheroes, unless they are talking abut marvel and DC characters, so after about a year of playtesting it was renamed Champions.
  11. Just saw "Guardians" on Amazon PRime. It's a Russian MCU styled Superhero movie, about a cold war era group opf Superheroes, called back into action to fight one of their creators, turned Supervillain. The powers are interesting, in that the Supervillain has Mental domination, only versus machines, pus something around 60 str. Here are the fight scenes Four Heroes, and most of the Champions Archetypes are there. The Dub is pretty awful, but I have not found it subtitled in it's original Russian. Nut the visual are quite epic, and fulfill my MCU Fix.
  12. System buttons should probably remain black or white. Also pick subdued shade of the blue and green for invalid options.
  13. Flag switch turning it green or blue as a visual cue as to what edition is being used. Ive had to do interface design for video games. Not my favorite task but had to be done so I am aware of the concerns.
  14. However the new interface is much smoother. Very clean. Suggestion. Have any function associated strictly with 5th ed. displayed with 5th ed. ‘s green color, while the rest remains 6th ed. blue.
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