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I need your help with my Pulps Adventure


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Hey all!


I'm going to be running a "League of Extrodinary Gentlewoman" at an upcoming Con. It's set in 1938 and there is a reason there are no male characters on this trip... :sneaky:


I have my cast of LXGs, but I need more background info, suggestions for stats & skills, and more villianess.


My cast is: Marion Ravenwood (from Raiders of the Lost Ark) as my archeologist/reporter and bar owner (her occupation after she left Indy); Amelia Earhart as my pilot; Nita Van Sloan (from The Spider) as my sharp shooter/socialite; Patricia Savage (cousion of Doc Savage) as my adventurer; Carrie Cashin (by Theodore Tinsly) as my hard boiled detetive; and Josephine Baker as my actress (I'm using the stats in Digital HERO #3 for her.)


My only villianess is Dr. Elsa Schneider (from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade) and I don't have any information on her other than from the movie.


Can anyone help me out here? I need another Pulp-era villianess, and some help with everyone's stats/skills (and if anyone is feeling really generous, full write-ups would be really wonderful!). I'd really appreciate it.


Thank you.



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Re: I need your help with my Pulps Adventure


There's Fah Lo Suee, daughter of the fiendish Fu Manchu (and an unknown Russian woman).


There's one writeup of her here: http://www.sysabend.org/champions/gnborh/text/Fah_Lo_Suee-ks.txt


Maybe Bonnie ditched Clyde and hooked up with your other villainesses?


Catherine Zeta Jones' character from the Phantom movie.

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Re: I need your help with my Pulps Adventure


Off the top of my head, two that I have been thinking of working into adventures:





Don't forget that CZJ's character from Phantom was actually the leader of a team of female pilots.


For something a little more obscure, in the Doc Savage novel Fortress of Solitude , there were two sisters, Titana and Gigantia, that had been strongwomen in vaudeville before the master villain kidnapped their younger sister and forced them into a life of crime. Basically, they were muscular thugs who happened to be dames.


La, Queen of Opar was the ruler of city filled with beastmen, located deep in the jungle. I think... been a while since I've read Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar. Basically, she was a wily seductress type. But Tarzan didn't fall for it.

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Re: I need your help with my Pulps Adventure


Katherine Venture is Mrs. OddHat's character. She has an assortment of skills and powers that make for a very tough Pulp Heroine.




Val Char Cost Roll Notes

15 STR 5 12- Lift 200.0kg; 3d6 [1]

20 DEX 30 13- OCV: 7/DCV: 7

13 CON 6 12-

10 BODY 0 11-

18 INT 8 13- PER Roll 13-

13 EGO 6 12- ECV: 4

18 PRE 8 13- PRE Attack: 3 ½d6

16 COM 3 12-


4+12 PD 1 Total: 4/16 PD (0/12 rPD)

4+12 ED 1 Total: 4/16 ED (0/12 rED)

4 SPD 10 Phases: 3, 6, 9, 12

6 REC 0

26 END 0

25 STUN 0 Total Characteristic Cost: 78


Movement: Running: 9"/18"

Leaping: 6"/12"

Swimming: 2"/4"


Cost Powers END

Adventuress Super Skills

10 1) You Only Knicked Me: Armor (6 PD/6 ED) (18 Active Points); Limited Power Power loses about a third of its effectiveness (Always lets first point of BODY through; -½), Nonpersistent (-¼)

9 2) You Missed! / Acrobatic Dodging: Armor (6 PD/6 ED) (18 Active Points); Restrainable (-½), Nonpersistent (-¼), Limited Power Power loses about a fourth of its effectiveness (Must be aware of attack; -¼)

8 3) I Can Make It!: Leaping +3" (6" forward, 3" upward) (Accurate) 1

6 4) I Don't Quit!: +2 with EGO rolls, Breakout and Resistance Rolls

6 5) Faster Than You Think!: Running +3" (9" total) 1

6 6) I Can Climb Anything!: Clinging (normal STR) (10 Active Points); Requires A Climbing Skill Roll (-½), Cannot Resist Knockback (-¼)

Notes: Even with no equipment, the character can climb quickly and confidently on almost any surface

30 7) Plot Points: Luck 6d6

Notes: Roll the Luck dice at the start of the game session. Count the BODY. Each BODY is one Plot Point. Spending one plot point can make any one roll you are about to make an automatic success. Two plot points can allow you to re-roll any roll that you have just failed, or turn a roll you are about to make into a critical success. Three plot points will allow you to make one pulp-style logical leap, or allow one absurd stroke of luck as determined by the GM.

