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Designing a Harold-like superteam engineer

Mark Rand

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Until his murder by Hush, Harold was Batman's engineer. Although unschooled, he was a savant.


Although our engineer could be either male or female, I'll use the male gender for expediency.


He was born to a low-income family. After his parents were killed by a hit and run driver when he was seven, he was put into the child welfare system. At age sixteen, he ran away and ecked out a living by repairing stuff for fellow homeless.


By luck, on his twenty second birthday, he was found by a hero and, since then, has been the engineer for either the hero or the team the hero is a member of.


Comments, ideas, questions?

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Re: Designing a Harold-like superteam engineer


No real suggestions, but I will mention that I used Merry Andrews for this in one game. It was Merry Andrews's community service. Poor Ronin ( a honor bound martial artist, way to serious, and he was appointed the clown's guardian)

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Re: Designing a Harold-like superteam engineer


I'm giving him a girlfriend. She's either his employer's live-in executive secretary or the team's secretary/receptionist.


If the former, since she's a shadetree mechanic, she helps where she can and often watches the monitors.


The secretary also has a dog, a spayed cocker spaniel, named Lady, that she got from an animal shelter.

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