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  1. You mean “Tieflings”? The mirrors or Asemars.
  2. The two most common elements in the Universe are Hydrogen and stupidity.
  3. Current "Achtung Cthulhu campaign: Doctor at the door of his walk up, "So who's the patient? -" Player 1, "The one screaming in the back of the car! - " Pllayer 3, "THE EYEEEESSSS!"
  4. FYI TTS is half off Steam, right now! Half off the 4 pack now as well!
  5. Tabletop Simulator is half off on Steam right now! If you buy a 4 pack, that is half off, too, plus the group discount! Go get it now!
  6. other than stepping backwards to the first couple of editions, no, it cannot.
  7. It needs to be multiples of 4, for printing purposes, and for longer books they need to bound into groups of signatures and signatures are in multiple of 32 pages (i think).
  8. Yes, and apparently a very low amount of crunch. We can at least address the first one.
  9. I think Aragorn had his chest full... ...of arrows.
  10. I think he's referring to the Video Game , Monsterhunte4r, the one with widly different monsters, and the Hero being assisted by Palicos (short cat people). here: https://monsterhunter.fandom.com/wiki/Game_List
  11. I started in this hobby as a war gamer, so I am of the opposite viewpoint in some cases. Some people enjoy the brutal release. and mental exercise of a guilt free slaughter of a clever and wily opponent (see: First person shooters. See: Space Hulk). This is why I drifted away, unsatisfied, from 4 color adventures, and back to low fantasy.
  12. 1) What purpose do multiple races have in a rpg? Or alternatively, what should multiple races add to a game if they're done well? They serve two purposes in my games. The first is to be a base identity to be something "other" than human, to explore a role, or an idea in the game. This is also served by Aliens in an SF game. The second purpose is to be a source of conflict, This conflict can be different cultural goals at cross purposes, or irredeemable, savage, servants of evil (guilt free targets), and that depends on the background and type of campaign I am running. 2) Do you prefer multiple races at all in your rpgs? Depends on the campaign, but in most a couple/ three is fine. Too many and it feels like a "reskinned D&D 5e campaign, and "humans only" feels like a well known Fantasy TV series, which works in it's own way, especially since in both cases I tend to run things fairly low fantasy Heroic level campaigns. 3) What fantasy race pet peeves do you have? Why? The Tolkien Trifecta. it has become the "Default" for fantasy since the three little brown books were published by TSR in 1974. Now on the positive side. D&D and Pathfinder have broadened the selection and types of creatures people can play as Player Characters, but the Tolkien Trifecta is still paramount in those systems. Talislanta had no elves, but looking though those books, they had some that fit the bill, somewhat. Can't someone come up with something new, or at least play with them a little. I will admit to having games where the Tolkien Trifecta were present, but those were mostly "out of the book" adventures. Another Pet Peeve I have is playing the Non-human Race as a Human stereotype, or a Human in a funny suit. Examples would be the Hippie Elves, The Dwarvish "Soccer Hooligan", or the Hobbit Mafia B&E specialist. I do recognize that not everyone can role play, and still be an asset to the game, but I do expect folks to do a bit of reading about the campaign background and how those cultures worked. I also don't like it when the other "races" are played as joke characters. (messes up the grimdark of the campaign...Kidding just a little bit). 4) How many is too many? Too few? Between 3 and 5. Fewer than that begs the question of why hasn't one or the other just taken over and made the other extinct. More than 5 (with some exceptions), and the game feels like a costume party, as none of the races will acquire enough development for them to feel like a different culture and biology. 5) What do races represent in you games if anything? In my game? Depends on the race. The Jaggiri were a source of conflict as they were not defeatable one on one, and were a "Boss fight" against a party. Culturally they were supremacists, and looked at other races as either threats, or economic resources for their territorial expansion. But they could be out thought and out negotiated, and were amenable to diplomacy. They started in the game as a a demonic horror released upon an innocent land. And ended the game as slightly annoying, but decent to know. The Lupines are a stand in for any more primitive culture, except with some tweaks in their physical capabilities and a few broad general mental frameworks that make them, while comprehensible to Humans, different enough that their motivations often diverge from most humans. They do this without having to get into disagreeable situations with the current youth about "cultural appropriation". I roll my own races in games, and after a long history of reading Science Fiction, colonial era adventure stories, and History, the different races basically boil down to creatures from a specific or somewhat general environment that want to eat, breed, raise young, and pass on their culture to the next generation. I had a conversation with Animation Legend Ray Harryhausen once, at SDCC, and he told me, that a Monster was just an animal in conflict. What does it do when it's not angry, and how does it live? Think about that and you then have a more fully fleshed out monster. They also serve to scratch my world building itch, as they will have place names and settlements that are all their own. So Fantasy, or Alien. They signify that this place is "not of this earth", even if I swipe large sections of history.
  13. Ender 3 pro as well. I found this Profile prints really good mi miniatures, but the print times are around 10-11 hours though for a 28mm mini:
  14. Not much changes here since I moved in last year. Stick to myself, go out only to shop or walk a trail. (I am in a high risk group, so I go to the store masked and gloved, with eye shields. I'd go MOPP3, but that would scare people) The one disappointing thing is that I am finding I am cleaning the house far more often than I am fulfilling paid work art assignment. I am procrastinating far more. Very disappointing. For some reason just not "feeling" the energy to work, but My house is spotless, and and my books are all re-arraigned properly. I have also got a 3D printer and am noodling in Z-brush with the intent of making figurines, and miniatures at some point soon.
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