Boxing and Wrestling

Maneuver OCV DCV Notes

4 Jab +2 +0 5d6 Strike

5 Cross -2 +1 7d6 Strike

4 Block +2 +2 Block, Abort

3 Grapple -1 -1 Grab Two Limbs, 25 STR for holding on

4 Break Free +0 +0 30 STR vs. Grabs

4 Punishing Holds +0 +0 7d6 Crush, Must Follow Grab



Heiress Package

5 1) Money: Well Off

3 2) Heiress: Fringe Benefit: Member of the Lower Nobility, Passport

9 3) Contact: The Venture Family (Contact has significant Contacts of his own, Contact has useful Skills or resources), Organization Contact (x3) (9 Active Points) 8-

Notes: While not always on the best of terms with her family, Katherine can always count on them in times of trouble.



Society Skills

3 1) High Society 13-

3 2) Conversation 13-

3 3) Persuasion 13-

3 4) Riding 13-

2 5) Animal Handler (Equines) 13-

0 6) Language: English (idiomatic; literate) (5 Active Points)

2 7) Language: French (completely fluent) (3 Active Points)

3 Traveler

1 1) AK: Africa (2 Active Points) 11-

1 2) AK: America (2 Active Points) 11-

1 3) AK: Europe (2 Active Points) 11-

1 4) CK: London (2 Active Points) 11-

1 5) CK: New York (2 Active Points) 11-

1 6) CK: Paris (2 Active Points) 11-

Adventuring Skills

4 1) TF: Common Motorized Ground Vehicles, Riding Animals

4 2) Survival (Temperate/Subtropical, Tropical, Desert, Mountain) 8-

3 3) Deduction 13-

Circus Skills

4 1) WF: Blades, Common Melee Weapons, Small Arms

3 2) Climbing 13-

3 3) Breakfall 13-

3 4) Acrobatics 13-

1 5) KS: Circus Customs And Lore 8-

3 6) Sleight Of Hand 13-

3 7) Ventriloquism 13-


Total Powers & Skill Cost: 172

Total Cost: 250


200+ Disadvantages

20 Hunted: Various Evil Enemies 8- (Mo Pow, NCI, Capture)

5 Social Limitation: Woman, Upper Class (Occasionally, Minor)

10 Psychological Limitation: Thrillseeker, Easily Bored (Common, Moderate)

5 Psychological Limitation: Strong Feminist (Uncommon, Moderate)

10 Psychological Limitation: Noblesse Oblige (Common, Moderate)


Total Disadvantage Points: 250


Background/History: Heiress Katherine Venture has spent much of her life trying to prove that she is every bit as skilled and formidable as her cousin, the far more famous Doc Venture. She has sought out the best training her considerable fortune could buy, traveled the world, and faced mind numbing horrors time and again. Despite all of this, her family continues to refer to her as “Little Kittyâ€.


Personality/Motivation: Classic pulp heroine with a touch of Lara Croft and a feminist mindset.


Quote: Don’t patronize me!


Powers/Tactics: Far tougher than she looks, Katherine is a skilled boxer and wrestler. She is a natural athlete, with a genuine talent for detective work.



Perfectly dressed and poised, red haired and green eyed.

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Re: I need your help with my Pulps Adventure


Avinashi is the lieutenant and chief muscle of Sun Koh, a Nazi Doc Savage. She can be used on her own with no changes. With Rapid Attack and Two Weapon Fighting, she can half move and then strike twice for only a -2 to DCV, and can launch as many additional strikes as you'd like for only another -2 to OCV per shot after the second. This makes her very deadly in HtH combat.


Avinashi is an original character, but she fits the Indian Muscle and Dragon Lady archetypes of the time. Sun Koh is a German pulp hero from the period.



