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Fox War Journal (Campeign Narative)


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As my injury has prevented me from pursuing my crusade against the criminal element of the city, I have no choice but to recruit a team of operatives to fight for me.


Kenji, a student of my old sensei, inspired this as such he will be on the team, He has taken the ops name of Shinobi. I worry about his morality as he has little problem with killing his opponents, but hopefully his honor will keep him in check. He brings Espianage and close combat skills to the team


Foxy: She has been my partnet for 12 years, and while she has left for college, with my injuries she has insisted on returning to the city of shadows. I regret that she will not finish her education but I suspect that she has been bored, knowing more than her instructors on how criminal justice actualy works will do that. Brings many investigative skills, as well experience in dealing with the city.


The Surgeon: He has been in my city hunting for the last 6 months, he will come as to him the city is dying. His marksman and hunting skills will be almost as valuable to the team as his medical experience.


Lazarus: For some reason Lazarus has developed a healing factor that seems capable of healing him in minutes of any damage. He has searched for a hundred years for his wife's killer. I will attempt to help him in his quest, at the cost of him protecting my city. He is a good shot, and his resiliance will be invaluable.


Brickhouse: He is built like one, that is for sure. His story is a sad one, having his sister treated that way...Well anyways, he has done his time in prision, got released do in part to some strings I pulled, some because of his sisters well being, and good behavior. He was attacked recently after which he seems to have developed some super human abilities (Grade 40 Str, Bullet Proof Invulnerability). His superhuman abilities as well as his mechanic skills will be quite usefull.


I have aranged for a new Fox Den to be created on the harbor in an old warehouse. Various vehicles will also be made available to them.


I have sent the last three a note to get them to all meet at the warehouse. Depending on how things go my city will be safe.

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Re: Fox War Journal (Campeign Narative)


Case File: A00-001, the case of the Boogyman


Foxy was unavailable for the first mision, this is unfortunate, but unavoidable.


When the three new operatives came to the meeting I greeted them over the phone (Brickhouse also ordered a Pizza, he will be an odd one to deal with).


Lazarus took a somewhat surprising leading roll in looking over the case file.


The case file detailed the abduction and sexual abuse of five 8-12 year old girls, the kids at the orphanage named the man in the tattered coat and hat as the Boogieman


Lazarus and Brickhouse pursued a suspect and questioned him (after a brief gun fight at a local dive with the suspect and 7 intoxicated associates).


The Surgeon and Shinobi pursued the forensic evidence, finding a likely connection between the sewers and the points where the five girls had been abducted


Bringing the suspect back to the den they proceded to question him, using a placebo the Surgeon was able to coerce the suspect in helping apprenhend the true criminal (The suspect had provided reconisance for the Boogieman, beleiveing his true target was the police chief, not his daughter)


Unfortunatly both the Boogieman and the suspect (One Robert Harrison, named after the actor) died, Robert by the Boogieman, the Boogieman by the team.


After the autopsy, it was determined that the Boogieman suffered from a neural disorder that prevented him from feeling pain in any manner. There were 25 bullets removed from him



Xp rewards

Brickhouse: 2 (had to leave early)

Lazarus: 3

Shinobi: 3

The Surgeon: 4 (Bonus point for Placebo)

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Re: Fox War Journal (Campeign Narative)


Case File: A00-003, Soft Targets


It all started when a new vigilante (auxilery file: Truncheon Investigation) noticed a number of armed men entering the St Mary's Home for Wayward Children. She called in a report to the police, that got the press there. I only found out of it by the police band. I instantly called Shinoi and Foxy into my room to brief them on the situation.


Foxy called the team and had them meet her at the orphanage. After extensive planning with Lt. Richard O'Reily complicated by his negative stance on masked vigilante's.


Investigation noticed a costumed individual, leather, chains, burlap sac for a mask, see file photo. Lazarus reports encountering him as well.


The moderators were able to get 10 of the hostages out for Pizza, unfortunatly the methods the terrorists used prevented the getting an agent in with the Pizza


Shortly after this a new player came to the stage, codenamed "Commando". The final plan was to use Brickface's truck and exceptional strength to enter via the barred windows, in a two pronged attack. Inside they encountered a group of heavily armed terrorists and the Paranormal mercenary known as Shade. The fight was quick, and bloody when one of the terrorists turned his gun onto the hostages, the team was able to save the majority of the orphans, but 4 were killed by the one gunman.



Xp rewards

Brickhouse: 4

Lazarus: 4

Shinobi: 4

The Surgeon: 4

Foxy: 3

Commando: 5


Notes (To be revised into narative)


Lt. Richard O'Reily: NPC: The head of SWAT, While Richard is a very good officer, expert marksman, and brillient field tactician he has negative feelings towards what he feels are amatuers working a dangurous game. His hard nose anti-vigilanty stance has created many problems in the past for me, further more Foxy tends to like to antaganise him.


Commando: New Player Character, fedural police powers,


Truncheon: Needs new name (As rewrite of character removed signiture weapon)

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Re: Fox War Journal (Campeign Narative)


Case File: A00-004, Rainy Day Murders


First Victim: Rachel Hansing., 7/22/05



• Aspiring Actress/Waitress

• Victim was found in dumpster behind Gary’s Gyros on 7th Ave.

• 24 years old, Female, Strawberry Blond Hair, green eyes

• According to police interviews with friends and family she had earlier that evening been eating at Gary’s Gyros with a group from a small religious/cult group called the “Children of the Druids†a splinter group from the Wicca faith. The dinner meeting broke up at about 2330 hours, the three other girls got a taxi to go home, she chose to walk (Her small flat was two blocks away).

• Victim was raped and then had throat cut

• A sharp knife, such as what might be available at any Sporting good store was used

• Blood, Seaman, samples considered inconclusive do to rain

• Body laid in rest position (Laid flat, arms crossed, hands on shoulders)



Second Victim: Janet Robertas 7/27/05



• Sculpter

• Victim was found in her home/studio

• 23 years old, female, Blond hair (Dyed green), Blue Eyes

• Found by older sister, had been out of contact with all friends for 4 days, seems this was not abnormal for her when she was working on a new sculpture (According to friends she would call it “Communing with her museâ€).

• Victim was raped and then had throat cut

• A sharp knife, such as what might be available at any Sporting good store was used

• Blood Found under fingertips, all other evidence considered tainted do to rain

• Body laid in rest position (Laid flat, arms crossed, hands on shoulders)


Third Victem: Vicky Johnson 8/05/05


• College Student/College Radio “Shock Jockâ€

• 19 years old, Female, Light Brown hair, Brown eyes

• Found under bushes on campus

• According to friends and associates she was last seen at 1 am leaving the campus radio station

• Victim was raped and then had throat cut

• A sharp knife, such as what might be available at any Sporting good store was used

• Blood, Seaman, samples considered contaminated do to rain

• Body laid in rest position (Laid flat, arms crossed, hands on shoulders)

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