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Super Squirrel

Chronicles of the Wishes

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I would - I enjoyed the description of the campaign background on the old boards a lot, and would be interested in any progress with characters have made defeating the Wish Master.



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Re: Chronicles of the Wishes


Originally posted by Super Squirrel

With Chapter 1 of my campaign, Chronicles of the Wishes, about to come to an end, I'm curious if anyone would like to hear the story thus far on here?


It is certainly a very interesting campaign with more twists and turns than even I anticipated.


Uuuhhh.....well....since you posted the question, I'm sure you want to tell it....can I say i'd be interested, i dont know...all ya gave me was a campaign name. :)


But lets have a look see...



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Background Information


The year is 2036. In the year 2002, a man known only as the Wish Master made his first public appearance. Making three consecutive wishes, he crushed human civilization and placed it under his control.


The first wish collapsed all governmental bodies.


The second wish caused all electronics in the world to begin to act unpredictable.


The third wish made the lands more savage and difficult to traverse.


Over the next ten years, he established protection within the cities through his guard force known as Templars. People who refused to live in the cities found themselves facing horrible beasts and creatures.


After the ten year mark, the world began to change again. This time gunpowder became unpredictable, magic reappeared and new species began to walk upon the world.


Ten years later and more changes appeared. These ones less significant and noticable but all present.


Now, in the year 2036, the world is beginning to fight back.

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