Val Char Cost Roll Notes

15 STR 5 12- Lift 200.0kg; 3d6 [1]

20 DEX 30 13- OCV: 7/DCV: 7

13 CON 6 12-

14 BODY 8 12-

13 INT 3 12- PER Roll 12-

10 EGO 0 11- ECV: 3

20 PRE 10 13- PRE Attack: 4d6

16 COM 3 12-


5/13 PD 2 Total: 5/13 PD (0/8 rPD)

3/11 ED 0 Total: 3/11 ED (0/8 rED)

4 SPD 10 Phases: 3, 6, 9, 12

6 REC 0

26 END 0

29 STUN 0 Total Characteristic Cost: 77


Movement: Running: 6"/12"

Leaping: 3"/6"

Swimming: 2"/4"


Cost Powers END

17 Yogic Body Control: Armor (8 PD/8 ED), Hardened (+1/4) (30 Active Points); Restrainable (Must be free to move with attacks; -1/2), Limited Power Power loses about a fourth of its effectiveness (Must be aware of attack; -1/4)

17 Yogic Pain Control: Physical Damage Reduction, Resistant, 50% (30 Active Points); STUN Only (-1/2), Limited Power Power loses about a fourth of its effectiveness (Must Be Aware Of Attack; -1/4)

6 Yogic Trance: Healing 1 BODY, Reduced Endurance (0 END; +1/2), Persistent (+1/2) (20 Active Points); Extra Time (Regeneration-Only) 5 Minutes (Character May Take No Other Actions; -2), Self Only (-1/2)

4 Yogic Practices: Life Support (Eating: Character only has to eat once per week; Extended Breathing: 1 END per Turn; Longevity: 200 Years; Sleeping: Character only has to sleep 8 hours per week)

5 Yogic Insight: Mental Awareness

10 Aura Vision: Detect Aura 12- (Sight Group), Discriminatory


Maneuver OCV DCV Notes

4 Block +2 +2 Block, Abort

4 Dodge -- +5 Dodge, Affects All Attacks, Abort

3 Joint Lock (Kattaram) +0 -1 Grab One Limb; 20 STR for holding on

5 Flying Kick +1 -2 9d6 Strike

4 Knifehand Strike -2 +0 HKA 2d6

4 Marman Strike -1 +1 3d6 NND

4 Elbow Strike +0 +2 7d6 Strike

3 Throw +0 +1 5d6 +v/5, Target Falls

8 +2 HTH Damage Class(es)

1 Weapon Element: Blades

1 Weapon Element: Clubs

1 Weapon Element: Urumi



10 Arms of Kali: Two-Weapon Fighting (HTH)

5 Arms of Kali: Rapid Attack (HTH)

5 Defense Maneuver I-II

3 Analyze: Style 12-

3 +1 with Martial Maneuvers

2 AK: India 11-

3 Linguist

2 1) Language: English (completely fluent; literate) (4 Active Points)

1 2) Language: French (completely fluent) (3 Active Points)

2 3) Language: German (completely fluent) (3 Active Points)

0 4) Language: Hindustani (idiomatic; literate) (5 Active Points)

1 5) Language: Nepalese (completely fluent) (3 Active Points)

1 6) Language: Punjabi (fluent conversation) (2 Active Points)

3 Scholar

1 1) KS: Arcane and Occult Lore of India (2 Active Points) 11-

1 2) KS: Ayurvedic Medicine (2 Active Points) 11-

1 3) KS: Hidden Lands (2 Active Points) 11-

1 4) KS: Kalaripayit (2 Active Points) 11-

1 5) KS: Yoga (2 Active Points) 11-

3 Acrobatics 13-

3 Breakfall 13-

3 Concealment 12-

3 Contortionist 13-

3 Lockpicking 13-

3 Paramedics 12-

3 Shadowing 12-

3 Stealth 13-

2 WF: Common Melee Weapons


Total Powers & Skill Cost: 173

Total Cost: 250


200+ Disadvantages

15 Psychological Limitation: Fanatic Indian Nationalist, will do anything to drive the British from her homeland (Common, Strong)

15 Psychological Limitation: Deep pride in India, the Indian People, and her own abilities. Reacts violently to insults and disrespect. Does not forgive. (Common, Strong)

5 Social Limitation: Indian Woman (Occasionally, Minor)

15 Hunted: British Government Agents and Law Enforcement 8- (Mo Pow, NCI, Limited Geographical Area, Harshly Punish)


Total Disadvantage Points: 250


Background/History: After the murder of her parent in the wake of the Indian War of Independence of 1857 (or, as the British called it, the Indian Mutiny), Avinashi Chopra spent her youth traveling with her grandfather throughout India. A guru and medical doctor, Avinashi’s grandfather taught her the secrets of Yoga, Kalaripayit, Ayurvedic medicine and the Indian mystic world. It was the old man’s dream that his granddaughter would one day avenge her parents, and help to free her people. It was a dream that Avinashi grew to share.

From the 1880s onward Avinashi’s frustration with her own people grew. So many were growing fat and complacent under British rule, while others seemed to her desperate to become British or too afraid to fight back. Her own leadership was rejected time and again merely because she was a woman (and entirely without political skills), despite her many public attacks upon agents and institutions of the British Crown. Even the great Nemo himself seemed to soften his anti-British stance over time. In 1918 the Indian people turned to Mohandis Ghandi and his weakling’s philosophies, and Avinashi withdrew from public life.

Then, in 1933, Avinahi met a man who gave her new hope. His strength of character, his conviction, his willingness to strike with full and unfettered strength against the foul heart of the British Empire earned him Avinashi’s devotion.


He called himself Sun Koh, and men called him the perfect Aryan.


Personality/Motivation: Avinashi is a failed revolutionary fighting for a cause that many of her own people do not support, using tactics that the vast majority of her people condemn. She is no fem fatal or seductress; she is driven by anger and old pain, and has little tolerance for weakness. Avinashi does not lack the fundamental ability to relate to her fellow humans, but she is not skilled in social interactions. She can be coolly polite when she needs to be, but she will never forgive an insult or a wrong, and her vengeance will be bloody.


Quote: I give you this one chance to flee, and to live. Do not test me.


Powers/Tactics: Avinashi is meant to be frightening. She goes into combat using both hands and feet, and will typically make a half move followed by a sweep, her Arms of Kali ability allowing her to strike twice with no OCV penalty and only a -2 to her DCV. Allowing her to strike three or four times will make her a terror against most Pulp level characters.


Avinashi will block against faster characters, and then attack first when they share a phase. She will only retreat when faced with significantly superior numbers or foes with firearms. She will repeatedly half move and dodge to close on a single foe with a gun, trusting to her Yogic pain control to help her triumph.


Avinashi has a number of semi-mystic abilities she can call on outside of combat, most notably the ability to read auras. She will use these to further Sun Koh’s plans.


Campaign Use: Avinashi is a powerful lieutenant to a more powerful master, though she could serve as a primary foe on her own in a lower powered pulp game. She combines parts of the roles of Dragon Lady and Indian Mystic, a beautiful and physically deadly woman to bedevil stout hearted heroes.


Appearance: Extremely tall, fit and muscular light skinned Indian woman with an obvious accent. Wears the best clothing she can afford, but prefers functional Indian styles and fashions. She seems to be in her early 30s.

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Re: I need your help with my Pulps Adventure


Hmm, female Nazi, sadist, and occult mastermind Ilsa Haupstein, from the Hellboy comic. Not exactly a "strongwoman" but no push-over either. She's mostly a planner. She has minions do her heavy lifting, but she herself is completely amoral and willing to do anything at all to accomplish her goals.


You'd only need one Hellboy graphic novel, Wake the Devil, to grasp the essense of Ilsa. If this seems to interest you, let me know and I'll try to summarize her for ya.

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Re: I need your help with my Pulps Adventure


Besides the duplicitous female Nazi spy/sadist, there is also the traditional Dragon Lady/daughter of Fu Manchu/daughter of Ming that could be easily turned into a villianess. If you want to get really creepy, you could come up with a mass murderer or serial killer who is female based on someone like Lizzie Borden. Make it kind of a schizophrenic-psychopath who doesn't always know she is a/the killer.


- ME:cool:

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